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Early Glucol test

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Because of my weight the NP made me due an early Glucol test, the test for gestational diabetes. Despite puking at like 6 am and not eating since 3 am, I managed to keep the drink down for the entire hour. I did throw up in the parking lot as I was leaving... I got the test results back today and I passed with flying colors!

It did not taste as gross as I was expecting but it was not pleasant and I am glad I won't have to do it again for a few months. I spent the entire hour saying to myself "I will not throw up. I will not throw up..." Morning sickness and extreme sugary drink on an empty stomach was pretty darn horrible.

Did anyone else have to do it so early?
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I haven't been to the OB yet and I suspect they won't have me do an early test now because I had a normal hemoglobin a1c last month.  But I am obese and insulin resistant, starting this pregnancy 30 lbs up from my last, and very worried about gestational diabetes.  I may ask to do an early test in a month or 6 weeks.  Meanwhile I am trying to eat as if I were diabetic, which is going quite badly since I am morning sick and all that prevents puking are gingersnaps and salty fatty carbohydrates.  The other day I had my first hash brown patty in years.

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Morning sickness is the worst for trying to eat healthy. Perhaps in a few weeks you'll be feeling better. I hope I am. I'm tired of being sick so much.
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