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Orangemama- thinking of you everyday.

Soul-o, great news! Keep us posted. I always test better in the evening than fmu.

My ms seems to have vanished, which is slightly disturbing, seems too early. Next appt 1/27. Still obsessing about small sch. This website hates my ipad.
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Originally Posted by caritasrainbow View Post

Orangemama- thinking of you everyday.

Soul-o, great news! Keep us posted. I always test better in the evening than fmu.

My ms seems to have vanished, which is slightly disturbing, seems too early. Next appt 1/27. Still obsessing about small sch. This website hates my ipad.


You're about 9 weeks along, right?  I've had a couple of successful pregnancies where I was feeling OK and less nauseous by 9-10 weeks.  I wouldn't be too worried about it, but as a fellow loss mama, I know how you feel.  I will keep you in my prayers.

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Hi, all!


Don't despair, orangemomma, my first test with my son was negative. That's why I waited until I was several days late to test this time. I'm keeping you in my thoughts!


Oh, caritasrainbow, I don't want you be worried. I hope all is okay and I know the symptoms can vary day by day... I was scarily sick with nausea yesterday and I woke up feeling better today. I was so sick Sunday night that I woke up in the middle of the night and ran straight to the bathroom. I have never, ever gotten sick like that from being pregnant. I was really worried that something was wrong with me. Thank God I am feeling better today. I really feel like a new woman. I could barely eat anything all day and the smell of food had me heaving. It was not pretty.


My next appointment will be on the 20th and then I'll have a blood draw (genetic screening) and ultrasound on the 27th. My midwife referred me to the maternal-fetal medicine team as well just so they can evaluate me and make sure I'm not considered high-risk. (I had a perfectly healthy and totally uncomplicated pregnancy with my son but spontaneously went into labor and delivered at 32 weeks.)


Hoping the new year has been good to you all so far!

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Hey guys! I've had increasingly stronger positive lines over the past few days, as well as symptoms of pregnancy (sensitive breasts, fatigue, mild nausea), so I guess I need to be added to the BFPs! I believe my EDD is 9/19, which just less than a month after my youngest turns 2. My DH thinks this baby is a sticky one. I, however, won't relax for awhile. I'm not doing any betas or other early prenatal testing, and probably won't see an OB until at least the 12 week mark. Anyhow, I'm cautiously optimistic. Have a great Friday, everyone!
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Congrats to Soul-O! What wonderful news!


AFM: My menses arrived earlier this week - a little heavier than normal with a few more cramps but otherwise the same old situation.  I am just so sad but have been kept very busy with work - I am a little afraid of how I will cope once I have a day off.

I think I have to give up on the "trying" part of TTC - it's just too painful every month to hope and wonder and then to have my hopes dashed. With my partner's ED, we really only get one chance per month (if that). I  think that at age 45 the odds are quite low and with only one opportunity each cycle..............................I know it's not completely impossible just very unlikely.

I will continue to keep as healthy as possible - I have not done anything special really in trying to conceive so I will continue on with my usual.

I will probably "stalk" you ladies for a bit and keep my fingers crossed that things go well for everyone!

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Orangemama- I will continue to keep your wish in my prayers. My dh doesn't have ed, but we only dtd once a month (if that) and here I am, so it is possible, ya never know. This one happened on e I gave up and was happy without another one.

Soul-O- that's great news! Congratulations! And yes, I'm about 9weeks. The nausea abated for 4 solid days, came back with a vengeance and now comes and goes. Kmfx for a sticky bean! (For all of us!)

Gelato- do let us know how your appt goes. Mine isn't until the 27, although I'm having the Harmony next Thursday. It's that new test that takes the place of the nuchal scan and related bloodwork. The whole thing is odd to me because I've not done the medical view of pregnancy in over 20 years even though I just gave birth almost three years ago.

Peace to everyone and may all of our wishes come true this year!
(Should we start a new thread for the new year?- or just stay here? I kinda like here cuz I can see my history over the past year, but could easily see how some might get lost)
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orangemama - yes 45 is not so young, but last year my coworker's sister got pregnant (her first, completely unplanned) at 48 and her DH had ED.  They were flabbergasted!  It's still possible, and I'm sure you don't want to give up BDing, so it might as well fall in your fertile window, right? 


soul-o  - congrats to you! 


caritasrainbow - I bet you are feeling a love/hate relationship with your nausea right now! 


AFM: Still tired but it's getting better... slowly.  Had my first doc appt and u/s yesterday at 7 1/2 weeks.  Doc said I was exactly where I should be and we saw the heartbeat at 160bpm.  I am doing the MaterniT21 test in early February.  This is our first, so DH is getting all jumpy (in a motivated kind of way) about "the visitor" that will be arriving in 7 1/2 more months!

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I am popping back in. Af is a day late so far. I miss a lot of people that used to be on this board greensad.gif
If i am pg it will be my third on this board!
I had my first in this group a few weeks before turning fourty. I was the baby of the group smile.gif
Now i will be 45 before i have another babe. Wow.
Might poas tomorrow if i can get to dollar tree.
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Checking in for news................ hope all is well with caritasrainbow, gelato, innacircle, soul-o and anyone else I may have missed :-)


AFM: I have no news really, just stalking   ;) 

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Just popping in to say hi! Saorise, nice to see you pop in to give an update. I am not sure if you remember me...I have been on and off for the past 3.5 years. Best wishes for a bfp! If I get to have one more babe I would be 45 as well. I still have to wait for my cycles to get back on track so I can get back to trying.
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i remember you tenzinsmama smile.gif
i haven't been on mdc much at all since my last was born. i had a fabulous ddc and we formed a private group that i still love so much.
so now i am 2 days late and feeling so less frantic than i usually do as approaches.

sometimes i can't wrap my head around being44 ...lol

we will see what is in store for me. i have been
very fortunate to have 3 babies all past the age of 37.

i am happy to see fresh faces and bfps...they are wonderful
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Saoirse- Walmart sells hpts for 88 cents.

Chilee- will you poas soon, or just wait and see?

Tenzins- welcome back! Hope to get to know you.

Orangemama- how are you feeling these days?

Soulo, gelato, & inna- any updates?

AFM- well I caved. I went in for the Harmony and had a freak out about paying all that $$ for a test on a possibly nonexistent bean. The dr was out, so they let a nurse try Doppler, no go. So I went for the US. they got dr approval and I got another viability scan. Bean was kicking and waving its teensy little arms. Heart rate 170bpm. I checked yes for gender, but told them I was still uncertain as to wether I really want to know. Part of me wants to make and order cute little gender specific diapers and covers, so...
Next dr appt 1/27.
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My heart soared just now, caritasrainbow--I'm so happy for you.


I'm holding my breath until my Monday appointment. Reaching the 12-week milestone seems symbolically very important to me. And I'll have another appointment the following Monday for my ultrasound and Panorama screening.


Have any of you used the Panorama screening? I used MaterniT21 in 2012 with our son and my [very expensive, employer-subsidized] insurance wouldn't pay for it. Argh!! I need to call and ask them if they will cover the Panorama test.


On a day-by-day basis I waver between thinking I'm no longer pregnant and daydreaming with my husband about baby names. I'm trying not to dwell on it because I don't want to feel anxious.


I finally broke the news to my sister last Friday. Telling her that I am pregnant was a weight off my shoulders but now it's put a bit of a wedge between us. I sure hope her next round of IVF is a success. Sigh...


Sending cheerful thoughts to all of you!

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I wish walmart in canada had them for 88

I am using chilee profile but poas today and it is positive

I have local snoopers so don't want them to know. Did not mean to post under old profile

Pretty faint frer

So 45 and baby it is
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Congratulations!! joy.gif
My first couple of tests were pretty faint as well. Later I realized I took the first one at 9dpo.
Very exciting news!
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Yay Caritasrainbow! So glad all is well. And Gelato too! Thanks for updating us.

Chilee: Congratulations! Here to a fabulously healthy 9 months.

AFM: Just plugging along at 18 dpo. I'm having gradually increasing symptoms each day, so things seem to be moving in the right direction. However, emotionally speaking, I just feel weird - definitely quick to anger and not myself. I hope it's not a bad sign. Right now, I'm trying to go on with my life and not think about being pregnant too much. If I'm still doing well at 8 weeks, I'll schedule the OB orientation I have to attend to begin care. At that point, I'll receive a referral to start care in the German system. German OBs tend to be ultrasound happy, and give u/s in place of fundal measurements, which means I'll be declining a lot of ultrasounds over the next few months!
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So funny you should mention that about the ultrasounds. I am a UP/UC mama, so I have been pretty against having any ultrasounds in previous pregnancies unless there was a real emergency (massive bleeding once-was" a placental abrupt ion, and excruciating pain once- was kidney stones). This whole pregnancy has been so strange because of my three previous losses last year. I mean, anyone who knows me would never guess I would -gasp- ask for an ultrasound for peace of mind. I so want to have another home birth, I can not imagine having to go through hospital stuff. But I am also trying to be realistic and safe... ~sigh~
Okay, I'm going back to being happy about bean's growth today!! joy.gif
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Bleeding fully so, I'm done
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Oh mama! I am so sorry for your loss! )))HUGS(((
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I'm so sorry, Chilee.

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