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Pregnant with minimal symptoms

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This is my third pregnancy, I'm 4wks3days along and have known for nearly ten days we were pregnant ( the joys of ttc) but thus far my only symptoms are tiredness and breast sensitivity when nursing ds2. I had a similar pregnancy with ds1 who is now 5. Trying not to worry so just wondering if anyone else too has minimal symptoms in early pregnancy?
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Been pregnant twice. I did not start feeling any symptoms until 6-7 weeks with each kid. First symptom, was bad heartburn. Then, the sore boobs, then around 8-9 weeks, the flood gates opened!!!

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DD was only 8 months when I got pregnant with my DS.  My periods were mostly regular at that point even though I was breastfeeding but I was just so busy that I didn't realize that my period was late.  I didn't think much about then even until my DH told me that my pee smelled disgusting :)  He said that the last time it smelled that way was when I was pregnant with DD.  I laughed it off because I felt totally fine.


I took a test, though, and sure enough:  BFP.  I was shocked because I definitely did not feel pregnant and honestly it did not even cross my mind that I was.  I was almost seven weeks at that point. 


At around 8 weeks the intense nausea started :)


Congrats, mama!

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My first was like that, if we weren't trying so hard to get pregnant, I wouldn't have known!  The extreme fatigue around the midway point of the first trimester finally convinced me it was true...

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Thank you ladies for your replies, I know every pregnancy is different but besides the tiredness and being a bit dizzy I feel really "normal" have emailed my midwife so that has put my mind at ease.
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I was the same as you, and didn't get any more symptoms until 6 weeks. Now at over 9 weeks I'm desperate for the symptoms to go away!

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You are still pretty early. For me, symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks at 6 weeks.

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I am pregnant with my 4th and honestly, had the HPT not given me a BFP I wouldn't know I was pregnant until second tri.  My only symptom is fatigue, and missed period. I'm very thankful for that but at the same time it makes it difficult for me to accept the reality that I am in deed pregnant. 

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I have only had 1 out of my 11 pregnancies where I had any real "1st trimester" symptoms.  The one that I DID have them was a late first-tri miscarriage, so obviously that busted the "symptoms would reassure me" idea.  It does always seem like it would ease the mind though to actually FEEL pregnant from the start!

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Not feeling much either. Until today. Wow the bionic nose is driving me mad. Everything smells. So I couldn't eat anything. Then got hungry. Then nauseous! It's a vicious, torturous circle. I'm 6wks this Sunday.

I was worried too-- I've had little symptoms that I remember from last time. I am also driving myself crazy thinking about what I felt like during the 8wks before a miscarriage. Ugh! I'm right here with you!
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Same deal here. With each of my three kids, and my 12 week MC last fall, I have first been alerted to the pregnancy by smell sensitivity and nausea right around the time I should've been getting my period. This time, I took a test yesterday and was surprised by the positive result because, although I'm over a week late, I just don't feel pregnant. I have been getting headaches, and I'm a little extra tired and extra hungry, but the lack of morning sickness is a little disconcerting. Don't get me wrong- I'll take it! It just worries me a little, especially after the miscarriage.
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