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Rib pain and fluid level

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I am 35 weeks pregnant and I went in for my prenatal and measured 39 weeks. All of a sudden I began experiening rib pain (both sides, worse on right) and it seems to be getting worse than it was when it started.  This is my 5th pregnancy (plus one possible chemical) and Ive never had rib pain like this before.


I have gestational diabetes (4th time Ive had it), diet and exercise, no insulin or medication. My blood pressure has been some elevated  off and on like it was 134/68 when I was at doctor scince 20 weeks or so. some swelling. But I have a blood pressure moniter and it seems to be staying pretty normal.


I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Wed, God willing, but I wasnt having pain like this when I was at the midwife's last week.

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How's your pressures at home? Right pain in side can be indicative of HELLP which can be very serious. Any headaches, vision changes like seeing sparklers or swelling (especially in hands & face.) Of course it could be baby pushing on your ribs or round ligaments but it's not something I'd overlook. You can look at www.preeclampsia.org for a list of symptoms & you can google upper right quadrant pain. Hope it's just baby pushing on you smile.gif
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Yes, Last time I took my blood pressure about 20 minutes ago it was 112/62. I dont know for sure how accurate it is, because it is a wrist blood pressure moniter. I can take a more accurate one but I have to go to another place to do it.


I do have some swelling. Midwife mentioned extra water, because she asked me if I felt like I had more fluid. Rib pain is one of the symptoms of Polyhydramnios

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I had major rib pain at the end of my first pregnancy. The doctor said it was caused by my relatively large baby snuggling up under the one side. You could actually feel the baby's back along my right side, so I think he was really cuddled up there under the rib. I did have elevated amniotic fluid levels (according to the US) but nothing major. I hope yours is also just a snuggly little one!

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