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failure to thrive and reflux

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My DD if just over 6 months old and Was diagnosed with failure to thrive 2 months ago. She has had a battery of tests and the only thing really abnormal so far is her liver function. She sweats a lot, but doesn't have heart problems our cystic fibrosis. I was nursing every 2 hours around the clock and she gained 2lbs in that 2 months, but since testing isn't conclusive they want me to let her sleep through the night again, introduce solids, and see if she gains or loses. One thing that has never been addressed is that when she lays on her back, she gurgles and coughs And cries. She sweats enough after her evening and nighttime feedings to soak her clothes. Has anyone else had experienced anything like this. She isn't fussy, she doesn't spit up, maybe a wet burp here and there. I'm just wracking my brain here!
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I don't know. I've had two babies with reflux. Neither of them had a problem with sweating. I think you need to find a new doctor. This doesn't seem right.

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One of mine had "silent reflux",  the milk would rise in her throat then she'd be distressed and sweating.


If I drink a spoonful of baking soda (aluminum free) dissolved well in water & a clove of fresh garlic before nursing, all is well with the babe.


Might be worth a try.

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My dd (15months) is FTT and has silent reflux. She coughs and fusses a lot when it's bothering her. She also used to sweat a lot when she was that age. 

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Thanks. I admit im.going to feel kind of dumb if this turns out to be reflux. She is just so tiny. I'm actually a little worried that she's losing weight again so I'm going to have her weighed tomorrow. I'm not waiting another two weeks.

Did anyone who has deadly with silent reflux have trouble laying their baby on their backs?
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Yes. Both of my babies who had reflux had trouble with laying on their backs. They'd cry, gag, choke, spit up. I always propped them on their sides to sleep and kept them elevated as much as possible during the day.

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