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Originally Posted by kitteh View Post

I have a ton of bananas in my freezer (I can't stand them once they get over-ripe, but they're great for banana bread!) Before I got pregnant I kept meaning to make them into bread or muffins and never got around to it. Then once I DID get pregnant I actively avoided making any, because banana bread is a weakness of mine and I have a hard time saying no even without the added hormones. Well, I was talking to one of my students this week about my ridiculous stash, and she has been begging me to make banana chocolate-chip muffins to bring for the class. Today is the 100th day of kindergarten, so I figured I'd make the muffins and bring them as a special treat, which would help me unload some of those bananas taking up space in my freezer, and I could keep a few at home without having so many that I enter the "danger zone." So last night DD and I made them, and had a lot of fun. The recipe I use is pretty healthy--it calls for whole wheat flour, flax meal, rolled oats, just one cup of sugar, 5 bananas, and applesauce in place of oils. One cup of dark chocolate chips, because you just gotta. Recipe made enough for almost 40 muffins!


Well this morning DD threw an absolute fit when it was time for me to leave for work, and we didn't sleep very well last night so I was groggy and not in the mood to put up a fight. So I called in sick to work. redface.gif And now I have all weekend long, and 40 banana chocolate chip muffins in my fridge, whispering my name. I'm sure that by Sunday night it will no longer be a whisper...


Not that there's anything wrong with your muffin plan smile.gif but just another idea for future reference, if you cut up the frozen bananas into somewhat smaller pieces (maybe quarters) then put them in a food processor they will turn into a great banana gelato. banana.gif

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Originally Posted by 1babysmom View Post

Uuuuuh, Cadbury Creme Eggs and/or Mini Eggs. Thank the Lord they are only out for a short part of the year.


That was me last night! I still have a massive bag of mini eggs in my drawer. Creme eggs are the best thing ever.

Also, I'm drinking a lot of fizzy drinks which I never usually do at all. I went for Sprite because it had the least bad ingredients out of everything I looked at. And it really does make me feel better.

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Cadbury creme eggs

Peanut m&M's

Vanilla-based ice creams

Bagels with cream cheese

Spaghetti with Via Roma sauce


SODA!  I can't believe  I am drinking soda!  Full on sugar.  When I Can remember I get to WHole Foods and buy their store brand which is cheap and uses cane sugar as opposed to HFCS


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I discovered a new weakness last night; vanilla ice cream with maple syrup poured over it. Yum!

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Oh no, that sounds gross lol
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Hehe, I love maple syrup, so I'm really glad I don't have an aversion to it!

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Wow now all I can think of is an ice cream sandwhich. my midwives were like we'd rather you eat good ice cream over processed foods of HFCS any day. And said I could have it everyday if I want! WAH???? Really....


and on the way home is a chocolatier who makes their own ice cream and cookies... and they have put the 2 together.... any combo you like... oh gosh!!! I haven't been there in the last 6 months... Ok I did once but didn't get anything. It is next to my OBGYN and I promised myself a treat for going to the OB for a PAP and as a back up as agreed on by my midwives. When I walked in I had a major aversion to everything I saw and only wanted the cucumber waiting my car. I actually cried a little because the once good reason I had to get something and I just couldn't do it!

Today I might anyway....


I also crave breakfast sanwhiches, which the midwives were also ok with as long as I limit the salty meats on it... but I really want ham or bacon on them... which I never liked until I was pregnant with DD....


Other things I crave are hot wings, burgers and meat balls...beer, wine, sushi....


For healthier things I crave salad, cucumbers, red peppers, oranges, yogurt.....


That vanilla ice cream with maple syrup sounds yummy too, and it is just about maple season here! 2whistle.gif

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Mmmm, I wish we had hot wings here, that would be great. But I am going for sushi tomorrow so all is well.

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