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Transverse, anyone?

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I've been so preoccupied lately with family matters that I've been neglecting my pregnancy a bit and it just dawned on me today that my midwife mentioned the baby was transverse last week, and perhaps that's something I should be concerned about.  She gives me wretched kicking pains.. it seems very likely that she is indeed sideways.  But anyways, has anyone else dealt with that, and at what point do you start addressing it or doing any manipulation techniques? I'm 30 wks.

I've heard it can be possibly due to a low-lying placenta, which I have (ultrasound in a few weeks to see if it's clear)  or the mother sleeping in awkward positions, which I have the past month.  Dh is recovering from heart surgery and needed our bed on a 45 degree incline for several weeks, so I'm often in a twisted side position or occasionally on my back (though upright, not flat).  We're slowly lowering the bed.. maybe 15 degrees now.  I hope I didn't screw things up by sleeping like that!

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Our Bub was breech til Bt 28/29 weeks. At the 30 week appt she had turned head down... But before that they had discussed if I got to 36 weeks or so and she was still in a not optimal position they would try a version, they told me there success rates are really high with getting babes to turn before delivery...I've heard pelvic tilts can help too...

Let us know if you figure out anything that helps! I'm so paranoid this Bub will turn back breech before delivery lol
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This baby switches from being transverse to head down quite a bit. I'm 27 weeks and not worried yet. Babies can switch even after labor begins.

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I'm 27 weeks and I'm pretty sure mine is doing constant somersaults in there, LOL! My midwife hasn't even started checking for the head-down position yet, so I'm not worried at all. I've heard of babies being breech or transverse for a long time beforehand, and then flipping around on their own even during labor! I know there are different positions you can try in order to get the baby to move, but I've never had to try any of them so I don't have any helpful links or suggestions in that area. I would try not to stress too much about it, though! :)

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I think my LO is oblique - I only ever feel hiccups (or, well, I *think* it's hiccups) at my right hip, in the front. I'm 31 weeks and not worried about it yet. I have an apt next week so hoping we can get a good idea of where he's at and I may start doing some rotation techniques with in a week or two after that if he's not positioned well. I've seen too many labors end in cs because of stubborn posterior or asinclytic (sp?) babies!

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I have baby B who is always transverse.. Baby A who was always head down but has now gone breech and Baby C is head down.. i get kicked in every direction.. I am 30.5 weeks and they are still moving positions.. so hopefully she turns for you!!!!

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My little one has her head by my ribs on my right side and her behind low and to my left with her feet near my bladder. I'm not too worried yet, she still has some time to move. 

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I have no idea where my baby is. I think he moves around a lot. I have an anterior placenta, so I don't feel him nearly as often as I think I would if I didn't. But when I do feel him, I feel him on either my left or right side (usually right). VERY far on my right side. Lately I have been having sharp pains in my ribs on the right side, so maybe he is laying transverse with his legs to the right. 

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I'm not sure where baby is, either, but I have the feeling laying transverse with legs on right side, since I feel most of the stronger movements there.

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My baby is always either transverse or totally head up (or somewhere in between). I'm 29w 4d and I know there is still plenty of time for him or her to flip... but it makes me nervous crap.gif

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I was having sonograms every 2 weeks from 16-26 weeks so I got to see my baby move in all kinds of positions. I'm 29w now and fairly certain he is still breech - he was frank breech at the times of 2 sonograms (looks so uncomfortable!). OBs weren't concerned at all and neither am I.

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30 1/2 weeks. Fairly certain that we are transverse (that wasn't the term used by the midwife. head is at my left hip?).  She isn't worried and since I was showing some mild signs of preterm labor we decided it was a good thing baby wasn't head down.

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Three weeks ago, this Babe was oblique, then two days ago she was head down....and the night of that appt she turned completely transverse! I can tell she is back to either frank breech or head-down right now...that transverse lie was a little odd.

Since I have had a few babies, lol, the midwife agreed with me that Babe just has a little roomier time in there than other babies might.

If she is still odd-lying at 36 weeks, we will work on some positions to encourage head-down (and stay that way, young lady!). redface.gif

Good luck, and try not to worry too much.

Love, p
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I am 30 weeks and babe's head is up, but midwife is not worried at all. spinningbabies.com is a really great website for excercises to do throughout pregnancy to encourage optimal positioning.

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I'm 32w and baby is usually head down and anterior, but every so often (like the past two days) s/he will randomly spin to breech.  I find it very uncomfortable but other than that no worries!  We have time.  They will get to where they need to be.

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I'm 32 weeks and it seems like most of the time baby has been head down. That's where I usually feel pressure and hiccups. Sometimes (like tonight), though, she seems to have flipped breech or transverse. Hiccups on my right beneath my ribs and heartbeat by my belly button. I wish she'd just stay head down. It's making me nervous about the home birth.

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I'm sure y'all know about www.spinningbabies.com. Optimal fetal positioning with postures and techniques. I am 33 weeks and baby is breech. I am doing the Webster technique with my chiro. I can't tell whether baby has changed position yet, but hopefully by my appt on Wednesday...
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I have a friend who's doc is wanting to schedule a c-section because her baby is transverse at 36 weeks. She's tried spinningbabies but nothing is working yet. Doc is adament there is no room for baby to turn, and this is her 3rd child.  Sounds kind of fishy to me....your thoughts?

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At 36 weeks there is still time, especially with a third. It is roomier. 

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Originally Posted by Lisanne View Post

At 36 weeks there is still time, especially with a third. It is roomier. 


Thats what I told her! But her doc is "adament" baby won't turn! Some babies turn while in labor.  But doc won't let her go into labor because of cord prolapse. Again, sounds fishy to me and sounds like doc is just pushing for a c-section.

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