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Happy Birthday Bailey!


Lyn, good to see you! I too have been wondering about your lupus test, do fill us in.


Katie, you are taking on quite a lot, but how awesome to get all of that house stuff done, it will feel sooooo good when its over.


I had an awful sleep last night, my hips were killing me. I just wish I could sleep on my back, suspended in water, that would feel sooooo....good!

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Originally Posted by sweetlowmom View Post

Happy birthday Bailey!! An extra $200 a month is Fantastic news!! :)


nstewart, thanks for asking! We live in Granada, in the south - it's absolutely beautiful. I came over to study in 2005 and again in 2007, and met DH then. He is also an immigrant here (from Senegal) but has been here for about 12 years now, so more than me! DS was born in 2009 in the US, due to me trying to finish my masters, and then when I graduated I came back here. We love it! I miss the States sometimes, especially my family, but we are really happy here, which is the most important. It's been interesting navigating the different healthcare systems as a pregnant diabetic! The nice thing is that here everything is free! :) Quinalla how ludicrous that they want to make you pay ahead of time, good grief! What a hassle.


wishing everyone an easy-breezy wednesday!

Oh, DH and I visited Granada the first time we went to Spain!  I don't know the city very well since we were only there for 3 days or so.  But I loved the Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens.  Just amazing!  We stayed at a divey hotel at the top of the hill/mountain, just near the Alhambra, and while it was pretty divey it had an amazing roof top pool/patio over looking the valley.  The sunset from up there was incredible.  And I loved the lush walk down the mountain, with all the water, and how it contrasted so much with the urban part of the city with all the huge beautiful trees keeping it cool, and all the running water compared to the bustle and heat in the city.  We have a beautiful etching hanging in our house of the Generalife Gardens as a souvanier of that trip to Spain.  smile.gif


Katie, sorry to hear you aren't sleeping well.  That is the worst.  Makes it hard to put up with the rest of the pregnancy discomforts and just the busyness of day to day life with a toddler.  It sounds like your renos are coming along!  I hope you are able to get all the work done before the twins arrive.  We did a major home reno when I was pregnant with DS, and while it was a huge hassle at the time, and a lot of work (as DH and I did most of it ourselves with the help of friends and family) I am so glad we did it when we did.


Sheryl, I hope you get some relief from the hip pain!  I had that last time and it really sucked.  Sleeping suspended in water sounds lovely.  I also keep fanticizing about sleeping on my back.  I see someone on TV laying on their back and just think "oh, that looks SO comfy.  I wish I could do that!" lol.

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It doesn't appear to be Lupus, thankfully. I was however given a diagnosis of Sweet's Syndrome, with a 20% chance that it is being caused by an underlying cancer, so the dermatologist wants me to get checked by an OB to make sure I don't have any of the female cancers. The only problem is that I'm 25 weeks pregnant with no prenatal care for this pregnancy, so none of the OBs in this area will even consider taking me on. I'm not worried about it though, as this gives me justification with our families for having the freebirth we've been planning all along. Even if it was to develop into cancer (which we don't think it will) I wouldn't consent to any tests or treatment until after the baby was here safe and sound. So our plan for now is to have the baby and then when I'm a few months postpartum I'll make an appointment with an OB for an annual exam, so I can become a registered patient with them, and then we'll look at screenings for the cancer risk at that point (as long as it doesn't interfere with nursing the LO.) I know the dermatologist was most concerned about breast cancer, but I have NO risk factors for it (no cancer history in my gene pool at all) and as big as my boobs are they aren't going to see anything in a mamogram, especially while I'm nursing, not to mention that mamograms actually increase risk of developing breast cancer, as it is a radioactive procedure on extremely sensitive tissue in premenopausal women (and I'm obviously not menopausal yet.)


So it was good news and "we don't know what kind of news" at the same time. Right now only time will tell if it will go away on its own or if there is an underlying condition behind it. We're choosing to go with the 50% chance it will go away as mysteriously as it started.

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Katie, Wow!  That is a lot of home renos to take on but it sounds great!  I agree that it would be easier now than after the babies are here.


Lyn, Well, I'm glad it's not lupus and I hope it's not cancer!  It sounds like maybe there aren't symptoms anymore so that it good.  I hope it continues that way!  I agree with the mammogram issue!


Our shower in our master bath has been out of commission for 2 years (We use the one in the hall bathroom) and it needs to be replaced anyway. Basically everything but the vanity base in the room is crap and needs to go.  This morning DH suggested that I go visit our friend at the tile shop to look at some options!  I am so excited!  I found some things I really like and he even let me bring things home to look at and show DH.  I texted DH some pictures and he likes it so we'll see what he thinks in person and how the numbers work out.  This is our first major renovation so I am a little nervous but so excited.  The idea of having a functioning shower, a new toilet that works and floors that actually look clean when I've cleaned them sounds dreamy!


The other day I picked up this pouf/ottoman for the nursery.  I had been eyeballing it but couldn't justify the price tag.  I got some money for my birthday and then they sent me a coupon for half off one item!  Woot!  I love our rocking chair but have spent 4 and half years wishing I had somewhere to put my feet-now I do!

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Thanks Becky. The rash is just very faint marks on my skin. I have read it can take a couple of months to fade completely, so it isn't concerning me. After the initial treatment with prednisolone I haven't had any more symptoms, so I honestly think its one of those pregnancy triggered cases that disappear never to be seen again. If it flairs back up, then I'll be a little more concerned about it, but for now we're carrying on as if it never happened.

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Becky, that ottoman is cute! Makes me want to make one.


Lyn, glad the rash is going away and hoping the same you are about the prognosis!

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urg random bleeding in the middle of the night out of nowhere.. had to go to labour ward to be monitored.. still spotting but baby was ok on monitors and bleedings slowed right down.. really exhausted.. also have a bit of a uti.. also stuff with bf is bad today, hes had a really awful week and he just doesnt know how to deal with it all.. i find it really hard when hes struggling like this because i want to be there for him but at the same time im so scared for the baby and i dont know how i can be there for him, because hes so unhappy again :( anyway im probs rambling cus i didnt get home til 4am and i then had to get up for a health visitor who was then o ver an hour late (by which time id gone back to bed so didnt answer the door) love how health professionals get funny with u when your late but then dont turn up, dont say anything and wonder why your not there when they wander in later :S

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nstewart, you are right ... Granada is pretty fantastic :) ... it has this amazing mix of cultures, as it was the last Islamic city to fall to the Catholics when they took over Spain way back when, and there is still a lot of Islamic and Arabic influence in the architecture, art, city structure, etc. It really is a magical place. We love walking up to the Alhambra on the weekends ... haven't done it in a while since I´ve been out of commisison but hopefully we will again soon. so glad you enoyed it when you were here!


timesway - so scary. I am so sorry!! It sounds like this is such a stressful time for you and bf ... I am so sorry things are so difficult for you right now. Sending you lots of strength to figure out how best to handle the situation, and to get you through. (((timesway)) i had a UTI last week as well and in addition to the awful pain, it also made me bleed, which freaked  me out. It was actually the first UTI I´ve ever had, and the OB couldn't believe it haha. it sure is scary to see that blood though ... i was checked out and baby was ok, and they said it was probably due to the infection. did they give you antibiotics? i had to take two separate doses two days apart, which seemed to clear it up. i´ve been totally dosing up on everything probiotic since then, in hopes of keeping up my good bacteria ...


which brings me to another question ... what's the deal with kombucha in pregnancy? i've read conflicting stuff. i buy it at the store. i guess i am afraid of the alcohol content. i have been drinking about 8 oz a day for the past week or so, in hopes of helping with the gut flora after so many abx (10 days for the pneumonia, plus another course for the UTI). what do you all think? it's a Spanish brand. i am really sensitive to alcohol and pretty much never drink, even when not pregnant, so i would think if there were any significant alcohol in it i would have a reaction, but i don't want to do anything stupid ... ideas? opinions?


Lynnan, so sorry about the rash ... hope it is not cancer. Keep us posted for sure!


CoBabyMaker - yay for the ottoman! i have to get DH to make me a little stool for resting me feet while I am in the rocking chair (he is a great carpenter). add it to the to-do list, you've inspired me! :)

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sweetlowmama- i have recurrent uti/pyleonithritis (severe kidney infection)and because im supposed to self catheterise and have a history of recurrent hospitalisation due to it iam on low dose long term antibiotics and im on 500mg kefelexinx3./day for 5 days (keep a supply at home and dr told me to start them as i had leukocytes, protein and blood in urine) altho they got blood on the swab which looked like it was coming from vaginal area not wee area.. but u never know.. im still spotting.. i thiknk theres a bit in both tbh..  thankyou so much.. i just want a bit of a break tbh i am SO tired and just want a week with no stress to get my head around it all.. i think once i hit 28 weeks i'll feel happier because the chances of survival get a lot better around then.. but til then with my risk factors of prem labour im gonna be up in the air i think..


thankyou .. sorry to moan on..i havent read much.. but i just saw lynnann- that sounds so scary.. really hope it turns out to be ok .. altho glad its not lupus as lupus is truly horrible, know many who have it *hugs* xx

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Times-  Ugh!  I'm so sorry!  It's been a lot for you this week! 


Re: Kombucha I have generally read that it is fine.  I am comfortable consuming it while pregnancy and I allow my kids to have it also.  8 oz a day is pretty safe and like you said, if you are sensitive to alcohol you would probably notice.  The only caution I have read is to start slow so you don't cause a die-off reaction.  My SCOBY died when I had morning sickness and I got a new one from a friend.  I really need to get batch started again!


In other news I got a new bra the other day because the other ones were no longer cutting it.  Now I feel like my boobs are all, "Boom! In yo face!"  My generally A-cup self doesn't know how to manage these things.  This is sort of funny seeing that I am still only a C/D and I know many of you ladies are much fuller in the bust.  It's driving me nuts today but I also have to kind of laugh at myself.  I always want to be a little more chesty and right now it's freaking me out.  It's one thing on a date night with DH, it's quite another on a simple trip to Home Depot with a 2 year old.

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Times - hug2.gif UTI's suck and extra drama when pregnant is no fun either.


Co - I got a new bra too! My boobs are also ginormous feeling. I ended up getting 38D!


Sweetlow - I have had some kombucha this pregnancy and feel fine about it. I had a nice ginger kind when I had MS from the store.


Brrr, we have -35 wind chills again today and I am not going ANYWHERE! Ridiculously cold. Poor DH of course had to drive to IA from MN and has to work part of the day outside today. It seems that always happens in the worst weather


So, I ended up finding a perinatologist that I liked better than the one I saw around 20 weeks and she is at a hospital that I am more familiar with, got my referral and can make an appt tomorrow. I also got a referral for the physical therapist at my chiro's office for something called pelvic or pelvis balancing. It is suppose to help with my super loose popping crooked pelvis and it also helps baby get into good position. Also also, I got another U/S scheduled for the same day as my next regular prenatal next Wed. I feel like I got so much accomplished today, appt-wise, but I think the next 2 weeks is going to be pretty busy! DD's bday, superbowl party, a handful of appts next week, and then DH and I are going out of town to a retreat with our best friends who are due with their 3rd in the middle of March. We are going without kids and DH is going to be watching DD while I am at my appts next week and part of me feels like 'oh, it will be so nice to get things done by myself.' but I also am finding myself feeling like DD is my security blanket or something lately. Just extra attached. I want to carry her more even though my back hurts and I am wanting to cuddle with her more even though that isn't the most comfortable now either. Part of me is also feeling like I really want her in the delivery room with me just so I can make sure she is doing ok and not wondering where we are even though I am sure she would be kind of everywhere and touching all sorts of equipment that shouldn't touched, etc. Dang hormones! I'm ready for the last part pf pregnancy to go by and ready for Spring!! cold.gif

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Whew, we made it to Boston...Japan is long behind us (6 days) and I am still recovering.  Seems that my rheumatoid arthritis has decided to make a reappearance so I am starting on steroids for it today and injections on Monday.  I don't know if I am more upset that I had such a good feeling free wheeling time for the past 6 months and now it's gone, OR that the pain is just so miserably bad I am not sleeping more then 3 hours/day (which does nothing for the pain).


We are probably buying a '12 Subaru Forester tomorrow.  I haven't owned a car that new in many years (9? or more? and only happened once).  Housing has been a BIG challenge I have no idea how this is going to work out and I am more then a bit stressed about it.


DD is half a basket case, and I think we are all having adjustment problems.  Weird, really weird, I feel like a foreigner in my own country!  We didn't really have these issues in Japan.


I will read through forums later, heading to bed now, I think, for a restful sleep.  I hope.  Will catch up soon with everyone.

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Bailey, can totally relate to dd as security blanket. My DS (5) says "we're having a baby" and while it sounds a little funny it feels more true than my boyfriend and I are having one. Being 5 he's totally going to be there for the birth. Yay for getting some health stuff lined up.

More hugs for times. Can't wait till you can feel more solid about pregnancy.

I've had a most excellent couple of days. Have gotten lots of cleaning and laundry done. Did a great Waldorf watercolor workshop with DS last night. DS and I went to story time at bookstore/cafe and saw a casual friend there and invited them to lunch and had a great time and when I went to pay she had already bought my lunch. I went to the bathroom and almost cried I was so touched. Then another friend said she wasn't going to be working there much longer cause she was starting a homeschool daycare that sounds awesome. DS and I got some good cleaning/ learning/ playing in. My mom came over and helped clean. Midwife had to reschedule cause the weather turned to crap. So mom is coming over again tomorrow for more cleaning help and boyfriend will be able to stay longer too. Hopefully we can start the rearranging tomorrow. This cold blast is inspirational for a warmer bedroom.
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Bailey, can totally relate to dd as security blanket. My DS (5) says "we're having a baby" and while it sounds a little funny it feels more true than my boyfriend and I are having one. Being 5 he's totally going to be there for the birth. Yay for getting some health stuff lined up.

More hugs for times. Can't wait till you can feel more solid about pregnancy.

I've had a most excellent couple of days. Have gotten lots of cleaning and laundry done. Did a great Waldorf watercolor workshop with DS last night. DS and I went to story time at bookstore/cafe and saw a casual friend there and invited them to lunch and had a great time and when I went to pay she had already bought my lunch. I went to the bathroom and almost cried I was so touched. Then another friend said she wasn't going to be working there much longer cause she was starting a homeschool daycare that sounds awesome. DS and I got some good cleaning/ learning/ playing in. My mom came over and helped clean. Midwife had to reschedule cause the weather turned to crap. So mom is coming over again tomorrow for more cleaning help and boyfriend will be able to stay longer too. Hopefully we can start the rearranging tomorrow. This cold blast is inspirational for a warmer bedroom.
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I am enjoying reading about so many nesting.  I'm only 22 weeks and not feeling the nesting urge at all yet.  My DD21months still doesn't have a room ready for her (it's still a guest room) but all of her clothes are in the closet.  She sleeps with us and so far has no interest in sleeping in the toddler bed in our room.  Hope she can move out of our bed before this baby is born. Somehow all the rest moved out before the next one without any struggle and they're all 2 or less years apart.

We are madly preparing for a 2 week trip in our motorhome.  First we are headed to Atlanta GA from Chicago. We'll stay in hotels along the way and in Atlanta because not many campgounds are open yet. I have a seminar in Atlanta for 2 days and then we're headed to Orlando FL to camp at Disney World.  We'll have 4 days at Disney before my seminar there.  Then we'll have the long drive back.  Somehow it takes us at least twice as long to drive as it could. I'm looking forward to the trip, but not to all the work I have to do before it.  I am still working on my presentations and really the hardest part is packing for all the kids and keeping it organized for the different parts (and different weather) of this trip.  We're getting the RV out of storage today though, so it's getting exciting.  Leaving Tuesday.

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Bailey - I have been feeling a bit attached to my dd as well. I had a dream the other night that she was going away with her dad for 3 weeks and I was a mess over it, woke up just wanting to snuggle her and have been extra huggy ever since.


Times - take care honey! I am so sorry you have so much stress, I hope you can get some sleep and time to just take care and also bf can get settled.


Jaq - good to see you! I have heard that reintegration can be really hard, take care! Do you think the RA flare up is stress related or could it be related to being here somehow? Hope the meds help, I studied RA at work for a while and it can be really awful, and I'm sure being pg makes it way tougher.


jr'smom - sounds like a fun trip! Enjoy!


I am still struggling with my hips over here, sleep has been a bit better, but I still have rough patches in the night. One hip seems to get really sore after I work out, so I am not so sure if that is the best, it may need a rest. I was wanting to go for a hike over the weekend, so we'll see if that pans out. I want to do what's best and its hard to tell what that is...exercise or rest... Chiro said all seemed ok from his POV, as my pelvis is as stable as he's seen it in the weeks I've been seeing him. Oh well, time will tell. I am thinking I really want a (safe) hot bath soon, so hard to fit those in.


Well, just about the weekend. DD goes to her dad's this one (she does every other) and I did a quick calculation the other day telling DH that these weekends to ourselves are now very numbered. If I have 16 wks left, that means we get about 8 more! I think that made him feel really torn about his plans to build a shed this weekend. :) Totally not my intention, was just reality checking, we'll still have plenty of QT. Date night tonight!


Well, I hope you all stay warm and well and productive (if you can/want to) this weekend! Time is flying by, its February already!

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adventuregirl, ooo sleeping in water suspended sounds so nice, I really want to get somewhere I can swim soon, I know it would feel awesome!

nstewart, I finally got some good sleep last night, I think I need to do more walking so I'm more tired for bed, that helped yesterday! I really hope the renovations are done before the babies too, they really need to be or I'm going to be BFing in front of all the contractors smile.gif

Lynann, glad it isn't lupus and sounds like it is hopefully no big deal.

CoBaby, oh I hope you get a nice new shower! We renovated all our bathrooms last year and it is so nice smile.gif Grats on your new bra and lol at boom in your face boobs, I know the feeling.

timesway, hug.gif sorry about the bleeding and UTI and everything else. I hope you can have the remainder of your pregnancy be peaceful! I'm sorry your BF is having a bad week on top of it all greensad.gif

BaileyB, wow lots of appointments, that's great though! It is cold here today too, brrr, and feels extra cold since it was 60F 2 days ago eyesroll.gif I was cuddling with DD in my bed this morning after she got up and was thinking how nice it was and how I wouldn't be able to do much of that for awhile after the babies arrive. I've been trying to give her extra love, but I really am trying not to carry her too much either, it's hard!

jacquelinej, congrats on making it to Boston! I'm sure it will take some time for you all to settle in, I've only been on visits to other countries for 2 weeks maximum and I still had a short adjustment period after that, so I think it's understandable. I hope the '12 Subaru Forester works out for you, I really like Subaru's, but they just aren't quite big enough for everything we want to do and fit.

FarmerMomma, aw how sweet of your friend to buy you lunch smile.gif Glad you are having some good days and getting lots accomplished, it feels good!

jr'smom, have fun on your trip, sounds like it will be a blast!

Got great sleep last night, just woke up my normal one time to pee. Had some cuddles with DD in my bed after she woke up but was still tired and cranky (she went to bed late last night) and that was nice. It is freezing here today, so winter is back at least for the next few days. Have our second game night on Saturday, so that will be fun, but then probably not another one until March. Have one last trip to see my parents and the ILs the last weekend of February, so that's good. It is hard for my ILs to travel because of medical issues, so I wanted to see them again before the babies because if we get 1 or 2 carseat haters like DD was, we won't be traveling to see them much. Hopefully we'll get 2 carseat lovers though!
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Oooo am I fuming right now. Stupid manipulative family members! You cut them out of your lives because they are toxic and annoying and love to stir up drama and they just can't accept it. I haven't seen or spoken to my mom in almost a year and a half and then she decides to send me a birthday card, with no return address of course, and then writes this long letter about how she doesn't know why I don't want her in my life, etc. etc. Just ridiculous, especially when her own nieces and nephews are complaining to me about her doing the same things to them and to her own ill sister (their mom) that she has done to me and my family in the past. Then she has the nerve to write that one day DD will "come to know her birth family and wonder why she had to miss out on a relationship with people who lover her so much." EXCUSE ME!? BIRTH FAMILY?! Ummm, did you birth her mom? It doesn't help that DD and I went out to a coffee shop this morning for breakfast since DH is out of town and ran into a bunch of friends and ended up being there for 2 hours, so I have had way to much coffee and now I am really wound up about this letter. All I wanted to do was check the mailbox for out Netflix. Grrrr. Need to go burn off some caffeine. Cuss.gif"Dearest Bailey..."?! Are you kidding me right now!?

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Thankyou everyone.. im on bedrest for now, will see if that calms stuff down, i was nearly on it before but i keep tryimg to do stuff despite being knackered.. being stuck in bed is boring.. watching lots of rubbish tv .. need to find some stuff to keep me occupied!! Altho feel like i have too much to do to be doing nothing.. im gonna give it a week and then try again!! see what happens..

Bailey-argh i really relate.. sending you loads of love i know jhow stressful it is

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Hi everyone!


Bailey, I totally understand the icky family issues.  It's not fair.  I have no advice, but can offer hugs with a side of baby kicking.


Times, hope you start feeling better and have a smoother rest of your pregnancy.


AFM, it's been a slug-like week.  I keep getting ocular migraines at work.  It sent me home on Tuesday, I worked at home on Wednesday, and now I'm sitting in my office with the lights out hoping it'll make the letters on the screen stop jumping back and forth.  I'm fine working at home on my laptop or watching tv but here?  Here I can hardly see the screen.  At least it stopped making me nauseated.


I did finally give in and go see the chiropractor since my new insurance plan started Jan 1 and I know I'll hit my deductible with the birth so why not take advantage of the free medical care after that's met now, right?  It was an interesting experience.  I had never been adjusted before.  I'm a little sore from the massage (like I always am) and feel a little different but I think the babe is growing and stretching me out right now too which is impacting it.  I've officially popped out now and I do not like it one bit.  I also got a new chair at work the day after so I'm not sure what' causing the random aches and pains at the moment.  I get one at work right where my stomach is that's kinda weird.


While working at home the other day I did a load of baby laundry and got it all folded and put away.  Also made up the little dude's crib with two sets of sheets and waterproof mattress pads.  Not sure where I saw that suggestion but I thought it was so smart, making the crib with a waterproof cover and sheet covered by another layer of the same so if the babe has an accident you just pull the top set off and have a clean set waiting underneath.  


I may be rethinking my 'I don't want to spend a bunch on maternity clothes' stance.  I'm getting really sick of feeling fat and frumpy.


Hope everyone has a nice, restful weekend.

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