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Sorry to thread crash, but does anyone know where fille went? Been wondering how the ttc is going for her. If you're out there, check in!

And hi and best wishes to everyone else. smile.gif
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Ha, granite! I was going to delurk to wave my arm and say we got knocked up on CD90. We joke that Alex came from a cobwebby egg and swimmers that had three or four trips back to the bank's cold storage tanks aftter several false alarms. But yeah, he seems fine smile.gif
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Escher, Soren was a day 19 baby and Shay was a day 15 baby.

To say that you can't get pregnant after day 15 would mean that no one with a cycle longer than 29 days could get pregnant, right (and few people get pregnant with a cycle shorter than 27 days? so theres a 2 day window of normal?). Seems illogical to me, but I have nothing to back it up besides the kid - we did use a trigger shot to help us along, once the egg was 18 mm.
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So, BFN today- either 12 or 13 DPO. Used a digital test- either yes or no and it very clearly read “not pregnant.” FF’s smart ovulation detector put me at O on CD 13, but I triggered on the night of CD 12 and insemmed in the morning of CD 14. I’m wondering if I would have gotten a smiley OPK in the afternoon of CD 12… who knows.


Anyway, I feel like we’re getting closer to pinpointing things. I came in to the RE’s office on 7DPO and my progesterone tested very low, so I’ve been on progesterone suppositories since then. We do have one more sample waiting at the RE’s office, so when I go next round I could start the progesterone right after the insem. The good thing is my cycles are short so I don’t have too long to wait. I’m just not sure how long it will take for my cycle to start after stopping the progesterone. I’m going to wait till CD 14 and go in for a beta just to be safe before stopping the suppositories.


Thanks for all your good vibes y’all. Overall I’m feeling a lot more optimistic this time around. 

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Sotohana: sorry about your bfn. I'm still hopeful for you! Let us know how the beta goes. If it truly is a bfn, at least you have good info to use moving forward to the next cycle.

Granite: how exciting! You are finally in the tww! I'm so happy for you! It sounds like your follie was nice and big and the timing was perfect so I have a very good feeling about this! 77% motility is super high for frozen swimmers! That's awesome! I think it's typically 45-55% with frozen. I will move you over to waiting to know as soon as I get home from work.
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Originally Posted by escher View Post

Sigh. I think you might as well move me to taking a break since our RE wants us to take the next cycle off to do some monitoring. Our RE is absolutely convinced that any ovulation after CD15 is too late for TTC, and that the only solution is medication. Does anyone have any evidence to support or refute her ideas? Thanks.


Wow, that seems like a crazy (and false) statement to make! DD is a CD17 O baby - no medication, no intervention. A quick search on here will give you a ton of real evidence to dispute that.

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soto - sorry about the bfn..& it's great you're learning more each time....it seems that it's quite common for women to need progesterone supplements during ttc... my wife used the daliy gel, but next round we're moving onto including oral pill form, in addition to daily gel & weekly blood testing.  we're learning a lot from each cycle. good luck to you!


granite - good luck!


darcy - did you have your insem today? thinking the best for you.


everyone i missed... hi!


afm - our vials (i ordered 2 this time, rather than 1) will arrive next week & we're gearing up for our cd3 ultrasound to give us the "go" for next try.... I cannot wait to start this all up again, feeling positive. wink1.gif

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twomommy, theres something about the thrill of ordering swimmers lol. something only we great queers would know of lol! Super excited for you!


Granite, its absolutely mind boggling to meeh sometimes! Our bodies our so complex, so when you feel like you've finally started to figure it out its like unearthing some ancient secret! Viva la O pains and confirmation! lol Woohoo on the 24mm follie!! I can see why you felt swollen too! Glad you're back in the wait, and I wish you thee best!


Soto, Sorry for the BFN hug2.gif. I know it feels good to know you're closer to pinpointing things. I felt the same way as I started learning what mye body was doing and when! I hope that everythings going well, as well as things go even better in the future!


Sandiego, Hey back to ya! Glad you popped in! Glad you're in positive spirits about the upcoming cycle!! Best of luck!


AFM, feeling out mye cycles and being proud i'm learning them and mye body! YAYYY!


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fmorris  good luck I have my FX for you


twomommy glad you're getting excited - it's nice to be proactively doing something, isn't it? We stayed away from the soft cups only as didn't want the little suckers clinging on & getting taken out. I lay with my hips/legs elevated for an hour


Darcy oooo good luck and baby dust! dust.gif


Granite -no we do have a big problem with lack of Ozone over Oz (maybe they should just call it nozone) which is why everyone's so worried about skin cancer. 77% sounds very impressive, welcome to the TWW!!!!!!! dust.gif


soto sorry about the BFN but glad you're feeling better about things and good luck this go round hug2.gif


sandiego yay! great job on feeling positive


AFM wow I had been getting sicker not better & yesterday was a truly awful day. I have hardly moved from the sofa since Friday but I think with a few extra hours sleep yesterday my body might have moved past the worst of it. Thought had moved to my lungs but may have staved off at the last minute, who knows. Either way I guess I've spent plenty of time horizontal for the swimmers to do their thing!!! Feeling almost human today so looking foward to getting more back to business.

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Hi Everyone!


I've been a little out of the loop.  I seem to have a difficult time keeping up with these threads!


There are  A TON of new faces around here since I went on a break in October.


leagood luck in your tww!


two mommy family: Can you please move me to Waiting to O'?


I've finally completed the task I've been most dreading and picked a new donor! FINALLY!  So, onto IUI# 4 sometime within the next week (probably Monday).  If the IUI is Monday, and I get preggy, my due date will be 11-12-13.  That pleases me to no end... LOL!  I have a quirky thing about dates like that. And palindromes.


I hope to do more personals when I catch up later!  Welcome to all the newbies!

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the stories about successful conceptions with later ovulations. This cycle my wife ovulated on CD24, which is certainly late, but her luteal phase is fine. I just can't find much information online on if a late ovulation reduces fertility or if it is no problem. It seems like some people feel like the egg might be too old, but I haven't seen any studies to actually back that up. Other people seem to feel like late ovulation only makes TTC harder in that it means that she'll ovulate fewer times per year. I don't know.

Justanotherjenny: Hi! Congratulations on picking a new donor! What bank are you using? 11/12/13 would be a very cool due date.

Lizbian: I'm sorry that you have been feeling so sick. I hope you feel all better soon!

Soto: I'm sorry about the bfn. Hopefully you're going to get a late surprise, but if not it sounds like you have a good plan for next cycle.

Granite: Hooray for great timing! fingersx.gif

Hi to everyone else!

AFM: Still waiting for this cycle to finish up so that we can get on to the monitoring cycle. My wife has her first appointment tomorrow with an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility acupuncture. Happy Valentine's Day! stillheart.gif
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Granite: Fingers crossed for you.


Soto: I'm sorry to hear about your BFN.  :-(  


escher:  I tend to ovulate late and still a little inconsistently, but luteal phase is normal.  I opted for clomid at the lowest dose just to help with having more control.  It kind of went against everything I wanted to do, but because my budget for swimmers is so limited it actually helped take away some of the stress.  With the 50mg amount, I'm getting 1 to 2 follicles a cycle, which I'm happy with.  I've been lucky and really haven't had any side effects from it except for SUPER STRANGE DREAMS.  I'm also doing the trigger, which at 100.00 a pop is a little crazy, but at least it's only one per cycle.  I do all of this with a monitored cycle so, at least I know I'm getting the timing right, the lining is good, and that I'm actually ovulating.  I almost never get a positive opk, I think I'm one of the few where my surge is SO SHORT that I miss it even when doing them several times a day.  


My doctor didn't express any concern that it would be a problem to get pregnant with late ovulation without medication, just that it might be more stressful for me, to be trying to figure out timing,etc.  She was fine proceeding un-medicated and just monitoring the cycle, but wanted me to get the best bang for my buck. 


What's odd to me is why would you have to take this cycle off?  Seems like a great time to try when they are monitoring everything that is going on -- they can tell you when timing is best.  


As I'm sure you already know, acupuncture will probably straighten things right out!  I've had a wonderful experience with acupuncture and my fertility.


I hope you get some answers and come to an agreement with your doc that you feel comfortable with.


To answer your question, I opted to go on Angela's suggestion (can't remember her new screen name) and chose The Sperm Bank of CA.  I loved the idea of them being non-profit.  I also liked that they will give you the post thaw counts.  What a HUGE difference with the donor I selected as compared with the one I was using before from Fairfax... this donor as 65mil motile and the one i was using before only 10mil.  So, hopefully this will do the trick.  They doctors and the banks all say that 10 is an adequate number (20 is preferable to some banks), but my mind says "More is better!".


They are incredibly responsive -- phone, chat, email, all fast response.  I love them even more if it works!  I ordered just in time because all of their rates are going up in March!  Heads up to anyone who needs to stock up for siblings!


Does anyone have nicknames for their donors?  As we narrowed down the options, they all had little names so we would know which was which.  Now the name has stuck... 

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JAJenny -Yes!  Our donor was nicknamed Wes, so that is what we call him!  It's kind of weird to think that it isn't his name, lol.

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JA Jenny - we used TSBC for the same reasons. our donor's post thaw counts were so unreal, the lab guy at our clinic was kind of losing his mind a little bit about it. i have heard a lot of anecdotes that higher sperm counts lead to higher pregnancy rates, and i can't dispute them. we were pregnant on our second cycle using TSBC sperm. we definitely nicknamed our donor and we do refer to him as that name in conversation. i suppose at some point we should train ourselves not to, since it's a celebrity name and we don't want anyone getting the wrong idea 


good luck to everyone at every point in your cycle. i know every part of it is challenging in its own way. i am thinking about my ttc buddies all the time and sending you good luck. xo. 

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Well gang, 


The insem happened tonight. I was complimented on my CM (thank you very much). I had three eggs brewing from the US the other day and I feel like I have felt them launch this evening! I feel like my body has really responded to this round of letrozole and hCG with more gusto than last round. This makes me hopeful for sure. I  triggered at 0400 on 2/13 and we insemmed at 1800 this eve. That makes for about 38 hours post trigger. I  POAS for OPK just before the insem and I was still surging. I didn;t begin to really feel any O pain until just after the insem. This is similar to my experience last insem as well. I wonder if I am going to routinely O about 40 hours post trigger in the future.


The downer we experienced tonight was that the swimmers were only 0.4 ml (versus the 0.5 ml they should have sent) and the fact that the count was only 5 mil. We didn't seem to hear the %motility after hearing the count! We ordered from NW Cryobank who guarantees 10 mil +/- 2 mil. Not so much I guess. There is a refund policy but since this was a triggered event and the little guys were thawed we elected to go ahead with the insemination versus chucking this effort. 


After all this mixed emotion we went to our favorite Thai place for Valentine's dinner.We enjoyed being out together but couldn't seem to steer the discussion from our anxieties.  I know it doesn't take all 5 million to make a baby but we are a little "eh" about our endeavors tonight. I feel like it can surely happen and I have read about folks who have gotten pregger under less than optimal circumstances with less than optimal swimmers.  DW and I are both trying to get our thinking "right" and not see this as doomed from the get go. We are working on our positive attitude but it is a little challenging. I suppose if we have to do this again we will order from another bank and possibly discuss a change in timing of the insemination. I may also ask to use estrogen in the luteal phase for follicle growth.


So for now...act like I am a baby making woman and start my progesterone Saturday.  Twomommy, please move me to TWW.

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Sounds like great timing KWPX2! I'll cross my fingers for you!  Let's assume that your superb timing will more than make up for the less than optimal count! 

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justanotherjenny welcome back! Re nicknames they give all of ours aliases so we use those - ours is BRIK which is a little weird but we're going with it! DW had forgotten this guy is 6'3 and I'm 5'10 so if it works she's expecting giant children (compared to her 5'5!)


KWPX2 It sounds like you did everything you could to make those swimmers do as little work as possible so well done & FX for you!  dust.gif


AFM I've actually had a couple of pretty crappy days. I'm still feeling rotten, up half the night coughing my guts up & spluttering for the last few nights which is making me exhausted. Yesterday we also found out that 2 good friends of ours have been killed in Thailand. They were cycling around the world and were hit by a truck (the guy was probably on his mobile). It's such a shock even though they were doing something dangerous & had ridden through a civil war, you don't expect something like that to happen, and to both of them. I've already lost two other good friends under the age of 30 and it makes you realise how short life really is & how important it is to tell those close to you that you love them. x

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KWPX: FX for you!!! If you did the trigger shot then opk's are no longer valid after that. On a molecular level LH and HCG are nearly identical so opk's detect both. You will have a positive opk for a few days until that HCG is out of your system. For the numbers, I think if I were in your shoes, I'd be happy that the insem was well timed, but I would still contact my bank. The RE gave us this paper with the motility right before our IUI so we knew what we were getting and so it would be documented. If it had been as low as yours AND the volume was low, I'd have contacted the bank and just let them know and fax them a copy of the sheet from the RE with the sperm analysis. Even for their own quality control. I don't know that I'd expect a refund or anything, but if they advertise a certain motility then they need to know that at least some of their specimens are not up to those standards. At any rate, it really does just take one strong swimmer and one healthy egg! So I still think you have excellent odds this time!!


Welcome back JustanotherJenny


Sandiego: I'm glad you are both gearing up for this month's insem!! I'm excited for you! 


Lizbian: I'm sorry you are still sick! Thats awful! And to hear about your friends, wow. I'm so very sorry that this has happened. What heartbreaking news, its truly devastating. Life is so precious and so fleeting. 


Darcy: Did you have your IUI? Did I miss that post??

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Lizbian:  See, now if that were my donor, I wouldn't be able to stop singing the brick house song...  LOL!


I'm so sorry to hear about your friends. Horrible.  It sounds like they died doing what they had their heart set on, but that doesn't make it easier for those left behind.


I hope you start feeling better soon!  :hugs:




esenbee: I'm surprised that they would allow him to include a nickname.  The bank I used even went so far as to remove the name of a grocery store that our donor worked at because it contained "Identifying information".  


AFM: The Swimcicles arrived at the RE's office this morning, so I can stop fretting about whether they will make it in time.  


We call our donor two names, Eeyore for a funny comment he made in his profile.  And Asian Surprise... lol.  He's part Japanese, but he's a total blondie with light eyes, he totally doesn't look asian at all.  He's super tall and I'm 5'3" so, Lizbian, I have some of the same concerns as your DP.  I also have a very short torso, so no idea where i'm going to put all of that  baby....

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Lizbian - so sorry to hear about your friends - as twomommyfamily said, it is just devistating. And as you said, a good reminder to tell people you love them.


KWPX and granite and Darcy - welcome to the TWW - it's nice to have so much good company here.


Soto - sorry about the bfn - wondering if you have any other conclusive news. It is so good that you're learning so much each cycle, but I know all too well how disappointing those BFNs can still be. 


Anyone else in the TWW testing soon? 


Sending good thoughts to all those waiting to test, waiting to O, waiting to figure things out...


AFM, just hanging out here 8dpo. Half way done with this wait and not much to report - I think the progesterone is giving me some symptoms so I have to keep reminding myself that it is probably just the medication so I don't get ahead of myself. And I forgot to take it last night, so I woke up in a panic about that, but hopefully one day won't make a huge difference. Dropped DP off at the airport early this morning and she'll be gone until Tuesday, so I think that will help me wait to test. In the meantime, I'm trying to keep myself busy so I'm not left here alone with my thoughts!

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