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Rock and Play Sleeper, WWYD?

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A friend of mine recently gave me a rock and play sleeper like this one




it is one that has been recalled because of mold issues. I checked, and it does have a small amount of mold on it.  DF and I were discussing this, and he said we should wash it (per the instructions from Fisher-Price), and use it. I'm not so sure. I was wondering what y'all think about this? Am I being overly paranoid, or is/would/could it be okay to use, once it's been cleaned?

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I love our rock n play! We got it used from craigslist, and I've never seen any mold on it. Now that i heard about the recall, I'll probably check it over regularly. If I find mold, I'll just wash it off and keep using it (unless it's really bad!). How moldy is yours? Honestly, I don't know what we would do without it! It is such a cool little rocking bed, and I dread the day my little one outgrows it!
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Personally, I would only use it if using that one was my best or only option and I was able to laundry wash the all fabric parts as well as thoroughly treat the non-fabric parts.

Honestly, my first choice would be to find another rocker.  Mold can be dangerous stuff, and tricky to thwart, especially if you're unwilling or unable to go chemical.

On a brighter note, yay babies!  Congratulations, and very good luck!  smile.gif

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Have you seen all the reviews on Amazon of babies developing muscle tightness and flat heads from this? All those reviews scared me more than the mold problem. Too bad because I really wanted to get this.
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I guess it depends on if the baby likes it....? :) I kinda stayed away from trying a lot of that stuff because we were practicing attachment parenting and wearing baby to soothe and things... But my daughter would have probably liked something like this, she was the fall asleep on the floor while you're chatting with another mom type newborn.... I earned it, my first didn't sleep and screamed for the first 14 months... But my girl might have loved something like this. :)

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