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Mood issues?

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Just wondering if anyone else is feeling their mood is suffering in early pregnancy?  I'm on the early end of the DDC (6 weeks now), so hoping some of you farther along can weigh in if it came and went already, or are still dealing with it. Or maybe you dealt with it in another pregnancy? 


In general, I have mild depression/anxiety that I can cope with using a good diet, exercise, meditation, monthly CST and talking with friends/family.  In the last month or two, I've noticed an increase in symptoms (sleep trouble, anxiety attacks, irritability, low energy, etc) that I chalked up to seasonal factors and some increased stressors.  Now, the last 2-3 weeks, I'm quite low, quite anxious, and this is starting to feel too big to use my usual coping mechanisms with.  Today, I'm getting some referrals for counseling; it's time for me to get some help. I'm not able to be the best mama I can be right now, and I'm not being very kind to my husband either. I just want to stay home and do nothing, be alone, etc.  I'm thrilled to be pregnant again (after 18 months TTC), but now feeling stressed about issues surrounding pregnancy care/birth care, and worried about this baby's well-being for no good reason. gloomy.gif


Anyone out there coping with something similar, or have you had to cope with this in other pregnancies? What have you done that's been helpful? I'm very keen to avoid medication while pregnant, but would consider it if things don't improve with talk therapy and some other self-care measures.  I think I'd take meds in the PP period, if needed.  I suffered from some mild PPD with my first baby.  I didn't seek help, and felt better eventually, but wish I could have a do-over to get some help right away...it would have made for a much nicer time entering parenthood. 


Thanks for reading, and weighing in. 

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I'm only 5 weeks, and only known about this pregnancy for a week, and already my partner thinks I am completely short tempered.  He's probably right. I'm pretty irritable, stressed, etc...  I wish I had more BTDT constructive advice!  But, alas, only comiseration.

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