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Morning sickness is going away! Anyone else?!?!

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I noticed the last 2 days that my morning sickness is going away. I'm happy and worried about it. I'm 8.4 week today and my morning sickness started around 6 weeks. I remember with my first that I didn't have morning sickness by 12 weeks but I can't remember when it started to go away. I still feel queasy if I see something that does not look good or a smell can get to me but the constant nausea is going away. I wonder if I should get my hormone levels checked again or just count my blessings.
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I had a couple of days around this weekend where I felt fantastic, and today I feel like death. Perhaps it ebbs and flows. I'm not sure if that's good or bad smile.gif I keep trying to recreate exactly what I ate/took this weekend. Maybe you are doing something different? I'm sure it is fine.
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It definitely ebbs and flows for me! Maybe you're just really lucky!

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8 weeks one day here,yes me too.Alott of my symptoms have calmed and lessened.

It bothered me a little,but now I am good x

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9 weeks here.  I thought it was going away and then yesterday I had the worst day yet.  Today I feel OK so far.

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I think it ebbs and flows for me too. I'll have a moment of morning sickness and then it passes. It happened this morning. Hopefully it's slowing going away as I get to 12 weeks.
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I actually caught myself wishing for morning sickness, since its a great reminder to take it a little bit easier. Instead, since I only had about a week of nausea around week 4, I 'forget' I'm pregnant and have overdone it every two weeks and had to spend a day or two on the couch trying to properly hydrate and rest. I do believe its driving my family crazy. I know its making me nuts.


By overdone I mean, worked too hard, eaten too little, not taken adequate breaks at work, climbed high ladders too quickly, not listened to the dull ache in my body at the end of the day and still tried to take on the task of housework after a 10 hour shift. I will now take lots of breaks and remember to drink more water and juice! Hoping I didn't cause any damage to tiny with my 'recklessness.'

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I can't help but be completely envious of you, emagenesmomm!

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I'm 8 weeks exactly and finally sick as a dog. I thought MS had skipped me this time around. All my pregnancy symptoms have gotten crazy the past 2 days.
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Totally envious here, too! I keep getting sicker and sicker. I'll be 7w tomorrow and, based on my past pregnancies, that means I still have five more weeks of hell to get through at least. Ugh!


I can't wait till I can finally get into the midwifery clinic. I won't be leaving without a presecription for Diclectin in my hand. ;) Till then, I'm trying to make do with 50mg of B6 twice a day, and eating every two or so hours. Those two things help — I haven't vomited yet, thankfully, just very nauseous and gaggy — but they're working less and less each day... Boo.

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