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Queer Conceptions: February 2013

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Welcome to February!! dust.gif

It's time to make some late Fall babies!



GRADUATES, please click here to visit a thread for sharing the method that got your BFP.

Waiting to O whistling.gif











Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW fingersx.gif





Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready wool.gif

*scorpioma chartnew.gif


*Photo Girl
*justrose13 & JenMostOften


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Hey All! A new month, a new roller coaster ride!! I'm so excited for all the beautiful families we are going to start this month!


Send me a link to your chart, if you are charting online, and I will (try) to embed it into the front page so we can all follow your progress to that BFP!


Scorp: oh no for a temp drop. :( I'm still hopeful for you!! AF better stay away! af.gif


Soto: Welcome back and how exciting for the trigger and soon IUI! Fx for you!


Darcy: as for money, we saved for long time and we do not have much more in savings than what you also originally budgeted for ttc. My mom has offered to help out, but we haven't taken her up on that yet. We have also cut some extras out of our budget just make sure we have enough, but if we do we blow through savings we will probably have some issues. I could potentially borrow from my 401k, but I'd rather it not come to that. 


Afm, I got a nice clear bfn this morning on a dollar store htp, so yay! The trigger is out of my system! 9 days past trigger and 7 dpiui. Anything from here on out is legit. 

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twomommys thanks & good news about it being out of your system.


darcy we have a little bit in savings & the wife just got a good bonus so using that. We're hoping to move houses this year & use a bit of the money we're going to make from one of our properties to cover any shortfall.  Let's hope there's not too much!


question for all - was blood type/cmv status an issue when choosing a donor?

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Here is my chart. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/scorpioma/


Thanks for the shiny new thread, twomommy!

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Scorpio - Just remember that we're all pulling for you.

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thanks, easttowest. tough times, here!

just waiting ..

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Scorp: I think embedding the chart worked. Just click "check my chart" next to your name in the first post. 


Anyone else want me to do this for them? 


Also, Scorp, I did check your chart. hug2.gif

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FX for ya scorp!
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thanks twomommy. pretty much looks like I'm out, right?

I mean, I am grasping at the wind here, but I think there are a few charts out there where it drops this late and then rises again, however not very often. 

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Scorpioma, I truly believe that it is never over till AF makes her unfortunate appearance, regardless of the chart. Perhaps you didn't get the solid 4 hours sleep before temping. 

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Hi Everyone,

Happy (almost) February! May we all be gone from this thread by March. orngbiggrin.gif

Scorpioma: I'm sorry about the temp drop, but it is just one temp, and there are all sorts of reasons that one temp can be wacky. I still have my fingers firmly crossed for you! fingersx.gif (and hug.gif for having to wait to know. Waiting is so hard.)

Lizbian: I think that you only have to pay attention to blood type if you are Rh negative. I feel like we didn't worry about CMV, but I can't remember why. Here is what my bank says about that. Your plan of three vials sounds great!

Twomommyfamily: Hooray for testing out of the trigger! Now we can hope that you see another bfp soon.

Lea: I like your attitude about putting it in the fridge. If you can't use it all initially, it makes perfect sense. I wonder if the sperms can actually survive in the fridge!

KWPX: You have an amazing luteal phase! I'm impressed. I have my fingers crossed that you're experiencing late implantation cramps! fingersx.gif

Sotohana: It's exciting that you get to insem again tomorrow. I'm glad that your DP can be there for it. I hope it goes smoothly!

Darcy: I'm sorry about AF and cramps. How did the u/s go? Did you end up with clomid? The financial piece is hard. $600 per vial plus $500 per IUI (for us) is a lot, and that is just for one insem per cycle and doesn't include shipping or storage fees. We did save up some, and we also are purposely keeping our expenses low in other areas, but it still feels like a lot.

AFM: It was quite discouraging last night to get the progesterone result indicating that my wife hadn't even ovulated, but we're making a plan and moving on. I think we had both been sort of hoping that since TTC#1 had been fairly tricky for us we would somehow luck out and get an easy round of TTC#2. And while we still could get lucky soon, her not ovulating after getting a positive opk makes it seem like maybe timing is going to be more challenging than we had hoped. We're starting her on vitex today, and she is going to see her chiropractor tonight, and we're restarting fertility tea, and we're still thinking about what else we want to add. Our RE isn't available for a phone consultation until next Wednesday, but maybe that is just as well since it gives us a chance to figure out what we want to do before we talk to her. We really don't want twins, so we would like to avoid most fertility meds, but that means we have to figure out an alternative.
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Escher, is your DW still nursing?
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pretty sure I just got AF.

looks like it was a chemical pregnancy, due to the faint BFPs.

called nurse today, but since it's so early I suppose it will be like a regular period.

feeling pretty bad, but DP is very supportive and loving. we'll make it through. going to evaluate and see if we will be trying next month. only have so much emotional capital, even if we do have a KD.


thanks everyone for your support. really sorry for the roller coaster the past few days. I hate to drag everyone up and down. this process is hard for us all to many degrees, I know.








1. Really happy that at least we DID conceive, means good things going forward

2. I am actually really glad to finally know, even though I have a broken heart! at least the waiting and uncertainty is over...time to get my nails done.

3. good luck to you in TWW! we all are doing great...

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scorp sorry to hear that but really happy you have such a supportive DP as that really does make all the difference. I wouldn't blame you for having a month off but sure you'll both decide to do whatever's best for you.  hug2.gif

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hug2.gifScorp, I'm so sorry greensad.gif. I know you can make it through this and thank goodness for your loving and supportive DP. Everyone here continues to be pulling for you, that bfp will stick soon. I'm glad that you are thinking about fun things like getting your nails done. My DP and I already plan to hit the spa and lay in the sauna then sit in a jacuzzi if/when I get my bfn. And drink some coffee. And a glass or two of wine. 


I went ahead and moved you to Waiting to O. Let me know if you would rather be in Taking a Break. 

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I am truly sorry, although I think it's great information to know moving forward.  We didn't experience a chemical pregnancy, so I feel like a jerk telling you to see the positive, but at least you know you CAN get pregnant, and if you ever do end up needing to see a doctor, that is excellent to be able to point to.  Usually a chemical pregnancy is an egg that fertilized but didn't stay implanted because of a chromosomal problem - so while it's impossibly difficult to see it this way, it's good to know your body is doing what it is supposed to be doing.  Your KD's sperm can fertilize your eggs, and you only want a healthy embryo to implant.  Since you have a pretty long LP, I wouldn't think it's anything wrong with your ability to support an embryo, although if this happens multiple times, that's something to look at.  I hope you have a peaceful month, deciding whether or not to take a break.  What a huge build up and let down this must feel like, and if it is very difficult to deal with, it might be good to consider not temping or testing early next time.

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So sorry, Scorpio! I really think your timing and stuff this month was spectacular and your KD situation seems like a ticket to success soon! xo

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Darcy, Sorry to hear about AF, I hate when she rears her ugly head! Hopefully the clomid will help. With us I shopped around to cut the costs of the swimmers (first order was 895, second was 515, and if all goes well the next one will be around 400 with shipping and all). I also found Freedom Fertility Pharmacy to get the trigger from (it was 210 for meeh at walgreens bc insurance doesn't cover, but freedom has the same RX for 75 with free shipping). Thats knocked costs, and I just found out that mye secondary insurance completely covers mye follie scans, so next cycle total cost should be around 650 (if we do and IUI at the OB's) or 490 (if we do at home insems). IVF is pretty pricey I know, I've looked into it. There was a clinical trial for IVF vs. Mini IVF in NY and you get free IVF, but I'm so far away from there. Thats also an option. There are women currently in the study that are pregnant and due this summer. Seems like they enroll a few more every other month or so. Hope things get better for you!


Scorp, Thanks i'm hanging in there, and trying to keep stress levels as low as possible! I'm so sorry to hear. I was rooting for you so hard. No need for apologies because I don't mind being on any emotional rollercoaster with you. Just here to support.


Soto, You know, I share that feeling of insanity with you, and funny enough its been the last few weeks as well. Needless to say I'm dying to get back into meditation to de-stress. I hate dealing with insurance with the yes then no then yes then no again. Atleast your RE is willing to help! I sure hope your insem goes super smooth and glad DP will be there with you! 


KWPX2, its still not over. AF isn't here so there is still time. I've got hope for you!


Twomommy, yay for the trigger gone...next BFP is FER SHUR! I'm so excited for you! Oh heres mye link http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/fee2806


Lizbian, As far as blood type, it wasn't a major issue as I'm O+, but I did try to get the CMV status to be compatible with meeh.


Escher, sorry that things are going a bit difficult for you now. Atleast you've got time to figure things out and see what path you want to travel. You've got a pretty good plan with your natural supplements as opposed to the fertility meds. I hope it works out for you though.


AFM, contemplating a lot just lately. Mye mind is full of swirling thoughts about everything. Thinking some deep meditation is in store later. Oh yea..still temping nd tea'ing it up.

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Aw Scorp! We are so sorry to hear this news. This just sucks! It makes my heart sad for you and your DP. What super troopers couples are who go through this month after month trying, supporting, loving, and hoping.  I just don't know what words can come as comfort to you. Easttowest laid out some very good facts which I will hold on to if this happens to me. Intellectually it seems like a good place to get a hold of things...where to get a hold of the emotional side? Thank goodness for your supportive DP I hope you are getting some serious love and hugs there. I will wish you two a little hot tubbing, bourbon, coffee and charcuterie while you figure things out. (Unless you're vegan... then no charcuterie yummy.gif) Sending you our love...

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thanks again guys!


easttowest, you are the best! I am going to try to keep that in mind. we are doing everything right! xoxo


kwpx2, thanks! good luck to you in the coming days, really rooting for your BFP!!

 You are so right, partners are amazing and important (for those of us ttc with a partner).

Jonah is my rock! Such a good Capricorn, he is!


this group is so ridiculously awesome, you know that, right guys?





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