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$10 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.


Will Ship To: Anywhere


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I have 23 organic Kissaluvs newborn fitteds, Version 2.0, that I bought last May for our newborn.  They are not hemp but these: http://www.kissaluvs.com/fitted-diapers.php#


I am willing to sell them for $10 per diaper plus shipping.  They have no stains at all (they are like new--he grew fast!).  I always washed with Rockin' Green's Bare Naked Babies detergent and 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect.  No fabric softener or dryer sheets were used. They absorb beautifully and are just like new.  I highly recommend having a large diaper stash for a newborn.


Pm me if you're interested.

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Oh, I also have 8 Bummis super lite covers, newborn -size. http://www.bummis.com/us/en/super-lite.php. I'll sell them for $6 a piece.  They are also like new.

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