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Had my baby!

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We had our little guy January 19th. He was due February 5th so approximately 2.5 weeks early. My b/p has been elevated so I went to the hospital for a stress test and some blood work. Everything looked good and they sent me home. An hour after I got home my water broke. I headed back to the hospital. After six hours with nothing starting but dilated to 4 after being less than two the doctor gave me to option to use pitocin. I decided to go ahead and do it. With the two labors I went through with my water breaking before contactions, contractions had started within two hours. Pitocin works very well on my and he was born less than two hours later. Only five pushes and he was out. Poor guy was horribly bruised. The doctor said he hit my pelvic wall. A week later he still had two black eyes. We had glucose issues and so he had to get his poor heels pricked quite a lot. The wanted to put him on an IV or supplement with formula but we googled it and felt comfortable with our choice to keep trying exclusive breast milk. I pumped a tiny amount of colostrum am we gave him that. His glucose levels did eventually level out and we were discharged on time. Now he has a bit of jaundice but I feel that will clear up with breastfeeding as well.

We named him Bodhi Thomas and we are thrilled with our new addition.
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Congratulations!  Glad everything worked out and you stuck with your decision of breastmilk only, the very best for him!

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Congrats!!! Thanks for the update and glad to hear all went well.
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Congratulations!  Good work, Mama!

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Congrats! Another fast labor. Hope you are enjoying your babymoon!

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Congratulations mama!! Glad your labor went smoothly. Hope your little guy's bruising goes away soon! I love his name!
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Congratulations!!  You must be relieved to be home with him.  Enjoy your babymoon!

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Congrats!! He looks so sweet smile.gif
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Congrats! Welcome baby boy!
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Congratulations!!! Glad your little guy is doing better. Enjoy these early times with him :).

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Congratulations and I'm glad things have improved for your little one!!

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Hope EBF continues to go great. Congratulations!!
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Yay! Congrats!

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Love his name! Our last little one is named Bodhi. Congrats & enjoy all the newborn snuggles.
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Congrats!!!! HE is adorable.

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