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(slow heart beat)

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im 6weeks pregant and my baby has a slow haert beat...im bleeding not to heavy...and cramps come and go...dont have my apointment till 2weeks...but really worried...dont know much cause its my first pregnacy...and i have a cold and can berly eat...and to tired to do anything...idont kno what to expect...im 18...
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You have seen someone already and gotten a transvaginal ultrasound to check that heartbeat I guess? What did they say about the heartrate? You can call them and go in again to see what is going on, or wait and see. Pretty much all you can do at this point is rest and take care of yourself. Make sure to eat something and drink lots, chicken soup and crackers or whatever goes down easy.

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If you're worried, call the dr or midwife Today. If you can't talk to them or see them very soon, go to an urgent care clinic or emergency room. Your care providers are there to address your concerns and make sure you and baby are ok. It may turn out to be nothing but if you're worried then you can find out what is going on and either get the care you need or be reassured that everything is ok. Good luck and don't EVER be afraid to ask for help or ask questions. Big hugs, I hope things are fine.
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thanx sooo muchh.......all they said that the heart beat could be going slow cause it just started...ill just relax till my next apointment :/
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Well that's good news then. If they aren't worried then I wouldn't be. Remember, they see hundreds of pregnancies and have a very good idea of what things are normal and what could mean a problem.
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