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Hi ladies,


Merry Christmas!


I'm still completely exhausted and fatigued so I'm not keeping up.  Just wanted to check in to read about how everyone is doing and send my wishes for a fantastic holiday.  Hopefully Santa will deliver a huge dose of energy under my tree!

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Inna- I'm with you! I swear I have never been so utterly exhausted in all my life!
Just keep telling myself it's for a really good cause.
But mostly getting nothing done, and feeling pretty guilty about it.

Hoping for wonderful new beginnings for each and every one of us!
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Hi everyone! Wonder if I can join in? I just turned 40 a few weeks ago and am cd3 of my first cycle ttc #3. We have two boys, 3 and 5, and I always thought I'd want 3 kids in quick succession. The last three years as a SAHM of 2 have been harder than I expected though so that slowed things down a bit. Now we've hit our stride and I *think* we're ready. We decided to start trying again on my 40th birthday so here we are! Must admit I'm feeling scared...of so many things. I didn't feel that way at all when ttc #1 & 2 so I have to sort through my emotions a bit. For now, we'll just take it day by day and if I chicken out as ovulation approaches, then so be it!

I started charting all signs except temperature (ds 2 keeps me up a lot at night) five months ago and was surprised to find my cycle is only 25-27 days long. I'm pretty sure it's because I ovulate early and not a short LP. I'll start temping and using OPKs this cycle to confirm. I'm also taking soy isoflavones, which I believe helped me get pregnant both times previously.

I started to read through some earlier posts and am excited to get to know you all better. I sometimes feel so old and as if I'm the only one still trying to have babies (all my friends IRL are done) so it is really nice to have this place with others gong for it. I feel very encouraged by all the BFPs! I'm going to go back and read some more now. smile.gif
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I forgot to say Happy Holidays to everyone! May the new year bring lots of happy new beginnings for everyone!
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Welcome Jessie!
Gelato- I've been worried about your absence. Hope you are well.
I've been off and on crampy the last few days. Worst bout of nausea Christmas Day kept me down most of the day. Then yesterday I fell up a stoop like an idiot. So I dunno where I stand... Hoping Monday the dr will order another US to check that HR has increased and make sure there has been growth.
MIL arrives for a week this evening. So that's exciting and will help take my mind off things for a few days.
Peace to everyone!
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Hello, all and happy holidays!! Besides being exceptionally tired and nauseous, all is well here. (Thanks for asking!) We hosted a huge gathering for Christmas Eve and I swear I'm still recovering.

Everything looked good at our ultrasound on Monday. My midwife/OB practice dated me at 8w3d. While we were at the appointment, I received a text from my sister telling me her blood test was negative. So sad for her. I wish I could help her somehow. It's very tough to keep my thoughts/feelings about my pregnancy separate from the pain I feel for her. Sigh...

Welcome, JessieBird! You're in good company. My husband and I tried to conceive our first just as I was turning 40 and we got lucky on the first try. Like you, my closest friends my age are done having kids. But they are still super happy and supportive. Best of luck!

And best of luck to you, caritasrainbow. I hope all goes well with your ultrasound.

innacircle, here's hoping you and I both get some of our energy back soon. I have spent way too much time on the couch in recent days. Ugh.
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I haven't even managed to make it to the couch in days... Lol! I swear I've never been this exhausted in my entire life. I certainly hope it doesn't last the full nine months as I do have five other kids to care for. Lol!
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Congrats to innacircle and gelato - keeping fingers crossed for you both as well as for caritasrainbow.


I am in the two week waiting window - I have a good feeling about this cycle - not sure why..... I just turned 45 and I told myself that I/we would keep trying until I turned 45 so this is probably going to be the last time we "tried". Feeling like I can't continue to have this roller coaster of emotions every month.

My partner was just diagnosed with some chronic medical conditions so I want to be available to help and support him - I dont know that there's going to be much of a chance for the BDing for awhile anyways.

I think I am rationalizing - trying to make it okay in my mind.


Happy New Year to all!

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Congrats to all with BFPs. Orangemomma, I am crossing my fingers for you, and I really understand where you are at. I am also wondering how much longer I can stay on this Roller coaster. I am 44,and we've already passed the point where I could hope to have a child before my 45th birthday.  My DS will be four in february, and I'm half thinking that if it hasn't happened by then I'll just buy myself a new coffee maker (old one broke and I didn't bother to replace it as I am trying to stay off coffee), focus on dealing with the (probably perimenopausal) weight gain, and really,really focus on enjoying my one child, which of course I try to do anyway. But the minute I decide that that will be my plan, my DH talks about how having another baby should be our new year's resolution, and my resolution gives.


Anyway, this was a long way of saying that I am crossing my fingers that this month works out for you. 

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Orangmama- I will cross my fingers and toes for you!

I had my 2nd appt today. The US tech was not there, so US scheduled for Thursday to check for viability.
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Best of luck to you, orangemomma! I hope all goes well. Like you, I have one other and we're hoping for a sibling. Fingers crossed that we make it through the first trimester. Waiting a month between the 8-week and 12-week appointments is a bit tough...

caritasrainbow, you've been on my mind. What a bummer that you didn't get the ultrasound on Monday. How frustrating! Hope all goes well on Thursday.

Happy New Year to All!!
May 2014 be a year of wishes come true!!
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US this morning showed bean right on growth wise at 8 weeks with a heart rate of 164 bpm. I've surpassed my three losses.
There is a tiny (1cm) SCH which is worrisome to me and tech said expect some bleeding, but she assured me it was small and not in a dangerous place.
I think it's possible that I might actually be having a baby!!!!!
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Originally Posted by caritasrainbow View Post

US this morning showed bean right on growth wise at 8 weeks with a heart rate of 164 bpm. I've surpassed my three losses.
There is a tiny (1cm) SCH which is worrisome to me and tech said expect some bleeding, but she assured me it was small and not in a dangerous place.
I think it's possible that I might actually be having a baby!!!!!

Hey that's fantastic news!  You must feel like such a huge weight has been lifted.  I hope you are able to move into that "having a baby" mindset for good! 

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Yay Caritasrainbow! I'm very happy for this news.
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Oh caritasrainbow what great news! Grow baby grow :-)
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Hooray, hooray, caritasrainbow!! So glad to hear the good news. I'll keep you in my thoughts. A heart rate of 164 sounds great. I think ours was 167. What a lovely way to start the new year!
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Thank you ladies. Yes, I do feel a weight has been lifted. I am going to take it easy until I know the SCH is gone, as this is what took over and surrounded lo last time, but I definitely feel more at ease. To top it off, my all day nausea disappeared three days ago. MIL goes home today, so hopefullly life can settle back into a routine.
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So I took a test and it was negative.............. .. I did realize this morning that because of my lack of charting I don't know exactly when I ovulated so perhaps it is too soon to record a positive on those little sticks.  I will hold out at least a little hope and test again in a few days.

I guess what I struggle with today is that nobody I know IRL wants to hear about my sadness around this (except for my partner).  My friends all thought I was nuts when I had a baby at 42, never mind being pregnant now! They are all long past the time of having babies and some even have kids graduating from college.


Thank you ladies for being a support in cyber space!

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I'm sorry it was negative! I wouldn't completely dismiss it just yet though. With my third child my period was an entire week late before I got a positive hpt. No clue why.
I know how you feel about those around you irl. I am afraid to tell my mother, grandmother, and younger siblings about this pregnancy. They think I am old, have too many kids already, and basically am just dumb for even considering another.
My oldest will be 21 when this one is born, my husband's son (who we have no contact with) will be 23. My son will be the age I was when I had him. Thank goodness he has not had any children himself. Although considering he doesn't do much more than sleep and play on his computer, it'd be hard to see how he would.
It is weird to be dealing with an adult child I can't seem to get out of my house while dealing with the thought of another baby moving in. And then there are the four in between...
Maybe this is your time, maybe not, but don't lose hope just yet. When I started testing this time the lines were so faint I was worried about a chemical. It wasn't until later I realized that since my last AF was actually a chemical, I really had no idea when I ovulated. I only bd'd once though, so I was able to approximate.
:hugs: mama! Oh- also my hcg levels were fairly low this time, so that'd take longer to register on an hpt, but still be within normal range.
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Orangemomma:  I'm so sorry about the negative.  I know how discouraging it can be to see that single line on the test.  Any reason that you don't want to keep trying after 45?  As you know, it ain't over until AF rears her ugly head, so keep testing!


Nice to hear from our pregnant mamas.  How is everyone?


AFM:  I got a squinter this morning at 9dpo with second morning urine on an IC. I forgot to save my FMU, so I didn't get the best option possible for testing.  Still, the faint line (with color) popped up within 5 minutes of taking the test, so I think I can count it as a true line rather than an evap.  I tried to take a picture, but the line is too faint to show up.  I don't want to get too excited, so I'll keep testing for the next couple of days to see if the line gets darker.  DH is already joking about naming the baby Jehosephat or Shadrach, so I think he's on board.  I'm definitely praying for a sticky one!


Looking forward to more updates.  Take care, everyone.

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