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Please share your method for organizing research

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For those of you who have made up your mind, still trying to, or are just beginning to make decisions about having your children vaccinated - can you please share your method for keeping all of the information organized?

Is everything on your computer? Saved as bookmarks? Do you print everything off and have folders? What are your headings? How do you do it?
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I have books at home, online folders of things, and active discussion in my own forum, in which i have different links/folders/sites.  I also use bookmarks for easy reference on most asked topics.  

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What do you mean by your own forum?
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I have a spreadsheet with link, main topic, and summary. Except I'm always forgetting to add stuff to it so I can still never find anything when I need it smile.gif
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Um, damn.  You all are making me feel inadequate.  I need to get organized.  :lol

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I have a bunch of text files with notes and links related to specific topics. The topic is the name of the text file. All in a "vaccination" directory. Like Rrrrachel though I'm lazy with updates so I'll often have times when I know I've seen information on a specific topic somewhere but cannot find it. Search on this forum is also quite useful. :) 

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I started out talking to my midwife and then friends and family. Then I got a book that was recommended to me and then from there on I got more sources and references. I found groups online. Also looked at the official sites and read quite a big deal there. The more I read, the more uneasy I got about vaccines. Online sources I bookmark in a separate folder. Sometimes I print something and have an extra folder for that plus the books.

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Thanks for the ideas. I bought a couple books to start up my library. And I'll bookmark and save as much as I can. I'm not on the computer often so I was looking for some paper kind of ideas, but I think saving things electronically is the way to go.

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I used to print and file in a binder, but that became unmanageable because there is so much information out there!  Now I store everything in Gmail using their labels.  I have a label for vaccination and I archive everything there.  If I read something on-line, I email myself the web link and usually even copy and paste the article right into the email body b/c then I can highlight the most important items.  Same with forum posts, e-newsletters, research studies, etc.  I make the subject line as descriptive as possible so later on I can find what I need easier.  On the rare occasion that I'm reading something in a paper and don't an electronic version, I scan it and email it to myself.  I also have sevaral books, but most of my info is in electronic format and I find Gmail really useful for storage.

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I thought i was the only one interested in researching this orngbiggrin.gif im a newbie to the topic i didn't start researching til i read one of dr ozs parenting books 3 months ago before my LO was born there was a sec of vaccinations and it said 10% of parents dont i never heard of anyone not vaxing so i started researching why and open a whole can of worms! So far i have a binder of print offs, web pages saved, and alt. Medical books.
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Oh no, there are lots of us here! Welcome to the forums, researchaddict.
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