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Choosing exemptions

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I need to fill out a preschool registration tomorrow and I am trying to decide what exemption to take. We are in Colorado and although we have both personal and religious I know some people are trying to get rid of our personal exemption. Our spiritual beliefs do not follow a prescribed religion, but our belief in nature and the sanctity of the body is a large part of why we don't vaccinate any more.


I was already considering going from a personal to religious exemption. I suppose my fear is if we continue with a personal exemption we will not be able to switch to a religious exemption if the time comes that we loose our right to make a personal exemption. My hesitation with the religious exemption is our lack of typical religion and because of this I think it is difficult to differentiate personal from spiritual beliefs. 


Does anyone have thoughts on this?

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As far as I've seen on here, religious is how YOU interpret it.  I was raised Catholic but in no way do I follow the religion.  DH is Catholic, but slightly different, it's Ukranian and that's where DD was baptized/confirmed.  I'm planning a religious exemption here in CT and will hopefully be sending her to a montessori which is Catholic based and they still honor religious exemptions as far as I know.

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Mayer Eisenstein, who is both a doctor and lawyer, recommends a religious exemption for the very reason that you cited. Do you fill out any Bad Mommy paperwork in Colorado?  Does it ask you to specify your reasons?

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