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Who here is at high risk for preterm labor?

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Meaning, short cervix and/or previous spontaneous premature birth.

I have both....firstborn was 6 weeks early. Bedrest for three months with number two (8 yrs ago) which worked and he stayed exactly until his due date.

I just read some academic articles about how the FDA has approved progesterone to prevent preterm labor and its shown to have a 33% reduction in occurrence of preterm labor. I'm probably way behind the times in general knowledge about this and I'm sounding like 'Captain Obvious' here.

So since (as of four days ago when i found out) I'm back into the world of pregnancy after a long, 8 year hiatus, and won't have any appointment for 4 weeks to ask a nurse about it, what do you guys know about preventative measures nowadays?

Who else here is in my 'high risk for a premie' camp?
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I have had quite a few procedures done on my cervix for abnormal cells etc so I am at a higher risk for incompetent cervix. I didn't have any issues with my dd, but since having her have had another procedure (LEEP). It was really very non invasive so my doctor is confident all will be ok, but still plans to watch me very closely.

As far as the progesterone to stop preterm labor, when my sister was pregnant with her twins she got weekly progesterone shots and those girls stayed put until 37+ weeks. Not sure if it they would have come earlier or not, but maybe it worked. I also know another lady who had a premature birth with her first but then did the shots with her second and he stayed put until his due date. So, there's my 2 cents 😊
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My first came 4 wks early and doing nothing on my part all my others have been a week or 2 early.
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My cervix is plenty long enough and this is my first pregnancy so I have no history of early labor, but since I'm having twins, we're likely in the "preterm" club. 

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Mamamash I have the same history with my cervix.
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I had a conization of my cervix before my dd. That took waaaay more of my cervix than the LEEP did but I had no issues with incompetent cervix with her. In fact I didn't even dilate at all (planned c section). I had a D&C with both of those as well, and that can also contribute to it. My cervix looked fine on my ultrasound last week. Needless to say I'm super tired of dealing with my stupid cervix. It's been an ongoing issue for 6 years now.
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I had to start dealing with my cervix when I was 19, 14 years ago.  I totally understand.   I had one laser procedure as a teen which was an hour outpatient event, then the LEEP four years ago which was ten minutes, as you know.  So even though I've been told I have plenty of cervix left, my most recent gynecologist thinks that it probably is one contributing factor to my crazy second trimester Braxton-Hicks (which aren't) mania which starts softening/dilating my cervix.

I'm really keen to hear more about progesterone suppositories. I want to avoid bedrest again, SO BAD!

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I don't know if I have 14 years of this in me. It is so frustrating. I know so many women who will have abnormal cells and they just resolve on their own. I wish I was so lucky haha.
I would definitely look into the progesterone!
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It's understood lately that you actually can clear the virus which causes cervical cellular changes, although I'm not sure how (I assume nutrition and exercise).

They now have HPV tests that you can take ---and if you test negative, you can consider yourself cleared of the virus that causes the cellular changes, and, in the clear, for here on out.   That was my good news this past fall, when I was told by a oncologist who specializes in female cancers about the above, and she tested me and I came back negative for the high risk strains of HPV which cause cervical cancer so I am supposedly in the clear for any more cervix trouble -if I remain in the monogamous relationship I'm in.

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I need to look into that. I have tested positive for a high risk hpv strain recently. I was due for a follow up Pap smear next month after my last cryotherapy. The cells were significantly less abnormal after the LEEP, but the margins weren't clear so I have since had 2 cryotherapys. But, I got preggers. So, now I am just hoping for a healthy non eventful pregnancy and to tackle these bad cells later.
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I thought I'd revive this thread and see if anyone else here would like to discuss or share any worries they have regarding contractions they have felt already.

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