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Midwife near Rice Lake, WI?

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Hi, I just got my positive (trying since November), and I need some recommendations for a midwife serving the Rice Lake/Cameron/Barron area. I live southeast of Cameron, close to Chetek. I would prefer a home birth, but that's not set in stone at this point, ha. My cousin is a midwife in MN, and she is contacting her mentor for some WI contacts. But, does anyone have some personal experiences to share?

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I know of Erin Kaspar-Frett. Though I don't know her personally. Hope this helps. 



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Jessica Kirkwood Weaver lives about an hour away from Rice Lake.  She was there for our birth 6 months ago and she was a wonderful lady!  We also birth in Rice Lake and the drive was not a problem for her :)  Also I believe they have a midwife in Barron clinic but I have never heard any good/bad on her.  We absolutely loved our homebirth!  Its an amazing experience!  Good luck and Congrats!!



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Thanks for the personal experience! I love hearing first-hand what people were like. Unfortunately, I had a very early miscarriage, but we will be trying again.

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