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Yay for nice new clothes. I got some from the Gap on super super sale and Iove it all.
I'd be interested to know how the Old Navy stuff holds up, MadelynMc. I have a few things I got there when I was pg w #1 and they seem surprisingly nice, but stuff I've gotten lately doesn't seem as good.
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I just bought 5 tops at our version of Salvation Army/Goodwill (cheap!) that aren't maternity, but tunic length, super stretchy soft cotton, and shaped in a way that will flatter an expanding belly. I tried them on and then pooched out my tummy as far as it would go and i felt confident I could get through the second trimester in them. I have 5 months to hunt down proper third trimester maternity tops that will be huge enough to accommodate a massive me. I bought a pair of actual black maternity slacks there too with tags still on, that make my butt look great (& I've already blobbed out at least five pounds which I can see everywhere on me, I'm super puffy looking already so these pants are magic). I figure those + my super low rise stretch denim jeans will work for a few months with the tunics.
I may end up on bed rest mid second trimester and not need more than a few pair of maternity pajamas anyway, so I will hold tight with these for the next few months.
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I have a shopping dilemma. I lost weight last year and all my nice clothes are too big. I just got a new job where I have to dress fairly formal/conservative. So now I need to try and find clothes that work now and will work when I'm showing. I know I'll have to buy a maternity suit at some point. Do you all have any ideas? I'm not showing at all and am wondering if I can still buy/wear maternity clothes or will that not work?
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Try eBay for good maternity.
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A lot of people have luck with consignment stores for dressier maternity deals, too.  Motherhood Maternity usually has a decent selection, as does Kohls.  Not sure about a suit, but might be worth checking out.


I just broke out a pair of maternity pants today.  One of my friends gave me two trash bags full of her old maternity.  Some of it is really nice!  I also found a nice skirt and a short sleeve top at the thrift store for cheap.  I'm probably set for maternity now except for a few skirts and basic tanks.  I do need to get a swimsuit, too, but the selection isn't very good yet for that.  We'll be visiting a water park in July.

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I went to Old Navy the other day, I was seriously unimpressed with the quality. The shirts were super thin would all need to be layered (not good for hot summers), and the seams and finishing a looked really poorly done. Where the panel met the jeans, the seams were all wonky and uneven. I was really disappointed and didn't get anything. Even Motherhood had better stuff, and I'm not a huge fan of their quality either.
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You might want to try Gap, freckledmama. I got some good things there at awesome sale prices.
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Gap is the one place I really like to shop I haven't checked-thanks for the suggestion!

I bought one of those "Be Band" things from Target. I LOVE it. It actually holds my jeans up totally unfastened, but it's not tight or binding feeling. I can probably go a few months without maternity pants now.
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OK, so I need some suggestions on what I can get early on to help support my tummy. I'm only 9 weeks and at my first appointment, my midwife said I'm a little on the slim side, although I feel I'm pretty average. I'm starting to show a little bit, not much but when I'm standing I feel like my tummy is heavy, kind of weighing down and it needs support or something...? I feel like I should walk around holding myself, if that makes any sense. It's not like this when I'm in regular pants or jeans, just when I'm comfy in my pajamas, etc... Assuming (hoping) this is a normal feeling and wondering if there's something out there I can get for support, like a belly band type of thing or?? I'm sure there is, I'm just not looking forward to spending hours googling it and hoping to hear some real life experiences and recommendations.... Also, don't want anything too constricting because that's probably not good either, right? Thanks for any input:)

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I highly recommend the Be Band from Target. It's snug but not at all constricting. It's just that little bit of support that feels nice.
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Thanks for the recommendation the freckledmama - I checked out the be band online at Target and it seems more reasonably priced than some I found on Amazon. And, I'd get to try them on first which is nice. Anyone else have favorites for some tummy support?

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I'm no help.  I couldn't stand anything on my belly until the very end.  I always had to get the lowrise maternity pants, too, because anything other than a shirt on my belly drove me crazy.  I did enjoy a postpartum support belt my last few weeks, as well as one postpartum.

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SuzieSmiles - Belly bands of any sorts is the first thing that came to mind for me, but what about maternity pants with the short elastic waste? or Even yoga pants with a supportive elastic band around it. I have a pair that pushes up on my belly.

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I'm still waiting for my fiance to get into his Granny's attic so he can get my maternity clothes. It's really starting to get desperate now!

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MadelynMC (or anyone else who can answer!) - do you know if H&M is trotting out their spring wear yet?  I abhor shopping but I am desperate for some tops.  I am sure it varies by geographical location, but I really don't want to head to the mall just to be disappointed!  I am really excited to see H&M's offerings!

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I was wondering the same thing, although it might be different here in Scotland.

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I just checked H&M's online offerings, but I can't buy the items because online shopping isn't available in my market.  However, they are showing t-shirts and tank tops on their website, so I think if my car isn't in the shop too long this weekend, I may head out to the mall!

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I just looked at their website, and they don't have much of a selection here.

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I wanted to bump up this thread now that we're all starting to really pop out or be really close to popping out.

I actually found some great jeans at Motherhood the other day, they seem to be better quality than in the past. It's funny because maternity pants really make me pop out, but I figure with it being my 5th, I shouldn't be surprised I already look 4-5 months rather than almost 3.
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thanks for the feedback freckledmama...did they happen to come in black?

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