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Ok, so here's the thing.


I am a happy mom of 3... but the age gap between my last and this one is 8 years...  Needless to say my cloth diapering knowledge is OLD.  And, I have found that my old diaper covers are no longer leak proof (no surprise after almost a decade of sitting right?)




I am wondering what happened to the cuddlebuns diapers?  I had a favorite cover... it was cuddlebuns...  and it was fleece.  Why aren't these being made anymore?  They were the absolute best, most versatile diaper cover around.  I would really like to find a couple covers for this new baby, but I am at a loss here. 


Anyone know what happened to this brand and why WAHMs stopped making them?

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I don't know...I had some of them and I loved them.  They were so cute.

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