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17w high bp, headaches and nausea .

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Yesterday was my first appt. I know, better late than never. anyway, my bp is up not crazy high but higher than it should be. I'm measuring 17w even though I'm slightly prolapsed and my uterus is tipped slightly. she said I should measure smaller because of that. anywho Dr said too early for pre e unless its twins. or a molar pregnancy but baby moves and has heartbeat. She ordered an immediate u/s. I go in today. this is my sixth pregnancy and baby. anyone else have bp issues before 20w. I had pre e with the first two pregnancies also but not this early. I will post after my u/s to update. I go in at one.
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My BP is usually on the low side when pregnant but at my last appointment it was 138/89 - definitely high for me. I had just hoofed it in from the parking block two blocks away slightly uphill on a very cold day. At the end of the appt it was down to 127/80. I know that your history may change things but I still think there is a good chance that it was simply a temporary spike. To be on the safe side, I always check my BP whenever I'm in a store with a pharmacy. I know it may not be the most accurate but at least it gives me peace of mind to see good numbers.
I wish you the best on your US and hope this was just a fluctuation. Good luck and hugs.
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No experience but wanted to say good luck at the ultrasound! Update us when you can! smile.gif
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I hope its nothing but I get horrible headaches on almost a daily basis. additive to light and causes vision disturbances so she also grips me to goto the eye Dr just incase it's more serious of an issue. they started about four weeks ago. Only about two hours until I go in.
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I hope you get things figured out and it doesn't end up being anything too bad. You may already have heard this before, but supplementing with fish oil can help with blood pressure some. At least 1000 mg a day. 

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The headaches sound like migraine with aura. It isn't an eye problem, it is usually a hormonal one, especially when a companies by numbness and tingling. I used to get those when I was on BC pills and was told to never be on them again due to the seriousness of that symptom. I am not trying to scare you by the way, it could very well be nothing. I hope that everything turns out perfect today!
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Only one baby so symptoms not caused by multiples. baby looked great and I'm having another boy! I did blood and urine tests today and will more than likely have the results at next appt. at the end of Feb. my due date is July 1 so not too far off of what I guessed. will keep you all posted. thanks for the info I'll be doing research tonight.
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Great update!  Congrats on learning that you are having a healthy boy and I hope that the rest of the results will come in soon with helpful info so that you will feel better!

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