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lovingisliving sorry to hear about AF but good attitude& good luck next month


justanotherjenny good news about it being unwashed & go little follie! that's an awesome growth, hope it continues.

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I'm on mye phone so I'll be back for personals, BUT TWOMOMMY, could I please be moved to waiting to O. smile.gif DP nd I talked nd I told her to let meeh know when she was ready so I could prepare, nd she basically said I'm telling you now. smile.gif looks like March it is!
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Lovingisliving, definitely been there nd I know it sucks greensad.gif HUGS GL on the next cycle.
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Sorry to hear about AF, lovingisliving. 


Justanotherjenny and fmorris, sounds like things are progressing for both of you. 


Hi to everyone in the tww - how's it going? Any mystery symptoms or prophetic dreams?


And hi to everyone else - I think I may be missing some others on the verge of new inseminations or in the midst of hatching new plans...


AFM, I'm feeling pretty icky. I think it is still the progesterone supplements doing their evil mimicking symptoms thing, but my stomach has been off for a few days and especially bad the last 24 hours or so. I'm only taking one 100 mg oral capsules at night, which I think is a low dose (most things I've read have mentioned 200 mg) so I'm kind of surprised that I'm having symptoms all day long. Then again, I may just have a little stomach bug. DP gets home tomorrow night and so I'll probably test Wednesday morning, which will be 13 dpo. 

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Oh Lea sorry to hear you're feeling so gross!  Have you chatted with your doc about other forms of progesterone?  Perhaps those would be a bit gentler?  Or maybe there is a better time of day to take it where it may be less harsh on your tummy?


Hoping this is good news for you and NOT  stomach bug at all!  Fingers crossed for you!

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fmmorris!  Hooray! Glad you'll be back at it again!  Congrats and well wishes for a successful next cycle!

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Lea: Sorry you aren't feeling well. A lot of stomach bugs have been going around. But on an optimistic note, your tummy troubles could be early pregnancy sympoms. fingersx.gif I didn't take oral progesterone, just the suppositories. Other than breast soreness and some cramping, I didn't have any side effects at all. Especially nothing to do with an "off" stomach. I look forward to seeing your test results on Wednesday!


Lovingisliving: Sorry AF showed up. You sound like you have a good attitude about it and you're to move forward to the next cycle though!


Fmorris: How exciting! I'm glad you'll be trying again very soon! 


KWPX: enjoy your working vacation! Its good you have a nice distraction for the tww. 


AFM, picked up our swimmers today. our insem isn't for another 4 days or so at the soonest, but DP and I had the day off work so we decided to go pick it up together. My DP did this on her own last time. We saw a guy who was most likely a donor sitting in the waiting room (and he was totally normal) and another woman there quietly picking up her tank. You'd think donors and clients would have separate entrances or something... no one wanted to make eye contact with anyone else. Such a funny place! 

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Lizbian, I'm sorry for the funerals... A couple years ago, I lost a good friend to a skateboarding/traffic accident, and it still makes my heart freeze every time I see someone skateboarding in the road. hug2.gif  Yes, I guess my island-dweller-problems are nothing compared to yours, as it's only a 1 and 3/4 hour ride to the mainland! Got the novel you recommended, have a date with it later this week.


Boo to AF, lovingisliving! But good for you for not obsessing, as you say. I'm mostly succeeding at the same.


Justanotherjenny, that is great news! And that follie, WOW! Amazing! When's your next u/s?


Yay for March, fmorris! Right around the corner... Good luck!


Ugh, your symptoms sound terrible, lea, regardless of the cause... How awful, poor you. Looking forward to Wednesday's test results! Have *you* had any prophetic dreams? Or too busy feeling ill, I imagine... greensad.gif


AFM: Mystery symptoms, hmmmm? I guess I have a few, but I worry that writing them up here will lead me to focusing too much on this TWW!!! I will say this, though: I've had cramping and strange feelings in my uterus ever since the insem. Well, the cramping was bad the day of the insem, then faded... And was soon replaced by a strange sort of twingey-pinchy-I-don't-know. I'm trying to convince myself that it's still my body trying to get rid of the foreign stuff that was pushed into it last week! And not think at all about other things... Like implantation... Hmmm... Have had no bleeding, though. We're at 6 days post-IUI now. Blood test in 8 days, may POAS before then, but probably not until the weekend. My BBT are a mess, because my dog has come and woke me up every night, arg!

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Crosspost, twomommyfamily... Glad to hear you've fetched your swimmers! It's fun for me to think of being able to walk into a sperm bank, because there aren't any anywhere near me. There's a recent episode of Parks and Recreation where characters visit a sperm bank, and I guess that's what I pictured: Definitely weird donors hanging around!!! Happy to know yours wasn't like that thumb.gif

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Thanks, Granite!  My next u/s and estradiol check is tomorrow morning. 


Fingers crossed that this is IT for you.  But I'll refrain from planting any further seeds in your mind.  The tww is brutal enough without my encouragement.  :-) 

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fmorris great news!


lea nope no symptoms or anything at all!!!! I'm now 9dpo so have a few more days to wait to test. Sorry you aren't feeling well though, hope it's not a stomach bug.


twomommy yay! so exciting for you but I agree it's weird about the entrances/exits. Not a place you want to stop for a chat!


granite I'm hearing you on the BBT - I've been the same this cycle, firstly with a fever and then because been woken up at all hours of the night so only last 2 nights I've had a good night's sleep. Just hoping my monitor was accurate as my chart is all over the place! Stick with the book, it's a bit hard to get into but gets better. I'm not too far from the mainland, 2 hour ferry to France & 45 minute flight to England but there are so often fog delays that it's never a given you'll be able to escape.


justanotherjenny good luck for the U/S - hope it shows good development.


AFM nothing happening here at all, 10 days post insem & I'm STILL trying to send the tank back. Useless people!!!!

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Hello everyone, 

I would like to introduce myself, and rejoin this board.  My partner and I have been TTC our second child since October 2011, with long breaks in between tries.  We have a 2 1/2 year old son.   We got pregnant that first try in October 2011 but I had a miscarriage at 7 wks.  Since then we have done 3 unmedicated IUI's at home and no luck.  The recent game changer is that we acquired 2 ICI vials of our son's donor's sperm.  Only 2.  And though we were not using the same donor for those other tries( he was not available).  Now we have these 2 vials and we really want to get pregnant with them.  So, I went to an RE, and they will process the sperm and do 2 IUI's over 2 cycles.  The RE wrote me a script for Femara, but said it was up to me if I use it or not.  The RE did not think any testing was necessary ( she saw my labs from 2008 and they were fine).  I should add that I am going to be 35 next month.  It took 6 tries to conceive our son and we used Clomid for 3 cycles, but I got pregnant on an unmedicated cycle.  I have been charting for a while and have regular cycles.

Does anyone have any thoughts on using Femara vs. unmedicated?  I must admit I am daunted by the thought of multiples, and wary because my mother had breast cancer.  I am going to do some reading and catch up on all your stories.  Thank you. 

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Hi Tilly! Welcome back!  -- I don't have any helpful advice about femera, but I'm sure someone here can weigh in on that with a very thoughtful response.  I've only used clomid and trigger, though if this cycle doesn't work, I think they are thinking about femera for me next.  I too have the same reservations re: multiples that you have with using it.


For me personally, if the testing was covered, I would insist on some follow ups.  Things can change (but probably didn't) and if you have only those two precious vials, I would want to be certain that everything is looking good, but that's just me.  It's probably not necessary, but I'm kind of a pushy patient.


Good luck! :)


afm: So, my acupuncturist always recommends moxa or a heating pad for my belly.  Since my follies have been taking their sweet time, I started drinking tea on Sunday and sitting with a heated rice pack on my tummy for a good part of yesterday. This morning revealed that I now have THREE FOLLICLES.  jaw.gifWhat!?!?  So, I went from having a teeny tiny one on Saturday, to 1 fully mature follie today 18.5mm (from 15.5 yesterday) on the left, and a 13mm follie on the left that came out of nowhere, and the amazing 6mm to 15.5 mm (12 from yesterday) since Saturday.  This would explain why my back is killing me today.  (I'm not using the heat pack on the back). :-)  Most likely, I end up with 2 mature eggs by the time ovulation rolls around on Thursday.  So, trigger tonight, IUI Thursday. I can't even believe it.  (I'm a little scared.... what if they all take!?  LOL)


lizbian: I don't mean to laugh, but the shenanigans with your tank have me cracking up.

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tilly welcome! welcomeback.gif I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions re medicated as I am currently unmedicated but sure some of the lovely ladies here will.


justanotherjenny it's ridiculous but quite funny. I am VERY happy they managed to get it to me OK it's just leaving the island that's the problem! Apparently they need permission or something to ship it out as it's 'hazardous' ffs. I've told them it's empty & I do like to think of the swimmers as being hazardous to my health even thought it's the nitrogen they're talking about. Seriously there is something not quite normal about this island!!!!! duh.gif At this rate I'll need to order another lot & have to go through the whole process again.

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Wow Jenny, you're the queen of folly growth. It's amazing what our bodies can do! I wouldn't worry too much, it seems unlikely to me that all of them will be ready at O time AND fertilize. With the usual 2 mm growth a day the 13mm one might not even be ready, but the other two should be perfect.

Tilly- welcome back! I personally never took any drugs during the follicular phase, so no Femara experience. I would say, that if you ovulate regularly without problems it seems uneccessary to use it. Instead I would probably use an ultrasound and perhaps a trigger to nail the timing for those 2 precious vials.

Liz - really? Hazardous material? Lol . They could drop off the tank but not take it back? That's so crazy. It's notblike you're sending a bomb by mail. If you end up having to pay a late return fee I would try to get whoever is responsible to reimburse you.

Afm - 2 more days until timing US and probably insem on friday afternoon. This time I'll go for 1,5ml with 30 mio motile at 28 hours post- trigger. If it doesn't work again we might have found a clinic that is only 3 hours away that offers IUI's. We'll need some additional legal papers and it will raise the cost from 900€ to 1500€ but I think the increased chances (IVI 4-6% vs. IUI 14%) are probably worth it.
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justanotherjenny meant to say WOW you have some seriously quickly growing follies in you. Hopefully your baby won't grow quite that quickly or you're going to have a giant smile.gif


friederike I know it's stupid. Great news for you re finding a clinic. As you say it's weighing up the costs v's the % success. I'm trying once more at home and then if that doesn't work we're going straight to IVF in Denmark. It'll cost a bit more but think may be better in the long run. x  Good luck for your U/S.

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TillyBarry--Welcome back and good luck!  I used Femara and produced fewer follicles with it than I did on Clomid.  That seems to normally be the case.  So the chance of multiples would seem to be lower.  However, there is someone in this forum who took it and had 2 follicles and is now having twins, so there is no guarantee.  I prefer Femara because it does not thin the lining the way Clomid can.  I took it along with injectables, and I am only carrying 1 baby.  When I took it alone, I had 2 follicles and did not get pregnant.  I am 37.  The decision to move to medicated cycles is a very personal one with many factors to consider.  35 is kind of an arbitrary number that may not really mean anything.  Having only 2 vials left is definitely something to consider. 

As you probably know, Femara is a drug used to treat breast cancer.  I don't know how it affects your chances of having breast cancer, but I have heard it stays in your system a shorter time than Clomid.  They affect your hormones differently, but both affect estrogen.

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Just Another Jenny, very exciting about 3 follicles. I bet that is a little sore.  And really best wishes on your IUI.  so exciting...thankyou for the advice about more testing.  It probably is a good, and more rational thing to do, but there is this other side of me that is just lets just throw caution to the wind and see what happens, even with the 2 vials.  A decision  I may regret if I don't get pregnant and the vials are gone.  You are  RI, right?  me too.  Are you having your IUI's at W and I?  that is where I will be going.  So, if you have any advice or warnings about that to share I would really appreciate it.  I am nervous about the process being more out of my control.  Which is ironic, because really, its always mostly out of our control.

Pokey-  congratulations on your pregnancy.  I hope you are feeling great.  Yes, I do know that Femara can be used to treat breast cancer, so of course it is low risk, but I am nervous about anything that will alter my hormones.  Maybe not rationally...

Friederike-  I do ovulate.  I also wondered about a trigger, but the RE did not think that was necessary at all.  She said that was for provider convenience only, and she did not think it necessary.  Also, she didn't seem to think that US helped with timing either.  Overall, she seemed so very relaxed about it all, I was perplexed.  I mean, why do other RE's use these things if they aren't necessary?  I need to do some of my own research.  Good luck with your insemination on Friday.  Does the clinic you are using now not do IUI?  sorry, I am just getting a grasp on everyone's stories.

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Lea, Sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Have you mentioned it to your RE? Maybe it'll get better in the next day or so. Test day tomorrow?? Yay that DP gets back tomorrow! Isn't that the best feeling!?


JustAnotherJenny, I'm just as much excited!!! It was sooner than I expected nd I told DP when she told meeh she was ready to hold on one second while I check mye calendar lol! Wanted to see how much time I had lol! You know I use mye heating pad the whole TWW, and DP thinks I'm crazy bc I said I wanted to keep the womb warm and cozy for a nice implantation lol! I had 3 follies on mye clomid cycle, and was terrified! lol. FX atleast one takes...the other two would be a wild plus :)


Twomommy, Thanks! I can't wait. Started the prenatals again, and will not be missing morning or evening tea. So glad I have months of charts to show mye OB. I feel good about this cycle!


Granite, Double Yay for March! And its actually closer than I thought! Time to buckle down. No sodas, drinking (even jus a bit), and everything else non-conducive! I know that twingey feeling! Also, mye temps this month were kinda wacky too. Got a + OPK 2 days in a row, but no crosshairs. Just got them today and has meeh O'in'g a bit later than I thought, but then again FF can always be wrong. FX for you and this wait!!


Lizbian, Thanks! You're TWW is almost over nd still trying to get the tank back!? What are those folks doing!?


Tilly, Welcome back! Glad that you came back and are getting into it again. As far as Femara, I took it for one of mye cycles. I suggested it to mye OB because I'd heard great stories about it. Now, I can say it didn't produce multiple follicles (vs. Clomid) as it "technically" isn't for "infertility". I didn't really notice a difference though. When I did the clomid I produced 3 follies. I can't say I experienced any side effects. And I believe that Femara wouldn't cause multiples as clomid does have the possibility.


AFM, In a matter of 24 hours, I've cut out all the bad things I was hanging on to while not actively TTC. Well, there goes, starbucks, sodas, and alcohol. I'm back to tea teapot2.GIFAM nd PM. Eating healthier and taking the prenatals. I'm pretty excited. I've got mye annual with mye OB shortly so I'll be making mye follie scan appt. that day. I feel good that I have charts to show her, and now she'll see that I do ovulate later than we'd been inseming. I think I have all mye bases covered...am I forgetting anything?! Oh yea, any ladies that are on FF, can ya'll peek at mye chart for this month and tell meeh your thoughts? I got + OPK's on CD19 & CD20, but FF has mye O date as CD23. confused.gif

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fmorris, I am also trying to give up "bad" things in prep for active TTC.  Sugar, caffeine, alcohol.  Its hard.  And really, although more follicles means more chances, I think I just want one good follicle.  I am also a little scared that the Femara will make me a little moody or off balance.   I am a very sensitive person, as in I react strongly to everything.  When I took Clomid in the past, I was a little off, and ovulation was very painful.  How do I link to your ff chart?

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