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Hi All... Just wondering if anyone has worked for both companies at once? I know you're not supposed to....but extra cash and reliable income would be ideal. ...   I've looked at all the documents with a fine tooth comb... Lionbridge just says if they find out they may terminate you. Leapforce makes no mention at all. 

Besides, how would they find out if I live in a different country than both of them? Do they share information with one another? 

No, I'm not working for both of them right now... I've been working a short time with one of them, and the other one recently sent me the qualification materials..( It's been >3 months so I totally forgot I applied.. ) so I don't even know whether I'll pass the tests anyway... But I'd like to try the tests ... and I want to see which one I like better. I don't think I'd have enough time to work for both anyway. But I don't want to turn down one, then find out they don't have enough work available. Just covering all bases.