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Carroll food intolerance testing?

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My husband and dd1 did this last year (hers said dairy). Dd2 developed eczema so her and I just did it. Hers (she's 7months) said dairy and mine potatoes. I did an elim diet and her eczema has really cleared- except around chin and neck and cheeks- also teething like crazy. So right now I'm elim all dairy and obvious but not hidden as they are everywhere. Naturopath recs elim dairy, potatoe, wheat and sugar.
Anyone have any info on the accuracy of this test as I've been reading about allergy tests not being accurate.
Thoughts in general?
Thank you!
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I just got my results back today: potato and also sugar/fruit combination. Obviously I have not had time to eliminate these from my diet yet, but interestingly, my coworker (who told me about the test in the first place) had exactly the same results, so she has been free of potato and sugar/fruit for months now with good results. The only problem is that when she accidentally does eat something with potato in it or fruit and sugar together, she feels really bad now. I guess when you are used to feeling blah all the time it is not as noticeable, but when you allow your body to heal, then it attacks with a vengeance when you go back to eating something not good for you.


My naturopathic doctor said that she had the test done on herself and she didn't believe the results she got. She eliminated the foods for 3 weeks and didn't feel any different, but when she tried to introduce them again she felt terrible! Oh, she also said that most people intolerant to potato are also intolerant to wheat, but that wheat rarely shows up on this test because it is based on genetics and the genetics of wheat have changed too much over the past 50 years for the test to keep up. 


This is not an allergy test so it does not have the same inaccuracies of allergy testing.


Have you been potato free since February? How is it going for you? I am wondering whether or not to have my son tested now.

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