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Aw, Melany - you need to be there later than 10 for SAHMs to show up!  It might be worth investing in more parking.smile.gif  I wish I lived closer, I would hang out with you!


I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I bought a stroller.  It's the only "big" purchase I've made for this baby and I was almost not going to do it - thinking "oh, I will just wear the baby, it's so much easier, so much less fussing, why get one before I need it?"  But then I remembered that was EXACTLY what I thought before I had DD, and I did go trekking off to the grocery store with her on me a week or so after she was born, and trekked back with her on my front and 20 lbs of groceries on my back - and then wondered why my bleeding got so heavy all of a sudden. LOL.  After a couple tries like that I resigned myself to the necessity of a stroller and started the revolving stroller purchasing that lasted nearly 2 years of not being able to find just the right one.  (Seriously, I went through like 4 strollers.  Ended up with a crappy Graco that met all my needs - once DD was nearly 2 and I'd resigned myself to the reality that me jogging was never going to happen - but those Graco cheapies aren't good for newborns.)


Then I asked myself - would I advise a *client* to not get a stroller ahead of time?  And the answer was definitively NO, I would tell them to research strollers, figure out what they wanted, and spend weeks stalking the used ones available.  So I put aside my aversion to buying stuff that clutters up my house, set up search criteria on our local UsedEverywhere site (love that site, I buy almost everything off it) and after a couple weeks, a stroller that met most of my criteria showed up - a Bumbleride Flyer - in perfect condition.  Cost me $150.  I call that a decent score.  Now I just have to get DH to put up brackets behind the front door so it can be stored out of the way.

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maydaymom - you can have my breve latte and pain au chocolate if I can have your 8 full hours of sleep.  (Does that mean no waking up to pee?  That would be heaven.  I figure it might happen for me in about a year.)  I am not a fan of cupcakes - they don't do much for me - but good, french-style pastries?  oh my.  And chocolate bars.  Mmmm.  Today, though,  I have no appetite at all.  I couldn't finish my breakfast (perfectly inoffensive cottage cheese & banana) and have since managed one stick of beef jerky.  I am sitting here looking at a small orange but somehow having non-sticky fingers to type is more appealing. 

OK, so there was one pee-waking, but it was short & I fell right back to sleep, so I'm not counting it. I'm sure the 3 hours of sleep from the night before helped with my extended night last night. I'm not counting on it being a recurring theme. 

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Aw, Melany - you need to be there later than 10 for SAHMs to show up!  It might be worth investing in more parking.smile.gif  I wish I lived closer, I would hang out with you!


I know, I know. Thanks for the offer to hang out. It is very appreciated. 


I actually registered for a stroller and my husband's step mother bought it! The thought process was if someone felt inclined, I'd appreciate it. Also, we gave ours away when we moved. I still have my bike trailer, which we used as a jog stroller, but it fits two kids and I'd appreciate use the narrower option. I've been trying to work out a trade with my friend who has 1 year old twins for her single bike trailer. :) 


I wore my daughter constantly. When it got hot (90+), she really didn't like being tied on in the MT. She'd get fussy and we'd both be sweating like crazy. If anything, the stroller was nice at the Farmer's market just so you didn't have to carry the big bag AND the child (I wore her until she was 4). Also, my younger one would want to help push the stroller, so it gave me an easier way to hang onto him.  Now, ask me this summer if my 7 year old runs while she pushes the stroller through the Farmer's market and if I have come to a different conclusion on whether I like using it or not. :)

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Originally Posted by Melany View Post
 Now, ask me this summer if my 7 year old runs while she pushes the stroller through the Farmer's market and if I have come to a different conclusion on whether I like using it or not. :)


Ha.  Yes, you can probably ask me the same thing... hadn't thought of that.  I too have a 7-year-old who loves to run AND push things, and a nearby farmer's market.  Should be good times.

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Spughy, nice score on the stroller! I am doing the opposite-- I just sold one! Haha. We are cleaning out the garage and I realized I had 3 doubles and 2 singles. (Most are cheap used ones). I decided to part with my bumbleride queen b-- it was a great stroller, but I like my double jogger better. It went so fast, there was actually a bidding war for it on the site I posted it at!

When you are done with your bumbleride, I'm sure you'll be able to turn around and sell it again, too!
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ClumsySugarPlum, so sorry to hear about your dog, that's sad but I'm sure you know what's best.

Spughy, if chocolate is working as a salve, use it! Do you know they say that, emotionally-speaking, chocolate is the perfect food for less-than-harmonious times? Its bitterness helps you access your own bitter feelings, while the sugar prevents you from feeling them too deeply. Just don't get into the habit of masking your emotions but that doesn't apply to pregnant women, who should do whatever it takes to stay balanced, at least superficially.
Walking seems to do it for you so that stroller was a good purchase. We have a good jogging buggy which was great as an all-terrain vehicle. DS spent very little time on it though, he preferred to be carried and walked v young. He likes driving my shopping trolley now so i can imagine the chaos if I allowed him steer a buggy, eeek! I'll wait and see what suits the new one but I got a gorgeous new wrap in the post yesterday.

WriterMama, although my baby has been transverse and now head down, I think he's an unstable lie too, due to my weakened abdominals and consequent diastasis recti. It feels like I have a little acrobat in there, always rolling around wink1.gif I've been pulling my bellybutton towards my spine while doing pelvic floor exercises and I have noticed an improvement in both areas. I also found a belly band really good support too and I've heard of people literally strapping the baby into place when sure they're head down!
I'm hopefully confidant that most babies will get into the best birthing position for them when the time comes....
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spughy, go you on the big stroller purchase! Anyone who's read my "baby gear" related posts in this DDC knows that I'm a firm believer in having a kick-a$$ stroller if you plan to do any car-free grocery shopping on your own, or other longer outings that might involve the accumulation of stuff that needs to be carried home without a car! Yay stroller storage baskets! (Not to mention the convenience of having a place to change a diaper, letting the baby nap even if you get hot and sticky in the baby carrier, and having a place to stash all those diaper bag/purse items that would normally be left in the car.) The Flyer is an AWESOME choice, too! That's baby's gonna have a smoooooth ride thumb.gif. I've had the Bumbleride Flite for over 2 years now and we still get great use from it as a travel/public transportation stroller (that stroller's seen a lot of interesting places!).

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Oh man, Spughy, I LOVE my Bumbleride!! You are in for a treat. It was purchased new by my in-laws but it is a kick ass stroller. The only problem I have with it is that it is not a quick in and out type of stroller and it is bulky (which really only bugs me now that I'm really pregnant and when I'm premenstrual). Congrats.


My fridge arrived today! It is HUGE and black and beautiful. All my food looks so sparse inside of it's massive cavity. I was so inspired by the extra frezzer space that I made three chicken pot pies and froze two. It is my first post-birth food deposit and feels great.

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Only read if you have a sense of humor and high tolerance of idiotic behaviour!!!


All about yesterday: It snowed again (or as I like to say "it snew".)  A good 3 inches to start my day.  Both DP's and my vehicle made it out of the driveway (sometimes rough with fresh snow).  The drive into town was horrible!  A good portion of it was spent going 60km/hr (37m/h)...  A touch on the slow side, but there were some over cautious drivers out there (quite frankly, if you're going to go that slow on the hwy, put your hazards on, too!)  confused.gif


When I returned home, what I thought were drifts across my driveway was actually a TON more fresh snow - no morning tracks to be seen - pushing the snow with the bumper of my car!  I immediately text DP to park on the road and said not to pull down the driveway. 


The quad was too cold to start - I forgot to mention it was -25*C / -13*F (warmed up from -35*C / -31*F so I wasn't complaining!!) so I made a fire in the garage and went in the house to wait.  From previous experience (7 years) I know that it will take a good couple hours for the garage to warm up enough to warm the quad battery.  I'm ok with this. 


Fast forward 1 hour.  DP gets home. 1st words out of his mouth "my car's stuck, got sucked into the deep snow at the top of the driveway."  Ok.  He asks about the quad and I tell him it's still warming upI'll go check on it.  He comes back in and says the battery is dead because it's making ticky noises.  I inform him that it always "thinks" it's dead and makes ticky noises when it's cold, but it will in fact start just fine when it warms up, please be patientI'll jump it with the battery booster.  I ask him not to because I think car batteries are different than quad batteries and don't want to blow anything up.  Maybe just the trickle charge then.  I say "whatever" and proceed to do the dishes he promised to do.


He's in the garage for at least 30 minutes.  I'm hoping he's cleaning it since I had to move things to get inside the door and to get to the wood stove in the back.  He comes in the house: we will have to wait to plow the driveway because I dropped the battery connector screws and they're lost in the belly of the quad.  irked.gif  Why were you playing with the battery screwsTo take off the battery to bring it in the house to warm up, I was trying to do a good deed.  Why couldn't you be patient?  duh.gif


Neighbours/friends now arrive to pull DP's car.  This goes ok.  Now they want to pull my car since we won't be plowing.  Fine.  I almost make it out myself (5 feet to go, darn it!) and then get a little tug for the rest.  Ok.  Two vehicles out of the driveway.  9:00pm.  He goes to move his car, no brakes.  headscratch.gif  Snapped the brake cable while towing it (wrapped tow strap on brake cable as well as axle)!!!!  clap.gif


I go inside to shower.  He asks afterwards if I can get battery cable screws on my lunch hour.  huh.gif  Me?!?!  Fine, I'll go take off the skid plate and find the screws.  No, I think you've done enough for one night.  He gets mad and says I'm over-reacting.  I explain that I don't like him messing with MY quad because I have NO idea how to fix it or put it back together - I KNOW how to thaw it out slowly, works EVERY time.  Then I went to bed, pretty mad.  But I slept better than I have in a week...shrug.gif


This probably would have been laughable MUCH sooner, had it not been compounded with a zillion other things (ie: his son getting into a fight at school / hitting teachers; DP crashing his truck; me being pregnant; the weather being so freaking cold; etc...)  I had to lose it eventually.  Anyway, it still wasn't laughable this morning, but now it's starting to be kinda funny.  Not that I'm willing to admit that to him just yet wink1.gif. And he's totally right, the screws will cost maybe a buck a piece, it's not like it's "broken" or anything. 


Anyway, not trying to trash DP but oye-vay!!  Tomorrow I'll go back to saying how awesome he is for cleaning and rearranging the spice cupboard. 


Edit - We grabbed a stroller at the free store / dump.  It's a 3 wheeler and looks like someone once loved it.  I can't remember the brand off hand.  I'm not sure if we need it, but it was free and doesn't take up room in the house (it's in the garage.)

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Scruffy: Uhm... Wow! And, yes, I giggled, hope that isn't too insulting, but I can appreciate a good WTH happened today. I've had plenty of those. :)

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Originally Posted by Melany View Post

Scruffy: Uhm... Wow! And, yes, I giggled, hope that isn't too insulting, but I can appreciate a good WTH happened today. I've had plenty of those. :)

No worries.  I've decided to laugh, too!  It was just one of those "If only everyone would listen to me the world would be perfect" moments.  The nice guy at the quad store gave me the bolts for free.  Apparently brake lines are easily repaired and DP and a friend will do so on Monday (not really sure how they'll get it down our steep driveway without brakes, but I'll be at work and won't be trying to micromanage that, too!!!)  And now he's being super sweet today, so that works, too.  AND I thought of another silver lining for last night, it was cold and I didn't end up having to plow the driveway - LOL!!!!  Now I get to wait while it warms up.  smile.gif

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Had a midwife appt today.

Decided that I can't bring my kids anymore! Sometimes they are just too obnoxious for me to handle!!

Baby girl is head down and anterior!!! Woohoo!!!! And her head is super low. The midwife was very surprised at that (I'm only 33 weeks). Heart rate has always had a low baseline of like 120s-130s. Midwife said the baby doesn't feel like she'll be as big as my first two (9.5 lbs) which makes me happy. smile.gif. Everything is looking good and low risk! Yay! smile.gif

We went grocery shopping tonight and I was super crampy. I was having very frequent contractions, it was so uncomfortable. I'm starting to really hate Braxton hicks!!

Kristin-- that is COLD!!! Is that normal winter weather for you? It was 65 degrees Fahrenheit today (and super rainy) in my neck of the woods! (New York)
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Chapsie - good to hear everything is looking good for you and baby!!  I love my midwife appointments so much - after she leaves I feel all warm and fuzzy inside for days.  What do you plan on doing with your children from now on?  (During your appointments, not just in general...  LOL.)


And yes, it's fairly normal temperatures right now.  We're having a bit of a warm trend now, but -25*C (-13*F) is VERY normal for January.  And if you complain about the cold at -25*C, people will laugh at you.  Even at -33*C (-31*F) I saw two (2) people biking (on bicycles).  Granted, I'm pretty sure they're completely crazy, but they were out there, givin' 'er in the snow and cold!!! 


Yesterday, after messing around in the garage (making a fire, etc) I walked in the house and it felt so WARM, but it was actually only 63*F (my heater is set at 62*F when I'm not home and the fire goes out).  So... New York is officially warmer than the inside of my house - LMAO!!!!!!!



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Oh my gosh! I just can't even wrap my brain around how cold that must be! We get a lot of snow and a lot of wind chills, but I can't even fathom weather that cold... Much less bicycling in it!

Did you grow up in the Yukon?
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Oh, forgot to answer your question... My husband said he will take a long lunch break to watch the kids so I can go to my midwife appointments in peace! It is so relaxing at her office. She gives me a belly massage (Mayan abdominal massage) that feels amazing and it is so fun to just chat. I really feel cared for and listened to when I'm there which is something that I don't get often as a busy mom! My blood pressure at her office is always like 92/70 (pretty low!) whereas at my primary's office it's usually like 110/80. Haha. I'm just more comfortable around the midwife I guess (or one of them needs to recalibrate their BP cuff, haha).

I know what you mean about the warm and fuzzy feelings. So glad you also have an awesome midwife! It makes all the difference!
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Originally Posted by spughy View Post


On the positioning - I read somewhere (? heard somewhere?) that being on hands and knees as much as possible in late pregnancy helps baby get into a good position.  I certainly find that when I have the time in the shower to do cow/cats and hip rotations and as much child's pose as I can without getting shower water up my nose, the baby feels WAY more comfortable after.  And apparently, old-fashioned floor-scrubbing (like, with a scrub brush, on your hands and knees) can be good too.  I'm gonna give it another few weeks but I have vowed that once I hit 36 weeks, my kitchen floor will be scrubbed twice weekly, minimum.  It won't know what hit it, LOL.  I will get knee pads, though - it's weird how weight distribution works, on all fours now seems really hard on my knees, much more so that a few weeks ago, but I'm not any heavier, it's just in a different place.


In the same vein: my MW suggested swimming with a kick board.  -- though she also said not to use fins, apparently with so much relaxin, fins can put too much strain on the pelvis. 

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Scruffy: I cant imagine living in such cold weather. I have lived mostly in California so I am definitely spoiled. I read your story about dealing with your vehicles in the snow and it made me grateful to not have to deal with that. Although I'm sure its very beautiful where you live.

Chapsie: yay for smaller babies! I hope mine is smaller too (DD was about 10.5 lbs, i was in pure misery near the end). She takes more after her daddy, i am thinking this one will take more after me).
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Chapsie, that 65* weather was nice, wasn't it???!!! :D  We had the same weather yesterday here in Cleveland.  Only what a turn around in just 24 hours!  We have a winter advisory for 6-12 inches of show over today and tomorrow and it's cold again (well, not as cold as the Yukon!), but it's all gonna be lake effect and prob won't be nearly as bad as they say.

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I grew up in Northern British Columbia.  It's cold there, too.  I've never had vehicle problems like I've had this winter!  Normally, it's smooth sailing (maybe a day when nothing will start, but that's the extent of that.)


My blood pressure at the dr's is usually 130-135/100, but with my midwife it's more like 120/75.  I've got a bit of white-coat syndrome though and no matter how hard I try and relax at the dr's, it just doesn't happen - the SECOND she walks in I can feel it go up. 


SamSarah - that's a good idea about swimming with a kick board!  It sounds heavenly right now (I haven't been swimming in a bit, might have to go.)

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