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Poll: "We're having a ..."

Poll Results: Sex of the baby. It's a...

  • 34% (12)
  • 42% (15)
  • 20% (7)
    Great surprise
  • 2% (1)
    More than one/combination
35 Total Votes  
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Now that a lot of us are getting to the point where we can find out the sex if we choose, I thought it would be nice to have one place where we can keep track.  I just like statistics!

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We had an ultrasound done at 16 weeks and they told us a boy! We go back at 22 weeks for our anatomy scan and to confirm sex.

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Congratulations!  We just found out this morning.  The first shot we saw confirmed it.

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BOY confirmed today :)

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Baby human!
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Originally Posted by FarmerMomma View Post

Baby human!

OMG, we are too!  winky.gif

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It's a GIRL and I was so surprised that I actually cried about an hour after the ultrasound! (not that that's anything new around here, I cry at the drop of a hat.) I'm definitely NOT disappointed that it is a girl, but--though I didn't realize it--I guess I've spent a long time (like since before we were married) imagining us as a family of 4 with a girl and a boy. So I have had to let go of that silly expectation. We already have a name picked out, and she just *feels* like Amelia Maureen to me already. I can't wait to meet her.
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Girl for us!

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Argh!!!! I put girl then clicked on 'multiple' while trying to click OK. Computers hate me today gloomy.gif

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BOY for sure! he was spread wide and there was no doubt

SO stoked for 3 boys!!!


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I guess it should be no surprise that the boys and girls are split pretty evenly.  We'll see what the verdict is come June as we all have had our babies and those that are waiting finally have their results. :)

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It's a girl! :) Super happy. 2 boys and 2 girls! Exactly what I hoped for.

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Baby girl, found out at only 12 weeks, confirmed twice after that slinggirl.gif

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Baby boy # 4 blowkiss.gif

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