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Dry Oranges

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I bought a bag of oranges at Trader Joe's. They are incredibly dry... any ideas with something to do with them, besides returning them?



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Cut them in sliced horizontally, dry them the rest of the way on purpose, and use them for natural decorations/ornaments/wreaths.  on ribbons


You could try using them in a bread or muffin recipe with walnuts or dried berries or both.  I've never used oranges in baking. 


You could cook them with a roast duck, maybe mix them into a rice and almond slivers stuffing.


Soak them in some kind of alcoholic beverage to add moisture (are they dry enough to absorb?) and then incorporate them into a pudding...


Use them mixed into a homemade vinaigrette salad dressing?

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You know you're a genius right? 


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Candied orange peel?

Stick some cloves in them and use them as air freshener/decorations (or use in mulled cider)

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Marmalade. I made a great batch with a box of clementines in December. (Kids were eating them like crazy, then stopped right after I bought another box).
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I've bought those same oranges! :)

I made pitchers of tropical ice tea and just dropped the oranges in the pitcher for taste -- delicious!

Also, you could reconstitute them and add them to an Asian dish -- orange chicken.  Maybe add to some olive oil and let it soak for a bit, then use the oil in a stir fry or  .  Or throw them in the crockpot with just about any juicy dish for added flavor.  I like to make an lemon/caper chicken dish with white wine, and they'd be good in there, too. 

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You are all geniuses! Thank you!

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