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anyone price-watching radians?

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I'm kicking myself for not getting the r100 model last week when it was $164 from amazon.  Now they're up to $181.  I have 5 more months before I'll need this seat.  Would you take advantage of $181 or wait and see if the price goes down again?

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I have to limit myself to Canadian retailers (otherwise the seat isn't legal for me to use) and I have NEVER seen the radian r120 on sale ever!! Sears occasionally has a sale on the r100 or rtx but they don't carry the r120 at all.
Is $181 below normal price for the r100 where you live? If you still have 5 months, I would wait a little more. Not so much for the $17 but maybe you'll get a seat with a newer expiry that would extend its life if you bought it closer to the time you need it. I'm in a very similar situation, DD will probably outgrow her truefit RF limit soon and we have a baby due in July. If I saw the r120 on sale now, I'd get it but that's because it never goes on sale - that I've seen.
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They are still that price at justkidsstore.com and the shadow one on amazon is also still that price. 

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Yes, I saw amazon went back down, thanks! 


List price is $250-something, but I see them commonly for about $207.   Since radians have such a long life and this is my last baby, I'm not so worried about expiration.


Turns out, our 2nd car may need replaced more quickly than I was hoping, so I'll hold out anyway...   If we have 3rd row seating, I don't need a radian.  I was hoping to have longer to save up and pay cash; however, I also found used auto loans for .49%!  It's from PenFed, a credit union with government affliation, but anyone can join with a small donation.  If you use their sponsored cur buying service and get a loan fot 36 months or less, there is a promotional rate of .49%.  Or you can shop wherever you want and still get 1.49%.  As much as a hate debt, I think this is better than nearly stopping retirement contributions to get more cash. 

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