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When did your BF baby start to eat solids?

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Hi, I guess I am just looking for a little support or maybe some suggestions to help DD eat solid food a little better than her two older siblings. She is almost 8 months and has 6 teeth, and while I offer her pureed veggies and fruits, rice cereal and some whole soft things like bananas and avocados, she's not actually eating any of it. She is co-sleeping and nursing all night long, just like her older brother and sister did and I think that all the extra calories she gets at night make it so that she's not hungry enough during the day to be interested enough in trying something new. Does this make sense? Most of the moms I know with babies at the same age say that their children are loving the solid foods. These moms are hoping to wean by one year. I intend to continue BFing for much longer and I know that means DD won't take to solids as quickly as other babies. It was such a struggle to get her older brother and sister to eat food. I would really like to avoid that this time. Any tips or thoughts?
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Sounds like you are doing a good job listening to what your baby needs!  Breastmilk should be most calories until 1, so not eating much at 8 months sounds about right.  


I started both kids around 9 months or so.  just chunks, so nothing substantial for a long while.

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DD started solids at 6 months. She ate regular baby food at every meal, in addition to nursing. She loved it. DS at 7 months, but mainly just wanted to nurse. Then around 10-12 months he picked up the pace. He didn't care for "baby food", but preferred just smooshed up adult food. So, he ate what we ate and nursed, etc.


I think it is totally normal to just want to nurse until a year, give or take a month or so. She'll eat solids when she's ready. If it were me, I wouldn't stress at all. Every kid is different. I'd offer her something a few times a day and see how it goes. As long as she is healthy, all is good. Could she be teething? Sometimes the gums are sore, too sore to really chew, and maybe she just wants to nurse because it's easier and provides comfort?? Just a thought.

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We started solids at just over 6 months. We did BLW so no purées just chunks. She didn't eat much before one though and it was probably more like 18 months before she was really getting significant calories from food on a regular basis.
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My daughter didn't lose the tongue thrust reflex until she was 10.5 months old, and started eating solids around 11 months old. I was really concerned, but she breasted like a champ, stayed on track for growth, and my mom said I was the exact same way as an infant. Nice she actually started solid foods she was on her way and ate just about anything.
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