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My son is allergic to dairy.I do not want to give soy f
Due to research I have read. Which one is better for him goat or almond milk?? Thank you
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My son has has a milk protein allergy and is also allergic to goats milk.

We don't drink much milk but I use soy, almond, hemp, and coconut milk when cooking. I would try them and see which ones he likes but you may want to be cautious with the goats milk in case he is allergic to that. Almond milk can be a concern for those allergic to tree nuts as well. All of them are generally fortified if you buy them commercially.
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 Which one is better for him goat or almond milk?? Thank you

Why do you want to give him that? does he have to drink goat or almond milk? can you not completely get out of that kind of food. that's what we did. we havent replaced milk with any substitutes. we just changed our philosophy of eating. 

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It is possible that he is not allergic to "dairy" but to casein, in which case he should be able to ingest milkfat. He may be able to eat butter, fatty cheese and cream. In my family that its the only dairy foods we consume: the milkfat. We do not drink milk or use milk products like yogurt. Milkfat is where the vitamins are. So you could introduce very small quantities of milkfat products and see how reacts.


Just a suggestion.

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