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Best Cloth Diaper System for multiple kids

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My wife and I started cloth diapering with our first baby 2 years ago. We were under the impression that if we made the initial investment in cloth diapers, we could use them for multiple children. Problem is we didn't buy the most durable type.....


We have some BG AIO, some Flip, some Econobums. The AIO are getting holes in them already.


We have a newborn now, so we have a 2 year old and a newborn in cloth diapers.


We would like to buy some new cloth diapers, but we would like to buy the best quality so that they will last for years. I've been reading posts on here, and it looks like CPFs with wool covers might be the best option. Is that right? Any suggestions on what type to buy, where to buy, etc?


We would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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I have only seen diaper services wear out Quality prefolds. Look at green mountain diapers, and Bummies. Organic generally used higher quality cotton and is more absorbent.

Covers. Wool lasts the longest and is easily mended. Pull on soakers are the most durable style with no elastic. I love Eco posh and aristocrats. I usually have two in each size and a pul cover or two. For pul covers in my experience Bummies hold up the best. They have a great redone pull on pull on that is soft, hearty, and inexpensive.
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I'm having somewhat of the same problem, it is my one sizes that I have used for 2.5 years straight and with 2 kids that are starting to get holes.  But here is what I think- the first diapers that I got, I used some bleach in the wash water several times.  A few months later i bought more of the same type, and those that I bought next are in a million times better condition than the ones that got bleached.  The only difference between the 2 is about 2 months of use, and a few bleachings.  And I know that the 2 extra months on the first ones hasnt made that huge of a difference, so my advice would be NO BLEACH.  Also observing other friends who use cloth, the ones who use bleach regularly are the same ones whose diapers wear out very quickly.  I use vinegar all the time and the rest of mine are holding up very well.  Also, my hemp/cotton inserts have lasted WAY longer than my microfiber ones.

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