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There is going to be a bra burning....

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I want to burn my new bra!!!  I have been living with only 2 padded sports bras and decided to buy my first nursing bra for my new body ;)  I got one from motherhood that is pretty basic with some padding to keep the nipples from showing.   It seems fine at first but within a few hours I am experiencing the band around my chest feels like it is digging in and the straps have left marks on my shoulders.  I am only at a B/C cup with my current measurments.  I want to cry!   I do not want to waste money on bras that I have tried on at the store and *seemed to have fit.* 


 I desire to find a bra that fits well for nursing so that I can have a good sized stash when baby is here.  Can anyone recommend a nursing bra favorite that has enough padding to hide nipples and still be comfortable?


I know that my request is not too far fetched, I had several nursing bras that I used with both of my other children and they finally wore out.... I wish I remembered where I purchased them.

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The only really good nursing bra I found was at a specialty lingerie store. They specialize in hard to fit clients and have mastectomy supplies as well and very knowledgeable staff. It was PRICEY but it's doing a great job with my G/H cups and I think it was worth it for special occasions. For everyday I live in sportsbras - very easy to access when DD needs to nurse. I'm a SAHM so I know you may need a better option if you're working. Good luck!
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I think I already complained about this on another thread :) - but I bought a couple of motherhood maternity/nursing bras on clearance at an outlet (so, OK, I didn't pay too much for each of them at least). They are only OK and I would not buy them again.


The first is a sports bra style - pullover with no back clasp. Sounds similar to what you got, coalifetime. My issue with it is that it is very itchy due to the poly padding liner. I am thinking about sewing a layer of cotton into it to try to quell the itch. It's decently supportive and I appreciate the lack of underwire. The other one is a sleep bra so I didn't expect much in terms of support, but the fabric is SO CHEAP and thin and also itchy, though it is cotton. That one seems totally worthless - no support AND itchy.


Common theme I'm encountering in retail pregnancy clothes is that they use the cheapest, shabbiest fabric. And yet everything is priced high. This is the time in our lives we should be wearing the nicest, softest fabric against our skin!


I have heard very good things about the Bravado nursing tanks, so I think I'll get one towards the end of my pregnancy when I have some idea of what size I'll be...

It's pricey but better to have 1 good bra than 3 bad bras, right?


I'm thinking this will be good for the summer.

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Thank you ladies, I was really wondering about a bravado too.  And now I can keep my eyes open for sales that they might have too.

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I bought some bravado nursing tanks that are great but too short for my belly right now. They are well made. I got mine half off on babysteals. Keep an eye out.
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Thank you!


I got one of the bravados in the mail and the padding does not block out the 'headlights' as much as I desire.  Otherwise the bras is comfortable.  I may try to find a smooth pad to insert into the bra to increase the padding.

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I've had bravado before and they are very nice. I would recommend them. I think I'll be getting some this time around. I only bought 2 off of diaperswappers last time and they didn't fit after pregnancy, so I didn't get to use them for nursing, but during pregnancy they were nice and I could tell they would have worked well for nursing if they had been the right size. I got by with gilligan and omalley "sleep" bras last time. They were fine, but they wore out pretty bad. If I'm feeling cheap, I may just buy some more of those since I really don't plan on having any more kids. They only go up to DD I think. And I had to wear DD for a couple months in the beginning even though I'm normally an A cup. So, just be aware, you may not be able to use the bras you bought during pregnancy for nursing because you may grow a lot after your milk comes in.


Well, I looked up bravado, I guess they will grow with you, so they could actually be a decent investment. I really considering getting them even if it seems a tad pricey. At least they are good quality.

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The most comfortable nursing bra I own is a Bravado. It's not the prettiest by any means, but I do find it to be super comfortable. It did come with foam inserts to conceal nipples, but I never used them so can't say how well they work. This is the bra. I purchased mine at a local baby/maternity shop that has recently closed and am sure I paid too much for it. I have been wearing it for 2+ years and think it's held up very well with constant use, although I'll probably buy a new one before the next baby's born.


I also have several Bravado nursing tanks and highly recommend them. I lived in them for the first year of my son's life. They doubled as nursing bra and tummy cover; I always wore them under another shirt.

I would recommend going to a specialized store to try on nursing bras around 30 weeks or so. This will give you an idea of what fits and what you like, as well as your size in various brands. Take notes or ask whoever assists you in sizing to write down sizes/brands for you and remember to take a copy for yourself. I made the mistake of ordering some beautiful HotMilk nursing bras online without being sized, and sadly they don't fit right.

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Thanks for the advice about trying stuff on at 30 weeks. I really want a Bravado tank soon to layer under my clothes as the weather warms up; however, I'm hesitate to buy until I know how big my boobs are going to be when I'm nursing! Because otherwise, what is the point of buying a nursing tank? :)


And I don't think you should worry about paying too much for something if you wear it all the time! :)

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