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cold / flu / sinus infection

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Anyone else seriously struggling with lowered immunity in this pregnancy!?  I normally hardly ever get sick.  But it seems like week after week since I got pregnant, I get stomach viruses, head colds, sinus infections, and coughs.  I've avoided anything serious like the real flu or pneumonia.  But DANG!  I'm ready to be done with all this!  Being sick constantly sucks, and I feel like I can't be a great mom to my toddler when I feel so crappy all the time.  


Home remedies?  I hate taking meds.  I've been trying hot water, honey, lemon.  Inhaling steam over a boiling pot.  Eating garlic.  Going to try nasal lavage even though it makes me feel like I'm drowning in the swimming pool!

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im taking a magneesium with zinc supplement and when i remember vit c.. i feel like ive had a virus for forever.. but not sure if its just the dysautonomia now combined with congestedness of pregnancy.. feel really run down tho..

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We've been a revolving door of sickness here. The worst of it was in October through December. We were really sick, then got better just in time to get some super gnarly bug. I don't know if it was the flu or not, but it knocked out half the kids and the teacher in my son's preschool class for a week. Maddox ended up on antibiotics, oral and inhaled steroids for bronchitis and an ear infection. We avoid that stuff as much as possible, but his breathing got very bad and it was pretty scary. I got it, and it turned into the most horrible sinus infection I've ever had in my life. Luckily, I was able to kick it without meds. (Other than the occasional Tylenol)

Since then, we seem to be getting colds, getting rid of them and then picking up new ones. I loooove having a weakened immune system from pregnancy with a little guy in school. wink1.gif. At least the baby will be born in May and be a little older before all th bugs start going around again!
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me too!! i did just fine until right before christmas ... and then bam! cough, cold, ear infection, sinusitis, pneumonia ... and now a UTI! ack! have given up any thought of doing ANYTHING - i'm a freelancer so when i can´t work i just don´t ... the problem is i don´t get paid! felt like i tried all the natural remedies in the book and have just given up at this point ... resting, drinking lots of water, and relying on poor DH!

here´s to all of us feeling better SOON, having a strong third tri and powerful bodies to give birth!!!

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Finally I'm feeling quite a bit better. Got a heck of a cold right before Xmas got almost over it, then a week ago had a huge resurgence. Feeling more over it now than the first time. House chores paid the price. I slept and took care of DS.
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The last two winters it seemed like my kids were constantly sick despite having a good diet, avoiding refined sugar and being on probiotics.  We've made some additions over the last year and this winter we have had about 3 days of short-lived illness.  (Praying it stays that way!)  The things I added are all safe for pregnancy!

Vit, D3 drops under the tongue

Cod liver oil (we take carlson's brand)

Astragalus tincture.  We take just a small amount once a day but give more if I think they have been exposed to something.


Those and making sure we wash hands when we get home from places seems to really be helping!

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Vit, D3 drops under the tongue

Cod liver oil (we take carlson's brand)

Astragalus tincture.  We take just a small amount once a day but give more if I think they have been exposed to something.



Thanks for the tips!  I've got some FCLO (green pastures brand) sitting in the cupboard, but I just can't bring myself to swallow it down.  Should have done capsules.  


My one terror is that I will have one of these awful bugs or infections before labor sets in.  How horrendous would it be to have to cope with all that at once!?!?

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yeah, I am a bit scared of the FCLO.  I hate taking things and will think of any excuse I can not to.  I knew if I got the FCLO I would make excuses not to since it's funky tasting so I went the the Carlson's.  I just swallow the capsules but the kids chew it.  My little weirdos love it and I actually cought DD1 trying to sneak it one day!

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Essential Oils are a great alternative to meds, we use them all the time and it has seriously helped our family this winter. I use them while pg and nursing too. I am a rep for doTERRA so i can say confidently that our oils are safe to use, to ingest or use topically and of course aromaticly!


Eucalyptus EO is wonderful for draining sinus pressure and if its and infection it iwll take it away as well. Doterra also sells OnGaurd which is an immunity builder and germ/bacteria/virus killer! I wrote a blog on the the ON gaurd and if you search around there is family stuff but also lots of oils info :)


Pm me if you guys have questions. Not trying to be spammy, just helpful. These oils have changed our lives <3



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