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Back to work

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Hi all,
I am going back to work for 2days one week and three days the next . I am not die back for another 6 weeks but trying to plan ahead. My boy will be 11 months at that time and is just starting baby led weaning now and does not take in much solids. I can come home at lunch most days, but will only be able to nurse him before and after work and at lunch. Is this going to be enough where he is not raking to solids, it will I have to start expressing milk now to leave with him?? Any suggestions would be helpful.
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How often does he BF now? Does he tend to go that long between feedings or not? If he does go that long now, I'd still have a plan to pump if needed as you may have some days when you get engorged or once you are gone he may want to eat more often or you may be late a day. If he doesn't go that long between feedings now, I would definitely plan to pump. I would start expressing milk now so you have a small stash if you need it, but you don't have to build up a huge stash, it's best to pump what he needs each day so your supply is keeping up with his demand anyway. Hopefully if you pump once between getting to work and lunch that will be enough, but you may need to pump in the afternoons too, good luck! Pumping can be a PITA, but I was glad I was able to do it anyway.
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It varies how much he feeds now.  Anywhere between 6 to 8 times a day.  I think I will nurse before work,  at lunch,  after work,  and then as many times in the evening as I can.  Hopefully that won't slow my supply.  I should pump some now I guess in case I get stuck at work at lunch.  Thanks for the help:)

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