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Oregano oil

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Anyone know about using this? I can't find much online that is not selling the oil.


Can kids take it? Can you take it as a preventative? To help prevent catching the flu? It seems like, maybe, you should not take it daily/regularly.


Any information?



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I have taken it with great success for UTIs/bladder infections, and for my uterine infection when I had retained membranes. While some sources stated not to take it while nursing, I took the lowest dose, monitored my little one, and she had no ill effects. I felt far more comfortable using OoO than antibiotics.

As far as I know, it's not a preventative type oil, and is taken when a problem is pinpointed, but I could be wrong. During cold/flu season, we increase our probiotic, fermented foods, and vitamin C & D intake, and find the approach quite successful at preventing illness.
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Agreed - it is not for prevention.


I also just took this while nursing and it was fine. I will say that despite my best efforts using this to knock out a tonsil infection, it was not enough and I caved and went on antibiotics after 2 weeks. That is not to say I don't think its worth a try to use OoO for many different things. 

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Oregano OIl can have a harmful substance in it. If you do use it I would only use the North American Herb and Spice P73 form.

It's an antibiotic. It has the same effects as other antibiotics in the body. It will kill off the good and bad bacteria. It will also, though, work on yeast which is something superior to other antibiotics though it might leave your body totally unprotected from any opportunistic bacteria that might be resistant to the Oregano Oil. With regular antibiotcs I can use Florastor for some protection from other bacteria. At any rate, use it only to treat an infection that needs an antibiotic and not for prevention. Use high quality, proven probiotics spaced at least three hours after dose and any other precautions you would take with other antibiotics. Culturelle is a good one for antibiotic use. Just remember the Oregano will kill it off with every dose.
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