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Lisa Mix Midwife of Dr. Guy

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Okay I just want it to get out there since my experience was not great with Lisa Mix.


I want to say that I am very thankful to Dr Guy but I would never go back...

I was due on Christmas...

I was pre-eclampic and of course everytime I went in they would test for protein in urine

On the 21st they said "well we think we noticed protein in your urine we should schedule you to be induced on the 22nd."

This isn't really something you hear very much from a Natural Birth supporting doctor, so I became worried and completely agreed.


This was our first child and we just wanted to take the safest route.



So we went in to be induced. They put me on pitocin around 11, and nothing much was happening Lisa Mix came in and actually said to the nurse.... "lets back her off the pitocin I'm going to go out and do some last minute christmas shopping." three hours later she came back and was like lets kick up the pitocin again and lets try to get this labor started. Without informing me before hand she came in my delivery room and said is it okay if this student observe. Just trying to make it through the day I said yeah sure thats fine



Then with no luck going into labor she ordered to have me backed off again!

I had an epidural because I thought it would help me somehow, and it ended up numbing my legs only.

I started pushing around 5. The student started to get hands off throughout the hours... don't ask me what that was about.


Bless her heart.


Around 10 they both started worrying. At one point the student put her hand inside of me. Talk about observing.


Yes I do realize some may think well this was my day I should of said something. But I was just overwhelmed and whatever was happening it just happened.


At 11 they emergency called in Dr Guy because my son was stuck in the birth canal.

Lisa Mix was not qualified to use the Mighty Vac


They had to use the Mighty vac the maxium number of times to get my son out and it was so scary.

Thankfully Dr. Guy was able to safely deliver him. His little head was floppy jelly when he came out and has a mild deformed skull that shaped up after months and months.


But here is how I feel and I really am not trying to be dramatic.


We were first time parents just trying to get things figured out. I feel like they induced me to make sure it wouldn't be on Christmas. The unprofessional statement of Im going to go shopping and back me off and on pitocin so many times. Letting the student who was only suppose to observe to almost all the work, and they scary ending of the mighty vac.


Again I am very thankful to Dr Guy but Lisa Mix was not a very supportive midwife. And I just wouldn't want that experience for anyone else.

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I am sorry to hear about your experience. I did want to share that I had a wonderful experience with them and so have 3 of my friends all the nurses at the family beginings birth center highly suggest dr. guy & midwives for natural birthing because they are the most flexiable laid back group that delivers at MVH & the lowest csection rate. I hope that your next birth experience is better.
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I'm sorry motherof1.


Earthmoma, Your comment is pretty insensitive. This was HER experience. If you would like to talk about your wonderful births, perhaps starting a thread of your own would be a more appropriate place to do so.

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Scsigrl there is no need to try & be a bully I was only sharing information about the group.
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Originally Posted by Earthmoma View Post

Scsigrl there is no need to try & be a bully I was only sharing information about the group.

Bully? Seriously?

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I'm sorry that you had an unpleasant experience. If you haven't already seen this, you might want to check out this post "Opinions about the midwives that practice with Dr. Guy in Dayton, OH" http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1302495/opinions-about-the-midwives-that-practice-with-dr-guy-in-dayton-oh#post_16928935 from several years ago. I'm not sure if it will provide any consolation or not, but at least you'll be able to see that you are not alone in your opinions. 

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   I really didn't think anyone was trying to bully anyone else. I believe the OP was voicing her disappointment with Lisa, which she has every right to do. The other poster was just saying that her experiences with that group was not disappointing, which she has a right to do. Other people may be warned by OP story, but also left to have trust in the rest of the group. We shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater!  Dr. Horlacher is the best of that bunch, IMHO!
   But... while it sounds bad that she would turn off the pit "just to finish her Christmas shopping" sounds terrible; in reality, it is SAFER, if the pit is turned off periodically, so there are rest periods. Induction can be very stressful for mom & baby!  Much more likely to have complications if pit is left on for long periods! So, with that in mind, she probably wasn't as self-centered as it seemed, but she sure should have explained it better!

    I'm sorry, OP, that you did not get better nutritional counseling that would have prevented the need for induction in the 1st place!

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