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I think it is the bank that picks out the nicknames for each of the donors, so probably not any name he had from his childhood, lol

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Well, that probably makes more sense!  I don't know what I was thinking...

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I think it is the bank that picks out the nicknames for each of the donors, so probably not any name he had from his childhood, lol

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LIZBIAN, thanks so much! hate that you're feeling sick. This time of years weather doesn't seem to help it either! Hopes those swimmers were getten the job down while you were resting! GL! FX! Sorry to hear about your friends x

JENNY, Isn't donor selecting such a task in itself, let alone having to pick a new one! I'm glad you did finally find one that works for you. Best of luck with the upcoming IUI. And that EDD..thats lucky! 11-12-13. I'm trying to talk DP into an insem next month to give her a LO for her birthday in Dec.! Lol at Asian Surprise lol. No worries, you'll find some room to put that baby!

ESCHER, I've even noticed myself that I DO NOT O on CD14...more close to 17-20. Is DW excited about acupuncture. I'm still looking for the right one in mye area.

KWPX2, Alright on the insem! and the CM and follies! Everything looks like it fell into place nicely for you this cycle. Glad the new game plan seems to be the right one. Now about the volume of the vials...i'd definately mention that to the SB. Maybe they'll give you a discount if you need to use them again! Glad you and DW had a great evening together. GL though!!

LEA, well Im glad you're TWW has gone so smoothly, its almost over! Hoping for a BFP for you! Try knitting or anything to take your mind off it since DP is gone :)

AFM, So seems like I cant format mye post..hmm. Guess no pink font for meeh today! Well looks like starting my new year in Feb was a great idea! I just got a brand new car..so I guess DP getting hit by that bus was a blessing in disguise! Things have been getting better so fast. Got the car and then DP had WONDERFUL work news today. Seems like we both had good things going on right at the same time! Hopefully getting back into the saddle asap..from what we've been talking it could be sooner than later!
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justanotherjenny I don't even know the Brick house song - will have to look it up. You might have to pray for a premmie baby just to get it out before it squashes all your organs. smile.gif


lea sorry DP's gone 'til Tuesday. I am keeping busy trying to get healthy & DIYing our house which is working well so far. My chart is so skewed this month with my temps having a fever etc who knows when I really ovulated!!!


fmorris glad starting NY in Feb is working out better, it would be a shame to waste a whole year! Exciting about a new car - that is always exciting! and great news about DW's work - things are looking up! and hopefully weather will get better soon x


AFM weirdly our Number 1 donor from when we were first looking now says 'not reached' on country quota whereas it has said 'reached' before so we were unable to use him. The decision is whether to stick with our choice or change further down the line but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


It's been such a hassle to send our nitrogen tank back & a week later it's still sitting in my dining room. UPS use some local company who apparently have to check if they can send it airmail or it has to go seamail but even then it should only take a day. So much for trying to keep it on the down low!!! 'so it's a nitrogen tank. Is it empty?" 'It is now, just come and take the bloody thing away, would you?!?!!?!?!?' oh well, we're known as the lesbians already so guess it doensn't change much (2 of our friends call us scabby & jiz is is not particularly complimentary!)


I was talking to a friend last night (straight) who's been TTC for over a year. She'd been doing no charting, temping, monitoring.  She's been smoking & drinking & is morbidly obese. Turns out she was thinking she was fertile at competely the wrong time. Honestly, some people have no idea!!! Had to word it gently but strongly that she should probably get a bit healthier before she tries as it's going to be hard to do when she's preggers. The doctor told her (irresponsibly in my opinion) that she's actually quite healthy. Sigh. I guess we'll wait & see but it would be fun to have a friend with a baby at the same time.

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So, for those of you who have done IUI at a clinic:  Does your clinic re-wash your IUI ready samples?  This seems unnecessary to me -- are there some benefits to doing this and do you think it is appropriate for me to insist that they NOT do it ?  I just want them to thaw the damn samples.  The donor I chose didn't have any raw samples, so I had no choice but to purchase IUI ready, but it was at an additional cost.  I really cannot afford to pay for a whole new sperm prep on top of paying out of pocket for the IUI. 


Looking for some guidance on this one, it never occurred to me that they would re-wash a washed sample.  I have done zero research on this.


Follicle check yesterday revealed two too little follies 1@ 12 and 1 @ 14.  I'm going tomorrow for a recheck to see if they've plumped up enough.


lizbian:  How are you faring in your tww?

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JustAnotherJenny: My clinic does not rewash the sperm. They just thaw it and count it. Thats it. 


Did everyone have a good weekend? What about those of us in the tww? Any news? 

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justanotherjenny, that's NUTS! Why on earth would they re-wash the samples? It smells like a cash-grab to me. My clinic recommends that we buy unwashed, and then they wash it as part of their analysis before the IUI... But if I were to prefer IUI-ready, I hardly think they'd charge to re-wash. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this! As if you need another stress to the TTC process. Glad to hear you've got little follies growing... FX for great plumping!


Hello, lizbian, my tww-buddy! I can't believe the hassle you're having over the tank... Blech. See above re: how crappy it is to deal with extra stresses while TTC.


fmorris, I'm so happy that restarting 2013 a bit later is working out for you, LOL!


Hello my other TWW-buddy, lea! The weekend's almost over, and it's getting close to testing time for you... FX!


And welcome to the TWW, KWPX... Your timing sounds like it was great. FX!


easttowest, I saw your post: I was missing fille fantome too, so sent her a PM to say hi, but haven't heard back. I hope she's doing well!


Hello to everyone else that I've missed!


AFM: I'm holding steady here at 5DPI, and am not actually certain I O'd on IUI day after all, based on my BBT chart... But! I'm working hard at loving this chance to try, and focusing on that. So far, I've been able to keep up the good energy.


Also! I just heard that some friends in the interior of the province are expecting their first kid, and as they're a cis-female and FTM couple, I wrote to congratulate them, tell them we're trying too, and ask how they did it... They live pretty far from a fertility clinic. They wrote back and told me that they did exactly what DP had first looked into doing: Cross the border into the U.S., have the swimmers sent to their hotel room, and do their own IUIs. I'm so proud of them! For us, we decided that the (free) monitoring and ($300) IUI at the clinic are a better choice than spending that $$$ on the ferry to get us off this island and over the border, especially given my PCOS. Still, it's inspiring! If I lived on the mainland, I'd do it in a second... Puts a whole new spin on the concept of cross-border shopping, don't it?

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Hi All... Been away from the www for a few days

twomommy thanks for the encouragement. I did not know hCG would set an OPK off! Makes me feel a lot more relaxed about the timing. We are still pretty bummed about the sub-par swimmer count and volume but I don't feel like this is a failed cycle so we wait!

liz So sorry about your friends. What a tragedy and loss! It is never easy losing someone and losing friends is so difficult. I do hope you are feeling better health-wise.

Jenny We have been doing in office IUI and they do not re-wash anything. Just thaw and go. I think there is an extra fee for washing the sample at our doc.

AFM, we are patiently serving our time in the TWW. I started progesterone last pm and spent the day totally sapped of energy...very sleepy. We are leaving for a working vacation this week so hopefully it well energize us and help the time pass. I am ready to spring forward in a big way! I was very excited that at 7 pm this eve there was still a hint of light. Come on Spring!
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I'm not entirely certain that they do this, but it seems likely.  The last IUI's I did involved samples given to me from friends that were not planning on any more children, so I had no idea if they were washed or not.  I suspect that they were washed because they came in a .5cc container.  However, during those cycles I paid for the sperm prep, which involved washing and the count.  Total cost for prep was around 300.00.  I just assumed that the samples were "raw" and needed processing.


Now that I've gone through the whole purchasing process, I know now that all IUI samples from my bank are only .5cc.  I suspect this holds true for other banks as well.  So, if that is the case, I just need to tell them that I don't want my washed samples re-washed.   


All of this was sparked as a result of reading this post over at Stork Stalking:


"Laziness: They do not re-wash thier IUI-ready sperm. Most clinics actually do this, and there is a reason for this, that there could still be prostaglandin contaminants which will make you cramp horribly after an IUI.  After my first IUI, done with this clinic, I was curled up in bed wishing I had a hot water bottle, the pain was fairly bad. My second IUI, done by Dr. Garzo- I was fine all day after."


My brain went, "Wait, what??  Did I just pay 900.00+ for NOTHING?"  So, I guess what I really need to do is pop up to the lab tomorrow and get some details and make it explicitly clear that I just want them to thaw and count it and nothing else.


Granite and kwpx2:  Good luck to both of you in your tww.  Sorry I missed wishing you well before.  Sometimes this board moves so fast, I have trouble keeping up!

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Jenny - when I was ordering "iui-ready" samples from Fairfax, the lab guy at my clinic insisted that they were not washed samples and he washed them again. every time! it frustrated me because i felt like they were destroying some sperm plus i was paying extra for IUI-ready samples.... i called fairfax and bitched them out, but they maintained that the samples were "iui-ready." so i can empathize with your situation. my clinic refused to not wash, though, since they said the extra material would cause extra uterine cramping, which would cause my uterus to expel the sample. later, I switched to TSBC and the lab guy stopped washing the samples, so who knows? maybe there really was "extra material" in my "iui-ready vials" from fairfax.

anyway, i think it is worth asking the clinic if they are washing the samples because they always do, or if it is because they are looking at the samples and seeing that they really need to be washed. my suspicion was that my clinic washed all samples because they were used to dealing with hetero couples, but i guess i was wrong. it is still worth checking. you might need to actually talk to the people in the lab, since sometimes the nurses get confused by these types of questions. 

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heeeeeeeey cross-posting is cool. :) 

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mrs.&mrs:  Hmmm. This is interesting.  The last samples I used were from Fairfax.  This donor is, as you know, from TSBC.  Initially, they said that the price varies from the lab depending on "what they need to do with the samples".  So, it didn't seem like it would be an automatic thing.  I sent an email to the couple that gave me the Fairfax samples to see if they can remember whether they were IUI ready or not. 


If the lab determines that these do not need to be washed, then perhaps Fairfax needs a new scrubbie on their sperm washer....


The (uterine) lining thickens!lurk.gif


(cross posting IS cool!)

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Jenny, are you insemming at W&I? I've heard that they insist on washing IUI samples, which I agree is BS. You should seriously raise a stink. Good luck!
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Tigers: Yes!  I will take my samples and go home!!!!  I wouldn't care except that I'm paying out of pocket!  If they refuse to do the IUI without washing, then I already have talked to MM-H about doing the IUI for me at home.  I was planning that for future cycles anyway, but I wanted to try this cycle and haven't gotten myself organized to actually make an appointment for an official consult with her. 


I'm marching my tookus (sp?) up to the lab tomorrow and I'm going to have a little chat about the unnecessary scrubbage of cells.

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DOWN WITH UNNECESSARY SCRUBBAGE!!! Good luck, justanotherjenny... I'm rooting for you!

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hmmm, maybe fairfax has low standards for what is "iui-ready" ! good luck figuring things out before those follicles are ready. i am opposed to extra sperm scrubbing. all of my fingers are crossed for you!

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justanotherjenny hope they've plumped up! Not heard either way on washing IUI samples but seems a bit pointless as you say, down with the scrubbage! TWW OK, been a bit distracted by being ill so managed to get half way through without noticing.


twomommyfamily just hanging out half way through TWW - nothing feels any different!


granite yay tww buddy - glad all going well for you. The difficulties of living on an island which I know only too well!!!!!!  That's great your friends can do it that way.


KWPX2 have a great time on your working vacation - sounds interesting!


AFM nothing happening at all. Spent 6 hours gardening yesterday trying to get house ready for selling & was great weather so have to take advantage, right? Finally on the mend, still have my cough but much better other than that & managed to sleep through the night finally. Needless to say my chart's been completely all over the place this month so hopefully my clearblue monitor was right pinpointing O. I realised yesterday that of all the funerals I've gone to since I've been over here, only 1 has been for someone over the age of 35. There is something very wrong with that. greensad.gif

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Jenny, you go! Be an advocate for yourself and your spermies!


Also, if Mary can't do the IUIs, Paige (CPM from Massachusetts) did a couple of mine. I think you probably know who I mean, but email me if you don't.

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Hi ladies! I've never had an issue with my clinic rewashing iui ready specimen. I had used in the past ici which they would wash and prep for iui, but they recommended that we purchase iui ready so they wouldn't have to wash.

Afm, my tww came to a halt yesterday evening when my monthly friend made her way to town. Totally bummed! But no time to sulk. We'll pick up the pieces and move on to the next one! Sorry I've been mia...I've tried not completely obsessing over the tww. Hope you all are well at every stage you're in wink1.gif
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So, my friend got back to me -- the samples she gave me were unwashed.  AND, I talked to the nurse today and she said they do not rewash IUI ready samples, just thaw and count.  Needless to say, I'm feeling much better!  :)


I still have two consistently growing follies, but the lead follicle on the left is growing on target (though a bit slower or me than usual) went from 13.0 to 15.5.  The 2nd follie on the right is like the little engine that could!  It went from 6mm to 13mm.  So, it's looking like a race to the finish to see who matures first and whether or not they both make it to maturity.



lovingisliving: I'm so sorry about the arrival of your AF.  :-(  It never stops sucking!  Hugs to you. <3

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