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Third trimester symptoms

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So we are all heading into trimester 3 (yay :S not) heres a place for us to discuss our 3rd trimester symptoms


so far i have had REALLY low blood pressure, and lots of dizzyness/blackouts, worsening of my dysautonomia

im anaemic

getting burpy/heartburny a lot

a bit of very light incontinence id say (but only when bladders very full

very strong braxton hicks with back pain


swollen ankles,face everything (especially hips as im in a wheelchair)

decreased appetite but need for more food

colddd hands and feet

blurry vision


oh and since 25 weeks i can squeeze milk out of my boobs :P very weird (no leaking as yet tho


no stretch marks so far but worried my tummy muscles mite be seperating, will ask my spd physio when i meet her on 4th feb..

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Hi timesway!


Seconding the incontinence and heartburn.  My nausea and vomiting from trimesters one and two seem to be replaced by coughing and vomiting because of heartburn and weak gag reflex.  I started taking papaya enzymes a few weeks ago, and they help a bit but not a whole lot.


I still haven't gained anything.  I lost six pounds in my late first/early second trimester and got five back, so I'm one down from my pre-pregnancy weight.  A friend of mine told me not to worry since she didn't put on anything until her third tri and then gained enough for two pregnancies -- not exactly what I want to hear, either!  I'm trying not to fuss too much as my nurse-midwives don't seem too worried as long as I am drinking plenty of water and keeping my prenatal vitamins down, but something feels a little "off" about my nutrition this time.  I did test as anemic, but that didn't really surprise me.

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Well, I'm fat, lazy, and just want to eat junk food. I think I am feeling drained because I have basically been "stuck" in the house since October. First from sickness and then from weather. Also, I have a similar type of nasty taste in m mouth after everything I eat so I have been having something sweet after everything I eat to try and get rid of that taste. I also way over did it on pizza this week. I have been gaining 2 lbs a week for a while now and with having roughly 13 weeks left...yeah I can't afford to gain another 26 lbs! blush.gif Tomorrow I am off to the grocery store and have a pretty good list of what I need to get (and not get). I am getting some lemons and ginger to pop into my new giant water bottle to try and keep that nasty taste out of my mouth, I'm going to get a lot of good quick protein type stuff, and some wheat grass and carrots that I can put through the juicer to try and boost my nutrition intake beyond just my prenatals. I am hoping to use the treadmill (hopefully) everyday or close to it. I think it through me off being underweight when I started out this pregnancy and I just thought, well, I can eat what I want because I need to gain weight anyway. Plus it will really suck to have a baby in May and then feel fat through the whole summer because I sat and ate cake and pizza aaaallllllll winter. duh.gif =>jog.gif


Oh yeah, and it didn't help that we went to a party lastnite that had a damn chocolate fountain! Not helpful!! haha

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Round ligament pain

That's about it!
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oh and since 25 weeks i can squeeze milk out of my boobs :P very weird (no leaking as yet tho

So cool! Is this your first? I'm 25 weeks too, with my first, and not even a drop when I try to manually express.
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can not believe 3rd tri is almost here!! what week does it start officially again?

amazingly, i'm not having too many pregnancy symptoms, aside from lots of kicking and, yeah, the dreaded incontinence. have taken to wearing pads all the time because i keep peeing myself when i cough, and i've been coughing a lot! no swelling or anything, though, so i think i am lucking out so far ... the problem is i am still fighting off the tail end of the pneumonia ... i am just Sooooo exhausted and can't do much more besides walk to the bathroom and sit in bed, which is getting old fast. there is a never ending stream of germs coming from DS who is at his first year of school ... ugh. just hoping to recover fully in the next few weeks! so i can handle the rigors of 3rd tri and birth LOL!


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Yes alt
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Round ligament pain

That's about it!
So cool! Is this your first? I'm 25 weeks too, with my first, and not even a drop when I try to manually express.
Yes well I've had multiple 1st tri miscarriages (+1 we now think was about 14 weeks) my boobs have been looking like they have white dots in them for a while but squeezing did nothing, then the other day weird clear and whitey fluid coming out.. Such an incredible thing really.. To produce food!

Bailey-I'm doin the same just too many sweets and junk food.. I was 105lbs at the beggining and I'm now 123 (ish) ..again being underweight to start I just are what I could.. I think a lot of my weight is water coming from too much rubbish food making me swollen cus calories wise I'm only just gettin what I should most days still its just absolute rubbish that I'm putting into me.. Got a red meat drive for the next few days and some broccoli/green veg to try and get my iron up because my faintness is so bad I actually can't function now.. I just managed to sit up long enough to have my hair washed today and yesterday to have a quick wash but any longer and I spend the next ages tryin not to throw up or black out again..

Any advice for really bad blackouts? I'm gonna ask the dr about a holter monitor test because I'm gettin chest pains and I think my dysautonomia is worse enough for it needing to be checked
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The incontinence is my biggest symptom right now. I have to cross my legs when I sneeze or I pee! It's usually ok, but when the sneeze sneaks up on me it doesn't end well. wink1.gif

I've been producing some colostrum since the beginning of my second trimester. It doesn't really surprise me since I had to wear nursing pads during pregnancy last time (I would leak when I heard a baby cry before I'd even had my own baby! I'd thought that was more of a Pavlovian response that mothers had, but I guess not since I obviously hadn't even nursed a baby yet!) and then was such an over producer that I ended up with repeat bouts of mastitis until I got my supply to level out.

What I found interesting, though, is that my left breast started producing colostrum before my right this time around. My son nursed for 3.5 years, but for the last year it was exclusively on my left side. I wonder if that side naturally produces more, or if because it was producing milk more recently (my son weaned himself in July 2011) that it was able to start back up more quickly.

I am getting a bit of SPD again, along with a worsening of SI pain. That's been an issue since my first pregnancy that comes and goes, even when not pregnant. It's become much more frequent and I'm afraid it will just go downhill from here on out.
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I'm still a ways to go until the third trimester, but with these twins I feel like I'm there already!

Heartburn/burping - yes, really bad heartburn on Saturday night, otherwise it has been fairly mild, but tons of burping
Colostrum - yes, finding the telltale white on my nipples/bras, just really small amounts
Itchy belly/boobs - not awful, but can definitely tell the skin is stretching
Quickly tiring - climbing stairs (especially when carrying anything), playing with DD, standing for long periods, etc. I've been laying down whenever I need to and whenever I can.
BHs - nothing worrisome (gotta watch out for preterm labor with twins), but I have 1-2 a day most days
Mild pelvic pressure - again nothing worrisome, but ooof!
Incontinence - yup and yuck
Pregnancy congestion
Feeling big and like my uterus is hanging out in space with little support - maternity support belt is helping hugely
Foot/leg cramp - had my first one on Sunday morning, ouch!
Ravenously hungry then full after a half of what I would usually eat for a meal - so annoying, but I'm making sure to eat 5-6 small meals a day
Mildly dehydrated - I'm working on this, but I have to drink a lot more than last pregnancy and it is tough to get it all in
Peeing all the time and waking once a night to pee - I always have a large glass of water when I wake too as I need it
Hard time getting comfortable to sleep

Thanks for letting me complain!
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My left side produces more too. I had such issues after about 2 months nursing on the right and I think I might only nurse on the left side this time. DD preferred left side too and I think that was part of why I had such issues nursing that side.

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Aside from continually getting bugs and colds (lowered immunity + toddler in the house), having stiff and a bit swollen fingers in the morning that ease up by midday (and some carpal tunnel-ish tingling in fingers and toes), and a little bit of pelvic bone "adjusting" when I get up from bed . . . I'm doing good!  My last pregnancy, I got hit with the misery truck about 32 weeks, so I'm just holding my breath to see what happens . . . although I have gained less so far and been more active than last time, so maybe I can avoid some of it?

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I think 3rd tri is officially somewhere between 26 and 27 weeks.. Some things say I'm already in it but I'm 25w5d so nearly I think I will count from 2nd feb when I'm officially 6months (rathe then the pretend 6months everyone assumes occurs at 24 weeks tehe) oh and yes to cramps and carpal tunnel aswell forgot those!! Also tonnes of chest pains and breathlessness!!
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Oh and baby kicked the hell out of my ribs this morning!! (At least he's moving!)
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There is a lot of differing info on when the third trimester technically starts, but I'm using 28 weeks which seems to be a bit more agreed upon, not like it really matters though! I'm not due until May 24th though, so I'm behind most of you by a bit!
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Using maths 40/3=13.333(.)
13.333(.)x2=26.666(.) so I guess that's the logical answer?!
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I haven't been too bad, thank god incontinence hasn't hit me yet.


Some back pain has started, I guess that's to be expected for gaining 28+ pounds so far. I haven't weighed myself in two weeks so I'm sure it's above 30 now.


Mostly hip pain at night when sleeping, but I can't fall asleep in a chair for the life of me. I tried for an hour last night and sleep didn't come.


Pelvic pain that feels kind of like the beginning twinges of a menstrual cramp (I have been hyper aware of pre-labor signs) but it comes when I move around in bed at night and then goes away, so I think it's just my bones being angry at me.


I feel a lot of sinus pressure, but not a cold or allergies, just swollen sinuses I think. Should be fun when my allergies hit full force in April/May and I can't take any drugs (are there drugs I can take?) I normally take Claritin every day from April - September.


Every once in a while I'll see a silver shooting star, I haven't quite figured out what that is, a friend of mine said maybe lack of oxygen? I know I get out of breath really easily and try to take it slow and use the elevator.

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You can take old fashioned pirion (chlorphenamine) I get lots of allergies and have taken it my whole preg x
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I'm feeling pretty good these days...in that second trimester honeymoon phase with the 3rd just around the corner for me.  I'll be 27 weeks on Wednesday.


I've been having back issues since about 14 weeks, but I think that after religiously going to the chiro since 17 weeks, doing yoga and massage, and not sitting in a chair at work (I am now sitting on a fit ball and still standing a bit) it is, at least for the time being, seeming to be getting better!!


I am in the urine incontinence club too.  Not super bad, just sometimes if I sneeze or cough with a full bladder.  Ugh.  I just wear a panty liner every day now.


My boobs feel very full.  I am not sure if I'm producing much of anything.  I'll have to ask DS, since he's still nursing.  He does swallow but not alot so I don't know if that's milk, colostrum, or saliva.


Ummmm, waking to pee.  So annoying.


Not sleeping very well again.  I feel like I'm just sleeping very lightly, waking easily, and not falling back to sleep easily.  Sometimes it's because I'm hungry in the middle of the night.  Last week I finally forced myself to get out of my nice warm bed after laying awake for an hour, drank a big glass of milk, felt full, and went right back to sleep.  Other times I just can't relax my mind even if I am comfortable and don't have to pee or anything.


BH and "pressure" down there, but not enough to be concerning or anything.


I think it was sometime around 28 or 30 weeks that I started swelling last time.  So far, so good, and I really hope and pray I don't get bad swelling again.  It made the third trimester pretty miserable.  But, I had DS at the end of July, so just weather wise this time around should be better.  And my ring still totally fits just fine and I haven't noticed any swelling yet.  Fingers crossed I'm fine this time....

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I'm also feeling pretty good so far...knock on wood!


The most annoying symptom is this gnarly puffy inflammed varicose vein on my outer leg above my knee.  Lovely.  I asked about it at my last appointment and the OBGYN said I can't do anything until after the birth.  Just another "joy of pregnancy!"  Ugh...it annoys me. 


I feel like I'm getting "heavy" when I work around the house (like going up and down the stairs a lot).  "The bump" definitely is starting to get in the way during normal stuff.


I'm doing pregnancy yoga and a weekly ballet class.  I got a little light-headed last week during ballet, so I won't push it as much this week.  I really enjoy the stretching movements as a change-up from sitting at a desk most of the day.


Oh, and DH teases me because my head gets congested at night when I sleep.  I know I'm breathing with my mouth open because when I wake up, my lips and throat are so dry.  But then once I an up and around, I blow my nose and it's over with.  Very strange....

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Kate, glad you are feeling well too!


Not sure if it's worth the invesment or if insurance covers this, but I think that compression socks or stockings can help vericose veins if it's painful. 


Seems like a few mamas are having congestion issues.  I've been finding my neti bottle really helps.  The saline solution can help relieve swelling of the membranes associated with pregnancy, so it can be helpful even if your congestion is not due to mucus.


Seriously, I feel like being pregnant is prep for being a senior.  Same problems: hemroids, vericose veins, urinary incontinence, back pain, SI issues, fatigue, heart burn, shortness of breath....lol.

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  "The bump" definitely is starting to get in the way during normal stuff.


Haha I have this problem too!!  Totally unaware of where my body is in space.  I've been running into stuff, knocking stuff off the kitchen counter with the bump, etc.  

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