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Delmarva Moms?

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I know there are a few old eastern shore threads- was just wondering if there's still anyone here from the area. I'm really feeling the need for community with like-minded moms lately!

Also, I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on the general "birth climate" around here. My children were born while we were living in NJ, and in thinking about planning for more, I'd like to have some idea of what to expect. Home birth, midwives, baby-friendly hospitals, etc.
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I am a Delmarva mom, but rarely on here because there are so few!

The birth climate stinks. So few options. Bebee is probably the most baby friendly hospital around and has midwives.
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I'm up in Newark and can second what greenbean said, the birth climate in Delaware definitely stinks.  I had a homebirth about six months ago and between then and now my wonderful midwife moved to the west coast at least partially because this area is so awful for midwives.  We felt so very lucky to be able to have the homebirth we wanted with a great midwife.  I just don't know what I would do if I were pregnant right now.  Wish I had better news to share...

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I guess I'm not up on the birth climate here because I had twins, with a complete previa from 18 weeks so my only option was a c/s, but Kent General is baby friendly. They have state of the art maternity floors and NICU, all new. I would say KG is way better than Christiana. I had Dr. Khan in Dover for both my pregnancies and I loved her, super professional, skilled, and sweet and best of all, open minded. Anyway, I'm in slower lower, too. Welcome to the area! smile.gif
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