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*~*~*~*Spotlight on Granolamama09!!!*~*~*

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Ask away!!!! :)

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How have you been?  We've missed you!!!  So many questions to catch up on... 


But first - any chance for a belly pic?? Sheepish.gif

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Hi Granolamama!

So, with a name like granolamama, you must be super crunchy :)

Tell me all about your crunchy lifestyle!

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I have missed you, too.  Are you back yet??  I hope all is well.


What are your DDs like?  Are they looking forward to adding a baby to the mix?  What do they seem to be most excited about?!


What types of hobbies do you have?

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Hi ladies!  Sorry I've been absent.  Life has been kicking my behind lately.  We haven't seen DSD since last fall and the ex keeps filing continuances the divorce isn't final.  Now they're scheduled for March the week before delivery so we'll see if DP will even be able to go!  DSS has been showing his behind lately and really acting out.  We're doing everything we can to help him but since it's a one sided thing and his mother keeps making it worse, we're not making a lot of headway.  DD is pretty amped to have another little brother (her bio had a baby with her stepmom in July) and has been having the best time 'helping' mommy with Oliver.  Oliver is doing well except now we're measuring 6 weeks ahead so I can go at any time.  0.o  DD predicted a few nights ago that he would arrive in two weeks which happens to be DP and I's anniversary.  We toured the hospital yesterday and met with the LC there and I feel much more comfortable that things will go at least mostly how I want them even with the RCS.  Most of our 'stuff' has arrived for Oliver and we're slowly in the process of trying to purge/rearrange the house in order to fit everyone since we couldn't find a place to move.  We got our car situation taken care - I'm now the proud owner of a Chrysler Pacifica.  :)  It's the first car I've ever owned (my previous vehicles were in spouse's names) so I'm a little over the moon.  Plus, it's paid for 100%! 
My DD is the energizer bunny on steroids, lol!  She's a feisty little thing and as exasperating as that is sometimes, I love her for it.  She seems to honestly be mostly excited about having another sibling.  However, DP bought me a surprise (gorgeous!) carrier as a belated Christmas present and she immediately wanted uppy.  I do believe we may have some issues there when Oliver is worn all the time and she's not, kwim? 

In theory, I like to wool felt but I haven't actually tried yet.  I think it looks super nifty and I have all the stuff I just haven't had time yet!  I'm learning to knit and used to embroider although it's been years.  I honestly don't have many hobbies because I just don't have the time anymore.  :( 

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Hi!!!  The recent picture you posted has you looking so radiant!  Glad to hear you're still around, even if things aren't going as planned with DSD...


I've only felted a few knitted items, but I find the whole thing rather overwhelming.  I think it's one of those things that is hard to describe, but once you've done it, you're fine (like tying your shoes, or making yogurt...)  I really like the look of embroidery on felt!!!! 


What type of carrier did you get?  How do you like it?

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It was the sweetest thing ever.  We stopped at Cotton Babies as it's the halfway point to visiting my parents.  On the way out the door I asked to try on a Sakura Bloom ring sling as I've never felt the shoulder.  As I was trying it on DP started asking all kinds of questions about it and I finally looked at him and said (jokingly), "Why?  Are you going to buy it for me?"  "Maybe."  My jaw hit the floor!  He proceeded to tell me I should get a particular color because it matched my hair and eyes the best and handed the sales woman his card.  I started sobbing uncontrollably.  It made the sales lady cry because she couldn't believe she got to witness something so beautiful and generous.  He bought me a positively stunning Sakura Bloom simple silk.  I am so blessed.  :)


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That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  I love the colour!  (All shades of green are my favorite colour!)  Your daughter looks so precious in it, too.  What a sweet thing for DP to do. 


I have the rings, but haven't sewed any fabric for a ring sling yet.  Mine won't even be close to yours!!!  shake.gif

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Ahhh, that is so sweet of your DP! And, that color is gorgeous on you. :)

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Awww, my eyes teared up reading about how sweet and generous your DH was and you also look really beautiful smile.gif. I am sorry to hear you havent seen your step daughter in a long time and your step son is acting out, that must be really hard greensad.gif.

Heres a question: what is that tattoo of on your left arm? It looks very intricate and interesting.
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It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.  Ever.  I forget exactly how blessed I am sometimes and then something will happen and I am reminded.  I really couldn't be luckier!  DSS was better today.  Apparently, he and DP had a very thorough talk so hopefully it sticks this time.  The divorce isn't final so hopefully the judge will rule in DSD and our favor.  Thank you so much ladies.  I've been feeling really frumpy lately so it's nice to hear that I'm not as bad as I think.  :) 
That tattoo is two wolfhounds intertwined in a Celtic knot.  My other forearm has a pregnant woman on her knees and a winged ankh. 

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Wow the wolfhounds tattoo sounds amazing!
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I am so behind on the spotlight threads, since I was gone, but I love hearing about people, and hope it's okay that I still ask questions!


GranolaMama, I'm also curious what makes you pick your MDC name? What kinds of things are you "granola" about? Also, what kinds of things do you and your partner like to do for fun together?


That ring sling is gorgeous... Good your your DP. thumb.gif

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