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hello, Im 41 , I have a 2 yr old that took 16 yrs to conserve after 6 miscarriages. We are currently ttc using vitex and meca. Have to say this stuff is amazing . I feel great after 2 days. Iv been on vitex for 2 months got my cycles back to wt Is considered text book perfect. Also got hubby on Meca and DAA for mail factor. Im hoping with in next 3 mo to be pregnant.

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have you tried vitex and meca? Its flipping amazing!!!!

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Litmama, when I did my first Whole 30, I actually continued to drink tea with milk in it, and needless to say, that Whole 30 wasn't  a success eyesroll.gif So when I embarked on a Whole 30 last year, I decided I'd do it properly (I had read the book, It Starts With Food, which really helped me understand the importance of giving up dairy completely). At first I found drinking black tea really difficult. But now I find it is no bother at all. I actually prefer it, and I have been exploring many new and different teas as a result, which is fun. I also drink it weaker, which helps.


After doing the Whole 30, I just felt so much better and when I reintroduced dairy, I felt awful, so I've stayed away from it, though I still have treats occasionally - nice cheeses or cream. I started doing the Paleo way of eating, and then the Whole 30, all because I'd gotten that raised ANA blood result, and I wanted to dampen any inflammation I had in my body, as I worried it might be causing the miscarriages. I still think that my miscarriages were probably all due to older egg and sperm, but if I can have my body in excellent condition, it may help.


My DH is starting the Whole 30 on Monday, and I'm really excited about that, I think it will help him too, and who knows, perhaps his swimmers will be healthier too?


Hello 41Mommymaybe - I have tried both Maca and vitex. Honestly, I didn't feel very different on the Maca, and I don't feel I need the Vitex as I have regular periods and ovulate each month.


Hello to everyone else flowersforyou.gif

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Hi, can I join this thread? I'm 43.  I'll be 44 in about a month!  I had my DS when I was 40, after a couple years of ttc (turned out to have some thyroid problems).  DH and I have been sorta, kinda TTC for a while now, but the fall semester was extremely stressful and so timing was often off.  Then, just when things should have been improving stress and timing wise, my up till then regular cycles went haywire.  I'm not sure I've Od yet this year.  Had a 44 day cycle, then a 28 day cycle that I still think was anovulatory, and now am on CD 52!  Man my body's timing sucks.  I have had my thyroid levels tested and that doesn't seem to be the problem this time.  I'm supposed to have my hormone levels tested, but in order for that to happen I have to have a day 5 of my cycle . . . I was out of the country for the last two day 5s, and now 52 days in, I'm waiting.  Yes, I've been travelling, and I cling to the hope that that could be the cause for the crazy cycles, though the first 44 day one wouldn't be explained by that.  I just started Vitex on May 1 and I've ordered some Maca that should arrive tomorrowish.  Maybe those will help.  I'm also still BFing DS a bit (on average 2 x/day -- a.m. and p.m.), but some days he forgets about one of the other (like this a.m., he was distracted by an intriguing toy and never asked to nurse).  I realize that BFing at all could be lowering my chances, but then at 43 (going on 44), and with crazy cycles, my chances may be slim, anyway, and I hate to stop nursing what could be my only baby in order to maybe have another or maybe find out that I can't.  YKWIM? I think he is in the slow process of self weaning, and I don't want to rush him.  I like the closeness it still gives us and the ability to comfort him when he's upset, and selfishly, nursing still makes me feel feminine when it seems like my body is otherwise changing -- before i'm really ready for it to. 

Anyway, that's my story. I hope to hear your stories and see some BFPs soon.

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Well, there goes that. I'm done. I am not pregnant and I cannot keep going along this path of heartache.


I want to thank all of the people who have supported me on this site over the years. Most of whom got their BFPs, and so, are no longer here.


Think Fertile Thoughts!

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Stevi, I am so sorry this month didn't work out for you. I wish you peace and happiness. To have tried for so long shows amazing commitment and tenacity, so I know you would make a wonderful mother. Will you try adoption? I am sorry to see you go, but I really do understand. So many people have come and gone on this thread,and watching the continuous stream of bfp's and babies, when yours (and mine) is elusive, is difficult. ((hugs))hug2.gif


MamadeRumi, welcome to the thread. I know how you feel re: weaning your DS. I felt the same way when my DS was still breastfeeding and I was impatiently waiting to ttc (I don't ovulate when my babies are nursing too much). Eventually when DS was 18 months (I think?) my fertility returned, and I did get pregnant whilst feeding him, but after I miscarried I weaned him as I was worried that his feeding contributed to the miscarriage. Of course that wasn't the case at all, but at the time I was desperate for answers and wanted to get pregnant so badly that I weaned him. In some ways it was a bad decision, because I've since had two more miscarriages,and I regret cutting our nursing relationship short, however, when I was pregnant and breastfeeding my nipples were so tender I found it excrutiating and I didn't want to keep nursing if I was pregnant (IYSWIM?)


It is a very personal decision and I think, ultimately, your fertility probably isn't compromised by the nursing unless your are nursing a baby around the clock. It is more likely that your hormone imbalances are cause by age. I think many women have found that Vitex helps regulate cycles, and maca is good too.


Have you thought about acupuncture? I think it is wonderful. I have it regularly and love it, but I can't credit it for getting a Take Home Baby, as although I have been pregnant 4 times in my forties, I've only one THB at 41. However, acupuncture helps me relax about it all,and I've had easy,painless periods since starting acupuncture 5 years ago.


As for me, I think I may have ovulated in the last couple of days, but I am not as sure as I usually am. I did have a + opk Friday morning, but I didn't have the usual Ovulation pain I have, so I don't feel sure (despite having a temperature rise). We shall see...

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Stevi, though I didn't get a chance to know you, I too am sorry to see you go, and so, so sorry that this didn't work out for you.  As the aunt of three beautiful, adopted children, I can tell you that adoption can be a beautiful journey.  Whatever you decide, I wish you peace.


Gumblossom, thank you for your reply.  I will definitely consider acupuncture.  I'm also going to continue with the maca and vitex; however, I am thinking about cutting out the green smoothies I have been drinking since Christmas as I've just read a few references to women who start eating lots of raw veggies losing their periods, at least for a while.  I haven't read enough to know what I really think yet, but since starting the smoothies and my cycles going haywire happened at about the same time, they could be connected.  I'll miss the smoothies, and my husband will really miss having me make them for us each a.m., but until I have time to do some more research on the matter, I think I'll let them go. 


And, for the past few days I've managed to distract my son from nursing in the a.m., and then we nurse at night when he goes to bed.  I think I'll continue that for a bit -- a little nudge towards weaning, but not a big push.  I already kind of miss the morning cuddle sessions, but it does make it a bit easier to get him out the door to preschool.


And . .. happy mother's day to me, on Sunday AF finally showed -- after a 53 day cycle.  I never knew I could be so happy to see the old gal.  So now I can get some FSH tests done and maybe have a little better idea what I'm dealing with. 

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Well, some happy news -- I got the results of my FSH test and it is normal, not elevated.  So, I don't know if this is a result of the maca or the vitex or eliminating the green smoothies or none of that, but it is good news.  Now if I could just talk my body into ovulating!  And I've been spotting quite a bit this month, so that is something odd and new -- maybe maca related?  I've read that that can happen as one starts taking maca, and that it suggests the hormones are balancing out.  But enough already.  I was thrilled to see AF when she finally showed, but now her visit is dragging on a bit.  I might try cutting my maca down a bit as I have read various, conflicting opinions on how much is good, but maybe I'm taking too much.  sorry for tmi.

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Hello again all...glad there is a new thread! 


I see a lot of new names and quite a few gone.


I am open to the possibility of a 4th baby and I will be 44 if it happens (will be my 3rd on the over 40 ttc board).


much love and luck to all


eta: still nursing 19month old and off and on my almost 4 year old


tww now

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Hi Saoirse2007, I'm glad to see you on the thread. (I was beginning to feel like I was talking to myself). 


Fingers crossed for your tww. 


I'm waiting to O, but hopeful since my cycles seemed to have normalized a bit on vitex and maca. (so crossing fingers for myself, too). 

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I've been lurking so I'm finally introducing myself.  I'm 46, have one dd, age 7, and ttc #2 off and on for 4 yrs.   I did conceive last yr. and had a blighted ovum and mc at 10 wks.  Somehow, that was more hopeful than discouraging for me.  I am now seeing an acupuncturist who I really like and doing lots for my health.  I'm very busy bc I have three foster kids, so sometimes it feels that I am too busy/stressed to conceive, but I'm not giving up hope!

Glad you all are out there - it's nice to know I'm not alone.

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Hi all,

I read upthread just and see that several of you have the same concerns that I do--nursing my 20 month old while trying to conceive. I'm 39 and recently got pregnant after trying for the first time since my cycle returned a few months ago. But I lost the pregnancy a week later. I felt like it was probably a natural chromosomal occurrence, but then I started to worry that perhaps it had something to do with the nursing. I'm feeling pretty down about it, so here I am, hoping to get some support and advice from others in my situation. (I know I'm not yet 40, but to the medical world I may as well be. I feel like I have the same concerns, too.)


When I went in to see the nurse practitioner, she was simply horrible. She was skeptical whether I was even pregnant at all (I tested five times with three different tests, so I know I was), was brusque and didn't explain anything that she was doing, and kept emphasizing how unlikely it was that I could still have a baby.


I'll read the rest of the posts in a little bit. I just wanted to join and ask if any of you had advice or could point me to threads relevant to my situation. Specifically, I'm wondering if there's anything I could do to support a pregnancy. During the miscarriage, I bled heavily the first day but not that much the following days. It was like AF but heavier the first day. That makes me wonder if perhaps my lining isn't building up enough. Any thoughts would be very appreciated.

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Well, this is discouraging, still no O.  Things were looking good.  I had no OPK (dollar store didn't have them and mail order hadn't arrived yet), but two nights ago all other signs pointed to impending O -- some EWCM (not as much as I'd have liked, but something), cervical position seemed good, and I'd just had a dip in my temps, which often preceeds ovulation for me.  So, we BDd, and then the next day no temp rise, but the OPKs arrived in the mail.  I took one and the test line was lighter than the control line, but not by that much, so I thought maybe I was going to O that night.  I was thinking maybe we'd BD again just to increase our chances.  But then that afternoon and evening I took two more OPKs and each time got a very faint test line.  So, I thought maybe I had Od and I would see the temp rise today.  Nope.  And this a.m. the OPK shows a very, very faint line.  So, it seems like my body was gearing up to O and then decided, no, not yet, let's wait a little longer.  But really, do we have to?  I haven't ovulated since December.  My cycles seem to be improving on the vitex and maca, but bring on the O already!

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Hi, everyone,


I am 41 and ttc #2.  We've been trying not very scientifically for a year.  The difference between 40 and 41 felt kind of big so we're getting serious.  It's about that time, so keeping my fingers crossed for this cycle.


peace and baby blessings to everyone!

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Hello. New here. I am 41 and have five kids '93, '00, '02, '07, & '11. My pp cycle came back early this year and after one visit from AF I found myself with 8 BFPs. Okay, so one would probably have sufficed, but I really had a hard time believing it. Had an US to confirm and saw the HB at 7w. At just about 11w started spotting and discovered a MMC May 5th with pg having ended just after 7w. I was devestated. After 5 I did not think it could happen to me. I did the pill thing and after a solid week of mc went on to regular bleeding for another week. My hcg levels stayed high for a month and then AF came June 6, so I didn't go back for another level check. My pg was a complete surprise, but nearing the end of my first trimester the whole famy had accepted it and gotten very excited. The only thing that got me through that horrible time was my Dh saying we could ttc for another. So here I am on your board. Don't need to add me to the list just yet. I just wanted to say hi. I realize I'm quite blessed with my kids and never ever thought I'd have as many as I do, much less another, but my heart yearns for it the same as anyone else. So hi! Pleased to meet you!
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caritasrainbow - did you participate in the forums over on lotsofkids?? I thought that I recognized your user name.


I used to participate over there but the site seems to have disappeared.


Welcome and good luck!



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Hello ladies,


well, I am not officially 44, and officially int he tww (yay!).  Actually, I'm a little over a week into it, so I guess it is a oww at this point.  If I can believe the temps of the past few days (and I'm not sure I can), I've got a triphasic chart and an implantation dip.  I know neither of those are a guarantee of pregnancy, but the only time I've ever had them before is when I was pregnant with my son, so if I could believe the temps I would be over the moon.  But, there are reasons I'm suspicious.  This a.m., for instance, my ds, who was sleeping next to me, was really restless and kept wanting to nurse and/or to climb over me, so I did wake up about 90 minutes before I took my temp, rolled him back over, and then went back to sleep, and then took my temp at the regular time, so I'm not sure if I can trust it.  The day before I had woken up when my dh got up to use the bathroom, about an hour before my wakeup time.  So, I took my temp, squinted at it in the light from the alarm clock, and was discouraged to see that it was the exact same temp as the day before, when I'd had a dip in my temp (possible implantation dip),  Then I went back to sleep and when I woke up I temped again and it was significantly higher.  From 97.56 to 98.06.  Seems like a big difference for an hour, and in the past when I've occasionally temped twice I've never noticed such a big difference and I've never noticed waking but not getting out of bed or moving much to have an effect on my temps.  But such a big jump in an hour makes me think I did something wrong on one of those temps.  So, I may or may not be triphasic.  Crossing my fingers but trying not to get my hopes too high.  At any rate, I did finally ovulate, so there is that.  In a few more days I'll allow myself to test.  Hope, hope, hope, hope. 


Baby dust and fertile thoughts to all!

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Well, my temp is back down today -- still above the coverline, but there goes my triphasic chart. 


But at least I did ovulate this month, and my sweet ds gets sweeter by the day, so I take comfort in his snuggles and affection.


I had my progesterone tested a couple of days ago, so soon I should know the results. 


on another note, gumblossom, I was reading back through some old posts and I think you mentioned something about a study showing women who drank black tea got pregnant sooner?  I can't find the post now.  Can you give me more info?  I would dearly love an excuse for some caffeine.  Yesterday I took an online Pregnancy symptom quiz, and of course I already realized that half of the "pregnancy symptoms" can also be symptoms of AF coming, but not I realize that a good chunk of the others may be symptoms of parenthood.  Am I more tired than usual?  Hell yeah, I'm the mother of a 3 year old!  Is my chart triphasic, yep, but could be because ds keeps waking me up in the middle of the night, screwing up that 4 consecutive hours thing. 


anyway, caffeine would be nice.  I've told myself that I want one more baby, and I want it enough to give up caffeine, but once I have that baby I'm going back to black coffee and I'll never torture myself with giving it up again!

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HI everyone, sorry I have been away from the thread a lot. I am trying to get my head around giving up ttc.


Every month I am hopeful, have a tonne of symptoms and then AF comes. I have been ttc this baby for 4 years and I am starting to believe it is too late and won't happen for me. And I think I am starting to accept that.


I had my progesterone levels checked last week (day 21) and they were 33, which my doctor says are "pretty good" (whatever that means?), I had a look at my progesterone results from 2 years ago, and the result was 35 and I was told it was great and my ovaries were definately working, so I am happy with 33. I have worrited on and off that my progesterone was low and may have been an issue, but clearly it isn't. I think I just have old eggs, and if I am ever to have a baby, it will be because there is one good egg left. I am coming to terms with the fact that there may not be one good one left.


My Fertility friend VIP membership  expires in a few days and I am not renewing. I am not going to keep on charting after this month (I've just started AF). ANd I won't be using opk's or timing intercourse anymore. So I guess I am going to be open to a baby, but not actually ttc.


MamadeRumi I think it was someone else that mentioned that study about black tea, it might have been Litmama, but I don't recall. Sorry I can't steer you towards the study.

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gumblossom, you are right, it was litmama, and once you reminded me of that I found the post, thanks.


As for your decision, I will miss you if you leave the list, but I do understand.  This ttc business is so exhausting, and sometimes keeps us from enjoying the rest of our lives (and it sounds like you have much to enjoy).  I am personally going to continue trying to TTC, especially now that my cycles have evened out, but I'm also trying to make myself consciously aware of how blessed I am to have my son and many other joys in my life, and I'm trying to remember to enjoy and appreciate him and them and not get so caught up in ttc that I can't be grateful for what I've got. 


I wish you peace and joy, whatever your decision is. 

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