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Aagh!  2x weekly NSTs because you are 36?  Seriously?


I am 37, have pre existing hypertension, AND had pre eclampsia last time and I'm only going 1x per week beginning at 33 weeks.  It sounds like your provider is being overly cautious.  I think its a great idea to talk to him or her, like you said.  


to be honest, I don't mind the NSTs.  It is the only time of day I get to lay down and do nothing.  I listen to my affirmations while chilling out..... but I will say I got mildly annoyed last visit when the nurses kept coming in and urging baby to move around (presumably so that I could finish up the test)  One even jiggled my belly.  Weird.


 I hope you can come to a happier medium.

I know, I was dumfounded when they told me. dizzy.gif

I won't be doing them, but I'm open to doing once I'm 40 weeks. Maybe even before then, depending on what's going on.


That's good you use them as relaxation time. If I do start up, I'll remember that and use that time to center myself and communicate with baby.