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El Paso?!

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I'll be sending off the last of my application tomorrow (eeee!), and have my fingers very much crossed that I'll get in to Maternidad La Luz's midwifery program. This is a very, very last minute thing (we recently lost the baby that would have had me, very happily, spending some more time at home with kiddos before embarking on this particular train of crazy), but it turns out there's still a space in the March 1 start program. 

So, we'll potentially be arriving from Canada, with two kids, the stuff we can cram in to our van, and be on the hunt for a place to live, preferably furnished or partially so, a (cheap!) ballet class for my obsessed four year old, and a homeschooling community, and anything else we might need. The school/birth center is on Magoffin, which is apparently near the airport, but I'm not sure what the neighbourhood is actually called. Also, looking for reqs for family friendly, affordable hotels or B&Bs where we can stay until we find housing, again, preferably near the birth center.


Thanks. :)

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I'm planing on birthing at Maternidad La Luz, maybe we'll see you around.


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I'm sure you will see me around, Cuau! We start our 24 hour shifts on Thursday. Things have been hard and brutal and awesome too, somehow all balled in to one. I've been at school 6 days a week, for full days, and haven't had much time for exploring. Housing has been evil (AVOID Nick Haggerty's Century 21!!!!), but we've got a roof, and running water, so I guess we're not doing too badly. ;) I'd still love ballet class recos (something at a non competitive studio). And, my awesome house-husband would appreciate some at-home Papa peers too. 

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Yay Maternidad La Luz. My midwife studied there. We are in Las Cruces!

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Fun! I finally got to Las Cruces for the market last Saturday, and it's such a lovely spot! We're thinking about getting milk from a drop point in Cruces, but that requires driving up there every week. Often, it would be my partner coming up with the kids (I have class on Mondays, when milk pick up is) on his own. We saw a museum and an art gallery that looked promising - would you say there is enough to do there on a Monday to make the drive worth it? My kids love music and museums, but they're 2 and 4, so attention span is not awesome if the delivery of information isn't at least somewhat geared to kids. Is there a kid-friendly dance studio in town that you know/like (I guess your kids are a little young for dance class yet!), or a Music for Young Children-type music class?

Thanks so much. :)

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I don't know about kid friendly dance or music but LC has tons of parks and of course the university museums, plus the downtown stuff you likely saw at the Farmer's Market. There is also a pretty nice aquatic center, with a particularly cool park near there with a wooden playground/maze thing. There's definitely enough to keep busy for 1 day... but don't ask about 2 days :) 

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Hey ladies! Just found this thread. Just moved to El Paso august of 2012..military moved us back to hubby's hometown. We have 3year old and 11m boys. I'm hoping to start school at mll in a few years once we are able to make enough money for me not to work :/

As far as fun local kid friendly things...not much besides the zoo and local parks.
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Just want to second the Aquatic center - it is wicked cool, awesome family dressing rooms, and very affordable. 

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