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Got the NHS letter asking us to book the standard UK pre-school boosters for our son (3.5 yrs - that's MMR, and DTaP/IPV boosters).


So we have an appointment - I made it for a Friday, because I think my older daughter did get a slight fever following this one and needed a day at home. I'll probably plan on taking pretty much the whole day off with him. 


 Lucky my daughter is into books about the body, so we had one from the library about what skin is for and how the body fights off germs. That mentioned vaccination, so when we last read it at bedtime we talked a little bit (in appropriate language) about what vaccines are for and why we get them.


 I find this set of shots hard as I feel he will be confused by why "Mummy is hurting me" when I take him in. So I'm trying to explain it, and I will be ready to give lots of cuddles and reassurance for afterwards.


As the UK does not recommend annual flu shots for healthy children - and both my kids are very healthy - this may be the last shot he gets for quite a while.  

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My 2-year-old is fully vaccinated and the hardest part for her is being poked and messed with wink1.gif She's never had a bad reaction, she always sleeps off any reaction she has and feels better the next day. Oh, but does she HATE being messed with! lol.gif I always hold her and say soothing things, but she is not happy and she lets everyone know that. She even hates getting weighed and measured because she associates it with getting poked and messed with. Oh well, what can you do, i'm just happy she hasnt had any bad reactions and over time she'll probably relax at the doctor's. We also always get ice cream afterwards


Have you thought about playing doctors at home - let her mess with you and give you "shots" and stuff. That might really help. I think this was the age my daughter would bring her doctors set to the doctors - they love it actually (both the doctor and the kid!), and it could help her to get use to "being messed with"... just an idea. :) 

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Well today was the day. He did great, and I was impressed with how the nurses dealt with it. They gave us a very clear sheet listing possible side effects to watch for (even recommended against using Tylenol unless in response to concern from a high fever). They called it "scratchy medicine" for his which I thought was cute, and gave him stickers and a certificate for being brave. In fact he barely cried, and was more focused on the cookie I brought along for him.

Never-the-less we had a mommy and me day, and lots of ice cream. He's gone to bed now - no evidence of any side effect at all yet.

I have to say I'm glad that one's over as I posted above. No matter how convinced I am over vaccines it still feels weird to go in an let stranger inject my child.

I thought they dealt with my obvious nerves from that well too - and the nurse reminded me that short of changes to the recommendations his next shot may be when he's 14 years old. smile.gif
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Okay , we did it , with all the moving and turmoil of these past few weeks/months , I FINALLY managed to get DD3 in to the peds for her overdue MMR shot before the new baby arrives . She didn´t even cry when they gave her the shot , brave girl and even a week later no adverse reaction ( not that I expected one anyway )
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Just an update that absolutely no reaction in the end. Not even a fever. And less than a week later even the tiny sore red spots at the site of injection have gone. So it's a relief to have that one over with. :)  

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Just took Daughter in for her 2-year checkup (a little late, she turned 2 in June). I spaced her shots out; she would normally have been done by 18 months, I think. Today she got the last booster of each Hepatitis series, and now she is done up until the age of kindergarten shots (unless we decide to get the flu shot). It'll be nice to go a couple of years without her having to get stuck! She did great today. The nurses like to double-team her so she gets a shot in both legs simultaneously, so as soon as she yells it's basically over. She yelled for about two breaths, then was okay after that, and proceeded to placidly comment on this and that while chewing on her flavored tongue depressor. No sign of any reactions. She was overdue for a nap by the time we got home, napped for about an hour, and has been partaking in her normal activities since. 

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I took my 2 year old for her first Dtap this week. She got Infanrix, as they were out of Daptacel. She cried for about 10 seconds after the shot. No reactions or side effects whatsoever. I was expecting redness, soreness, swelling, fever, fatigue...but nothing. :)

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