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IVF for 45+ women in SF Bay Area

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Hey All,


We are exploring IVF for the first time, and are finding that we may have waited too long. I'm 44 but would be 45 by the time we got to cycle, and I'm finding most doctors are only willing to discuss donor eggs with us (and we're just not there yet). Does anyone have any experience getting IVF at age 45 or over in the San Francisco Bay Area (travel is not an option for us)? 


Also, has anyone tried Mini-IVF or Natural IVF (no drugs, or fewer drugs)? I've heard that these options may remain open to women 45 and older.


It just feels so ridiculous to me that one month they'll play ball with me, and the next month they won't. We've been taking a natural path for the past 3 years, I have pretty good hormone levels, and we had a naturally conceived clinical pregnancy (alas, ectopic) one year ago. So my feeling is, I'm still in the game. Apparently that feeling is not shared by the IVF docs! I knew that going in, I understand it's about their statistics and their business models... yet I still find it shocking and appalling. 


However, I know there may be a stone as-yet-unturned, so I wanted to ask you all. Thanks in advance!


Blessings namaste.gif

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Have you asked the same question on the Berkeley Parents network? I found some great info on resources on BPN, when I was starting out on my journey - mostly IUI info in my case at the time (have since moved back east and onto IVF). Worth a shot.

There's at least one older thread on trying after 40+


Good luck.
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Thanks, guppyluv! Great idea. I love BPN and use it all the time for other resources, recommendations, etc. I read through the threads on 40+ fertility, and unfortunately there are no recommendations for IVF clinics that are willing to work with women 45+ using their own eggs (just donor eggs). I'll keep researching this, but it's looking like we'd either need to leave town (there are clinics on the east coast and one in Nevada that don't discriminate based on age) or try something different, like IUI.


Thanks, and good luck to you as well!

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Frustrating. I'd imagined CA would be so progressive, but found MA to be even more so... Which for a state with Puritan roots, seems incongruous...
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Hi LitMama,


Remember me?  Have you tried UCSF? According to their website, they will do IVF for women up to 45.



Good luck!



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Hi Stealthee,


Yes, I do remember you! How are you and how is your son?? It's good to hear from you.


It turns out UCSF will do IVF up to 45, but not at 45 or over. They say the same thing all the other local IVF clinics say: "The chances for pregnancy using your own eggs, when over 45, are so low that we do not believe it is in your best interest to proceed with treatment, however, you may be an ideal candidate for oocyte donation."


There are clinics outside the Bay Area that leave this decision up to the woman, rather than making this decision themselves based on their desire to uphold certain statistics, but there are none in the Bay Area that do. Bummer!


But, you know, that's okay. I'm really cool with it now. We had an interesting conversation with the Zouves Center, and he basically explained, "you're already getting pregnant on your own... so IVF won't really increase your chances". He thinks our issue (early losses) is immunological. And hey, acupuncture, herbs and supplements got me knocked up at 43/44 (ectopic), why not 45?


I hope all's well with you, Stealthee... take care.

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Congrats, Guppyluv! joy.gif

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In case you are still looking, I saw this article on the clinic I've gone to that mentions women up to 49 using their own eggs- http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/california-ivf-discountrebate-program-eases-risk-for-older-mothers-83958007.html


There is a link to RSC that talks more about it. 

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Thank you so much, myfairbabies! My heart skipped a beat when I read the press release.


Alas, the bad news is in the fine print. If you go to the Age Guidelines for IVF section of their website, they make it clear that while they will do IVF for women up to age 49 using their own eggs, they will only do so if they already have frozen embryos ready to transfer. And will only create those embryos up to the 45th birthday. Bummer.


In accordance with guidelines established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Accepts new patients before their 50th birthday.
  • Offers IVF for patients who want to use their own eggs up to their 45th birthday.
  • Offers IVF for patients who want to use fresh donor eggs up to their 51st birthday.
  • For patients age 49 and over who already have frozen embryos in storage, embryo transfer is recommended by age 51 but available up to their 52nd birthday.


So, we're focusing on either natural IVF (no drugs) now or just just IUI with drugs (my hospital will do this for women 45+) or just au naturale. But, dang! I was hoping to find a clinic that would do IVF for women 45+ because I love the idea of having frozen embryos for additional attempts (and maybe a sibling). If anyone miraculously hears of a local clinic that does not practice this ridiculous age-ism, please let me know!


Thanks again, myfairbabies! Blessings to you.

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I wanted to post this new information I just learned, in case there are other women like me out there who are watching this thread. So, I have found at least two IVF clinics that would potentially take me on to do IVF using my own eggs at the age of 45. 


First, I called one of the Kaiser Permanente clinics and just asked them. They said that based on the fact that I had a naturally conceived clinical pregnancy at 44, they would take me on at 45. That brought me hope (my Ob/Gyn also said of my natural pregnancy at 44, "this changes your prognosis" -- so, mamas out there who have had ectopics or miscarriages in your 40s -- take heart!).


Then, I contacted Marin Fertility and they said that they don't have an age cutoff per se, and evaluate each potential patient individually on a case-by-case basis. It sounds like they are basing their decisions more on test results (AMH and FSH) than on age. I have no idea what my AMH and FSH are, so I don't know if this will actually help me, but it's nice to know that they are at least open to the idea. Apparently, they recently had a program called 4 at 44, which provided women 44 and younger a package of 4 cycles. The receptionist said it was designed "for women who need closure before they move on to donor eggs". That remark really irritated me, but... whatever. You have to take these attitudes with a grain of salt.


I'm also contacting Acacio Fertility and some others (Acacio is not in the Bay Area, but in southern CA so a short flight or long drive away). I'm realizing that the clinics that don't post an age cutoff on their websites, are definitely worth contacting for more information, as they may have a more flexible policy.

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Update: talked to Marin Fertility -- they don't even care what my AMH and FSH are! They are willing to work with me, and the doc I talked to said that "It's an uphill battle in your 40s, but it's definitely possible". I liked that. He said if we could get even 2 fertilized eggs to the blastocyst stage, we would stand a good chance of getting a THB. So now I'm thinking I'll just spend the next few months working on improving my egg quality, and then we'll go for it. Not necessarily with Marin Fertility -- still checking out other clinics -- but somewhere.

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Try Calidornia IVF in Davis: http://www.californiaivf.com/ivf.htm

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Thanks, Momofamoonlover! I got in touch and have a consult set up with them. Appreciate the referral. Had you just heard of them, or did you cycle with them?

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I got pregnant with them;) My numbers indicating twins. .... have first ultrasound on 16th
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Wow, congrats, momofamoonlover! How exciting that you're pregnant and maybe with twins!


Would you mind my asking if you are anywhere near my age range (over 40? over 43?). It's always so encouraging to hear these stories... Age aside, this is a blessing and it's wonderful to hear your happy story! Thanks for sharing the name of your clinic with me. Blessings to you and your babe(s). joy.gif

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I will be 46 on the 27th. I have a 3year old son. Before we got him I lost my first pregnancy at 51/2 months, twins at 9 weeks. This is our last hoorah.
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Thanks, momofamoonlover, your story definitely inspires me. I'm sorry to hear of your losses on this journey, but happy you're getting to have your last hoorah! Send some good vibes my way, I'm hoping to have my last hoorah this year, too. Wishing you a happy and healthy nine months! 

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