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Congrats, Ladies!
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I was back on the old thread. I had given up ttc with the new year...and like the stories you hear...i got my bfp Friday. It's early yet but at 41 after years with 2 tubal reversals, procedures, diagnostic surgeries, meds, temping charting etc. Etc. We got an unassisted unexpected bfp.

Of course if it doesn't stick the morning and moving on process will be harder.

I just wanted to share some hope with you all.

Congrats to the other bfps!
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Wow! Congratulations sherryvhkb. What a wonderful surprise for you.

It is so nice to see all these bfps on the thread.


Unfortunately I didn't get one this time. I have always been aware that it would be difficult to get pregnant at my age. And I did have a THB at 41, but still had hoped I'd have another. However it is seeming less and less likely. It has been almost a year since my last BFP. Maybe I'll get one this new cycle?


I am not going to try too hard, but I am aware of timing and I want to at least give it a chance.


I hope everyone with bfp's has a smooth easy pregnancy and a lovely THB too.

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sherryvhkb... Congratulations! Is it wrong of me to be jealous of you? :)
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Thanks. The two of you are both such troopers...always moving forward. Very inspiring.
Gumblossom- thats just where i was....just hoping for a slim chance...hoping that we would get together sometime mid cycle so that hope was still in the back of my mind.

Stevi- you sure can!! Thanks!

And continued best wishes to you both!
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Feeling sad. We missed the window of opportunity yet again this month. My DP has ED and he has been following the suggestions of his md and is actively involved in trying to seek solutions.


Usually we get one chance per month but this time - nothing.


 I am sad and frustrated and feeling lonely too. I don't like to talk with him about this too much because I know that he already feels terrible.


Well at least I don't have to feel too guilty about an occasional hard cider in the next two weeks. Sigh

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I'm sorry to hear that you missed your window this month, orangemomma. I'll be hoping for you next month.


Congratulations on your bfp, sherryvhkb!


Gumblossom and stevi, I'll be sending many wishes your way this next month. 


I'll be scheduling an ultrasound for the middle of the month and am hopeful we'll see a heartbeat. I hope to update with some good news around then. 

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Hi everyone. Well it didn't stick. Continued good wishes for everyone here!
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Oh sherryvhkb, I am really sorry to hear that. hug2.gif

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I'm so sorry sherryvhkb.
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Originally Posted by TenzinsMama View Post

So on that note, I will share with you that I got a bfp!!! I had been feeling 'off', and at first I thought it had something to do with trying to get my final paper done (I had been neglecting to eat at regular times this past week, and having a large coffee a day with chocolate here and there-- so I thought it was related to that). So then DH suggests I test with my internet cheapies, and I was so shocked to discover two lines. I am very excited, but at the same time I am terrified... so hoping this is a sticky little bean!  I do not for a moment take anything for granted, so let's just say I'm being cautiously optimistic.

Good luck to everyone else! 

Congratulations!! Sorry, just reading this now.....I'm very happy for you!!!
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I posted a few times in last thread. My girls were all easy conceptions born at 33, 37 and 42. I have wanted another since I was pregnant last time. She turnes 4 in January and still nurses a bit. I just don't want to stop nursing, and I want that 'baby feeling' again. Hubby not so convinced. He is willing to take a few risks, but he doesnt really worry since we have never used contraceptices. Of course, we don't get much alone time at all, which makes it harder to Try. Also, a friend of mine recently had a Down syndrome baby. I don't think we could handle special needs, so maybe I need to stop wanting it.

Anyway, you can describe me as almost 47, and WANTING-TC. I wish we could adopt, but I bet my milk would surely dry up by the time that happened!
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Originally Posted by orangemomma View Post

My DP has ED and he has been following the suggestions of his md and is actively involved in trying to seek solutions.


Usually we get one chance per month but this time - nothing.


 I am sad and frustrated and feeling lonely too. I don't like to talk with him about this too much because I know that he already feels terrible.


Well at least I don't have to feel too guilty about an occasional hard cider in the next two weeks. Sigh

Has he tried viagra? 

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mamasee - yes he has - massive ugly headaches :( 


He has also tried Levitra once and felt it worked better (no headache). He has a script from his md but it's expensive - no insurance coverage for this med. It's about $20/pill. Not something we have had the extra money for recently - but hopefully we can afford it in May or June.


This month we have had two good opportunities for the baby dance and I should ovulate tomorrow or Friday.

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Originally Posted by carmen358 View Post

Congratulations!! Sorry, just reading this now.....I'm very happy for you!!!

Thank you, Carmen!  I am coming up to 9 weeks. As each week goes by, it's another milestone reached. I'm not worrying too much, though, because I'm too exhausted... having a 2.5 year old and 11 month old, plus being pregnant, makes me bone tired each and every day. No energy to worry, ha ha. Looking forward to the second trimester, when that energy boost comes my way. 


Hope you are doing great, I love your ticker moving along like that-- so exciting!

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Congrats, Carmen and TenzinsMama! joy.gif


I'm not much of a regular here anymore, but just wanted to pop in to say hello and encourage those of you who have had recurrent miscarriage to look into getting tested for immunological issues. I've had multiple chemical pregnancies for the last 7 years, and had the standard recurrent loss panel done a few years ago, which came back normal. So, I was chalking it all up to age. However, I had a very robust ectopic pregnancy about a year ago (high betas, heartbeat), and it just seemed odd that I could sustain an ectopic so well while all other pregnancies failed. So I researched it and found a connection to immunological issues. Since I also have an autoimmune condition (which I did not have when DD was conceived and born), it started to make more sense to get tested. Long story short... I got tested through a local RE and found that I do have elevated Natural Killer Cells and Cytokines. The nurse I spoke to said that while they are not super elevated, they are high enough to have been attacking my embryos as they try to implant and causing implantation failure or chemical pregnancies (and because NK cells do not "patrol" the fallopian tubes, my ectopic baby was safe there). So, this explains a lot. And I sure wish I had had this testing done years and years ago.


I should point out that reproductive immunology is a very controversial field (I've spoken to several REs and OBs who don't believe in it). And the testing and treatment are expensive. Depending on insurance, the tests and treatments can sometimes be coded as immunology (not infertility) so they are covered. In my case, because we have Kaiser and they don't believe in RI, we paid out of pocket for the testing (about $1,200, which was our obstacle in getting tested earlier). But it was worth it to learn that this is an issue for us. For anyone who wants to learn more, I would recommend Alan Beer's book, Is Your Body  Baby Friendly? There is also a great Yahoo group called Reproductive Immunology Support that's been very informative.


So our next steps are probably to continue trying naturally while making yet another dietary modification (cutting out dairy -- causes inflammation and elevated NK cells/cytokines) and getting intralipid infusions to bring down my NK cell and cytokines counts.


Baby dust to all! dust.gif

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Hi Litmama. It is very interesting to hear about your immuno issues. I often wonder if it is a factor for me too, though I did have chromosomal testing with my first miscarriage and it was in fact a trisomy. However, I believe killer cells can be elevated with each miscarriage. Do you know if aspirin helps with this issue? I have cut dairy out of my diet after doing a "Whole30". I have never felt better, but the BFP is still elusive. I did have a lot of testing after my second miscarriage and it showed elevated C-anca, which has something to do with auto-immune disease. I don't necessarily have an auto immune condition, but I may get one. However I have since changed my diet a lot and I hope that inflammation is being controlled by it.


I am now 46 and worry that my time is up. However, I do still regularly ovulate and have regular periods, so I remain a little bit hopeful. And hearing that Halle Berry got naturally knocked up at 46 helps. smile.gif I wish she could post on here and tell us if there is a secret to her success. She does look very young for her age, but I know that has nothing to do with reflecting the health of our eggs. I guess if I keep on having sperm in the right place at the right time, if there's a decent egg, I might get lucky...


I seem to be taking less supplements these days. I'm sticking with CO q 10, fermented fish oil, folic acid, magnesium and red clover (before ovulation).

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Has anyone seen this about women who have conceived over age 50?    I love it!



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Mamasee - I would like it better if wasn't from Wikipedia...

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Hi Gumblossom,


Thanks for the kind words. I got my last immunology results back (antiphospholipid antibodies) and they are also borderline positive, which means I have a mild clotting disorder. The treatment for that is baby aspirin (81mg per day) to be started immediately, and then injectable Lovenox for any IVF cycles (these people only think in terms of IVF... it makes sense that I would also want to use Lovenox for cycles where we are trying naturally). So now I need to finish researching costs, scheduling, etc. and then we'll move forward. You asked if baby aspirin would help with NK cells -- the baby aspirin is only for clotting disorders. For NK cells there's a special anti-inflammatory diet, some supplements (wheat grass, fish oil, etc.), and then either IVIG or intralipid infusions.


I really admire you for being able to thrive on the Whole30 diet. I gave up gluten a couple years ago, and gave up dairy when I got my immunology results just recently. I'm really struggling with the dairy. I'm okay without cheese, ice cream, sour cream, etc. but have not found a good substitute for cream in my tea. I've tried whole coconut milk and homemade almond milk, coconut milk creamer, nut milk creamer, etc. and nothing really does it. I believe you're a tea drinker as well... do you take it black or have you found a good sub? I had given up black tea for quite some time (for the caffeine) but then read a Kaiser Permanente study that showed women who drank coffee had fertility problems, but women who drank either green or black tea actually got pregnant faster (and the TCM book Making Babies actually recommends black tea as well). I believe the theanine in the tea changes the way your body processes the small-ish amount of caffeine in the tea. Enough justification for my one small vice! I just wish I could find something yummy and creamy to put in it.


I do not think your time is up. I know you can get pregnant at 46 -- it happens more than we probably realize, because many of these pregnancies don't have the spotlight of a blog or forum entry shone on them. My grandmother, for instance, had a baby at 48 and my great-grandmother had one at 50. It's got to be partly how you take care of yourself (our grandmothers and great grandmothers ate better, got more rest, and had more access to community and human connection than we do, for starters), partly genes, and partly luck or simply not giving up. And you, as a multiparous mama, have even better odds. thumb.gif


Mamasee and Stevi, thanks for sharing that link, that was fun. I think this Wikipedia entry might actually be okay. Since Wikipedia articles are crowd-sourced and authorless, we have to scrutinize them for credibility. But some are actually okay if they include authoritative citations, which this one sort of does -- most of these sources are news sources, which are not scholarly, but they are primary sources -- and many college profs will allow their students to use and cite news sources in their papers. I teach at a university and I always tell my students it's okay to use Wikipedia if you're careful to not cite the article itself, but to use it basically as a bibliography or jumping-off point, and to chase down any authoritative citations listed at the bottom (I would have them focus on tracking down peer-reviewed scholarly sources and government sources, but other profs will allow news, too).

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