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I wanted to share this incredible project with you all here in the HB forum. 

This project, Homebirth Cesarean, is something I came upon when healing from my homebirth that ended in c/s nearly 20 months ago. My midwives were amazing, as was my partner and doula. They went to the hospital with me and supported me. But I was so devastated to lose out on the homebirth I dreamed of. 

Then I found this incredible project. A homebirth cesarean mama and her midwife, after their experience, decided to interview mamas and birth pros around the world, and write a book on homebirths that end in cesarean, to help mamas and midwives better navigate the care they give and recieve during these powerful birth experiences. 

The slideshow on the indiegogo campaign page is truly worth watching. Some beautiful images of beautiful mamas and midwives. 

Love and peace to you all.